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Future150 All-American Camp: Accolades
by Andrew Force, Future150 (2:49 PM CT, Fri October 16, 2015)
Kaiden Rice finished 2nd in MVP voting
Kaiden Rice finished 2nd in MVP voting
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Gardendale, AL (Future150) -- Nominations and MVP voting contributed by Coach Rob, Brian Flinn, Jason Pratt, Corbin Osby, and Brandon Hayman.

Future150 Camp season wrapped with a great family reunion, The Elite24 National All-American Camp. Multiyear camper Isaiah Eguaebor concluded his participation, as he prepares for his final HS season.  

Younger family members like Terry Clardy Jr., Christoper Workman, Mason Ellison, and Pauly Stramaglia made their All-American Camp debuts.

National Camp MVP: Tyrone Brewer (Future150 #61)

Class of 2018 shooting guard, Brewer camped with Future150 before.  He was wonderful last fall at National Camp.  This event showed the young man has taken a sizable leap forward.  A year ago, Tyrone was a great athlete with a reliable outside shot. 

Today the younger Brewer (MS) is a confident multi-faceted scorer.  He wants to be the best player on the court and understands what it takes to get there.  The SG has turned a lanky, springy body into lithe, muscular frame.  The outside shooting is even better, as evidenced by his single-handed ousting of Team Virginia Saturday afternoon.  

The only two other players that earned MVP votes were Kaiden Rice and Charles McAfee Jr.

Gritty Players
2018 PG Roy Jones III (FL)
2017 PG Aaron Gregg (TX)
2017 PG Marquise Jackson (GA)
2018 SG Markel Perry-Washington (AR)
2016 PG Isaiah Eguaebor (TN)
2018 SF Alex Smith (MO)
2016 PG Travon Cobb (AR)

Pure Shooters
2018 SG Quinn Moffitt (IN)
2017 PG Chase Thomas (MO)
2018 SF Coulter Dotson (TN)
2017 SG Kaiden Rice (SC)
2018 SF Coulter Dotson (TN)
2016 PG Michael Alfred (LA)

2017 SF LeDarrius Brewer (MS)
2017 SG Eric Thorton (MS)
2016 SG Charles McAfee Jr. (TX)
2017 PG Marquise Jackson (GA)

Offensive Rebounders
2017 PF Tyler Thornton (GA)
;2018 F Alex Smith (IL)
2017 SF LeDarrius Brewer (MS)

Best Passers
2017 SG Joseph Lanzi (AL)
2018 PG Roy Jones III (FL)
2018 PG Abdul Davis (AL)
2017 PG Jonas James III (MS)

2018 SG Jerome Beazer IV (GA)
2016 SG Charles McAfee Jr. (TX)
2018 PG Markel Perry-Washington (AR)
2018 PG Roy Jones III (FL)
2017 PG Jalen Jordan (AL)
2017 PG Brian Sims (MS) 

Best Post Footwork
2018 PF Garrett Golday (TN)
2017 PF Tyler Thornton (GA)
2018 PF Roderick Smith (MS)
2018 SF Alex Smith (IL)
2020 PF Demetrius Huff (AL)

First Team All-Defense
2018 PF Mobolaji "BJ" Adesoga (AL)
2018 SG Tyron Brewer (MS)
2017 PG Jalen Jordan (AL)
2017 PG Marquise Jackson (GA)
2018 PG Roy Jones III (FL)

Second Team All-Defense
2017 PG Aaron Gregg (TX)
2018 SF TJ Anderson (AL)
2017 SG Tyreke Sapp (TX)
2018 CG Jerome Beazer IV (GA)
2016 PG Isaiah Eguabor (TN)

Grinders (Hardest Workers)
2018 PF Garrett Golday (TN)
2018 PF Alex Smith (IL)
2016 SG Charles McAfee Jr. (TX)
2017 SG Bradley Belt (AL)
2019 PG Kevin Fulton (AR)
2017 PG Marquise Jackson (GA)

Most Vocal
2018 SF TJ Anderson (AL)
2018 PG Chase Thomas (MO)

Tightest Handle
2016 SG Charles McAfee Jr. (TX)
2016 CG Eric Brown (MS)
2018 PG Roy Jones III (FL)

"Brown has an unbelievable jab step, said Coach Rob.  "He can get to the paint.  He is a great decision-maker. Somebody needs to pick him up.  I like him a lot."


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