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Future150 National Top 20 Camp: Wings (Part 2)
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (7:37 PM CT, Tue October 28, 2014)
2018 Nassir Little, 2015 Nathan Hoover, 2015 Tucker Campbell
2018 Nassir Little, 2015 Nathan Hoover, 2015 Tucker Campbell
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Nashville, TN (Future150) -- The Future150 Camp series came to a close this past weekend with players from 17 states descended upon Nashville to compete at the National Top 20 camp.  These players were complied from the 7 regional camps who made the Top 20 respecitively.  This was one of the best overall groups we had at the national camp from top to bottom.

Let's take a look at who played well over the course of the camp and made the Top 20 All-Star Game.  Here are the guards and forwards evaluations.

Group 2 

Eric Lovett- 2016, SG (GA) is a big bodied guard who loves to attack his defender of the dribble.  After a slow start on Saturday, Lovett started to string together a few games where he was pretty much unstoppable and scoring at will.  His best attribute might be his ability to make the open 3-point shot.

Nassir Little- 2018, CF (FL) is a super long, lanky prospect who has come a long way since the first time we saw him.  At 6-foot-6 inches tall, he can affect the game on both the defensive and offensive ends of the floor.  He is a great rebounder but his best attribute is his ability to block shots and protect the rim.  As his skill level increase so will stock.

LaDarrius Brewer-2017, SF (MS) played with a ton of energy on both ends of the floor.  He is a excellent rebounder on the offensive end and made a living in the paint all weekend long.  If left open, he can knock down open shots with regularity.  His length and athleticism are his best qualities at this point in his game.

Monte Greene- 2015, PG (GA) was one of the more intriguing prospects at this past weekend.  His ability to score on all 3-levels and control the game proves why he was one of the best in the building.  Greene's shot making abilities were on display from both mid and long range especially on Sunday when it mattered most.

Jarad Pruitt- 2015, CG (AL) is a player who can do it all when he steps on the court.  At 6-foot-3 inches and a great body frame, Pruitt punishes defenses with his speed, ball handling and shot making abilities.  His best attribute might be his abillity to play multiple positions on the floor and do it well.  Overall, he had a great weekend. Don't sleep on him college coaches.

Bobby Anderson- 2015, PF (AL) is long, athletic and a great finisher around the basket.  He had the best dunk of the camp when he came down the lane and punched a 2-handed thunder dunk on his defender.  At 6-foot-6 inches, what Anderson lacks in size at the PF position he makes up in athleticism and motor.  If your looking for a winner that nevers gives up on plays he's your guy.

Nathan Hoover- 2016, SG (TN) was the best all around player in the entire camp.  His skill level and shot making ability was off the charts.  Hoover played with a relentless motor on both ends of the floor while affecting his teammates in a positive way.  He was definitley the best 3-point and mid range shooter in the camp.  With that being said, he takes home the Most Valuable Player honor.

Bryan Mitchell- 2015, SF (TX) was one of the more skilled players in the camp.  He displayed a all around game on both ends of the floor.  His abilty to make shots both in the mid and long range was what set him apart from other players.  Mitchell also played extremely hard and has a high basketball IQ.  Team player would best describe his game. Coachable.

Will Hrubes- 2016, SF (TN) is a good athlete who can do a lot of different things on the floor to help his team win.  He's a great rebounder, plays with a ton of energy and knows how to finish when attacking the rim.  He had several dunks in transition and made the open shot when left open.  Overall, you gotta love a player that plays the game the right way and has fun doing it.

Roydell Brown-2016, SG (LA) is a power guard who can finish above the rim with the best of them.  His ability to finish through contact might be his best attribute at this point.  Even though his shot was struggling at times, he still was able to affect the game in other ways giving his team a chance to win.  Brown was definitley the best rebounder from the guard position.

Tyron Brewer-2018, SG (MS) is a diamond in the rough waiting to shine and over the last two camps he did just that. At 6-foot-4 inches is a great athlete, super long, shoots it well from long range and is a solid rebounder on both ends.  As he gets stronger, his skill level should increase and that will only mean trouble for the defense that is guarding him.  Look for him to break into the national rankings next update.

Tucker Campbell- 2015 SF, (MS) improves everytime we watch him play in the last 2 years.  His shot has become more consistent and now he has a mid range game to go along with his 3-point bombs. He has improved his athleticism and it was on display when got a long rebound took two steps and dunked on a defender.  If you are looking for a great all around player who can play multiple positions Campbell is your man.

Dorian Hashim- 2016, SF (SC) is a big bodied wing player who is skilled and can play mutliple positions on the floor.  He is a great rebounder on both ends of the floor.  His ability to put the ball on the floor when attacking from the wing really sets him apart.  He was one of the more consistent 3-point shooters we saw this weekend.

Joseph Lanzi- 2017, SG (AL) was Mr. Hustle all weekend long.  His court vision in both tranistion and the half court was eye popping at times.  He just has a knack of being around the ball at all times and never gives up on a play.  On Saturday, he was on fire from the 3-point line.  Lanzi backed that up with a solid Sunday keeping it impossible to keep him out of the All-Star game.

Kyle Rawson- 2018,CF (NC) is an intriguing prospect that when you first see him at 6-foot-8 inches you think post player.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  He is extremely skilled, long and can play multiple positions.  The one thing that stands out about his game is shot making ability from the 3-point line.  He is a great rebounder and has the canny ability to put the ball on the floor and start the fast break. Look for him to make the next national rankings update.


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