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Future150 All-American Camp: Elite 24 All-Stars
by Brian Flinn, Future150 (12:19 PM CT, Wed October 21, 2015)
Future150 All American Elite 24 Game 2015
Future150 All American Elite 24 Game 2015
Brian Flinn
Brian Flinn:

Future150 National Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- This past weekend was the Future150 All-American camp. A number of prospects backed up their strong performances at regional camps with big weekends. While the Duke squad ultimately took home the title, no one team stood out above the rest. The talent was spread out all over the gym, leading to a very competitve weekend:

Tyrone Brewer, 2018 SF, Meridian (MS): Brewer continues to prove he is one of the top prospects in the state of Mississippi regardless of class. The now 6-foot-7 wing prospect showcased his elite athleticism and was a threat to score any time he had the ball in his hands. A naturally confident player, Brewer also shot it pretty well from beyond the arc at times. He will only get better as his basketball IQ improves.

Kaiden Rice, 2017 SF, Ridgeview (SC): Rice is a big time scorer and was the most dominant offensive player in the entire camp. He hit step-back three after step-back three, attacked the rim, and showed a mid-range game. Rice has grown over the past year and looks like he will have a chance to play at a high-major program if he improves his ball-handling and defense.

Tyler Thornton, 2017 PF, South Atlanta (GA): Thornton is a high energy big man who did a good job of rebounding and blocking shots throughout the weekend. He needs to get better touch around the rim, but he runs the floor well and has significant upside on the offensive side of the ball.

Eric Brown, 2016 CG, Greenville (MS):   Eric is solid in all areas of the game, offensive and defensive. He is a good shooter with a killer jab step and ability to blow by a defender getting to the rim. Makes the "right" pass. Unselfish perhaps even to a fault at times. Eric plays defense in a stance and pressures the ball well. For the camp champion "Duke" team, he was one of the lead guards picking up full court the entire game and influencing the outcome by way of forcing turnovers and pressuring opponents into making bad decisions. 

Jalen Jordan, 2017 PG, Birmingham (AL): Jalen is an elite lockdown defender and true pass-first point guard. He was the defensive catalyst and offensive leader of the weekend champions, "Duke." His on-ball defense is simply relentless. He has lightning-quick hands that knock loose and steal a ton of balls. And he plays D on every possession -- game in, game out. Jordan has bigtime end to end speed, which enables him to wreak havoc in transition. On offense, he has a great knack for knowing when to push and when to settle into half court offense. Great tempo guy. Primarily pass-first, but is always capable of beating his man for a score, and his perimeter game is improving steadily. A "war dawg," Jalen is a fierce but silent assassin who leads by example. 

Isaiah Eguaebor, 2016 PG, Providence Christian Academy (TN): A quick point guard with good vision and defensive capabilities, Eguaebor had another impressive weekend. He got to the rim when he wanted and kept getting his teammates the ball in the right position. Eguaebor tracks as a very nice D2 floor general. 

Roderick Smith, 2018 PF, Crystal Springs (MS): Roderick Smith (Future150 #139) is still somewhere between a small forward and a power forward.  He can play power forward at the mid-major or low-major level.  If he wants to be a HM wing he must improve defensive lateral mobility and get his handles to an elite level.  Rebounding is incredible.  Power the same.  Smith got frustrated late in the camp and didn't give his customary 100%.

Bradley Belt, 2017 CG, Hazel Green (AL): Belt is a natural scorer who shot lights out from beyond the arc all weekend. He looked to carry his team's scoring load whenever he had the chance to. He will need to improve his lead guard skills and play as more of a point guard moving forward.

LaDarrius Brewer, 2017 SF, Meridian (MS): Brewer is a high level athlete that is very dangerous when he is engaged. He is at his best when he is slashing to the rim and has the tools to be an elite defender. Brewer is also a very good rebounder on both ends of the floor. 

Quinn Moffit, 2018 SG, Southport (IN): Moffit was one of the top shooters from beyond the arc in the entire camp. He spaced the floor well and punished defenses with his range. The next step for him will be creating his own shot and doing more off the dribble.

Chase Thomas, 2017 CG, Hickman (MO): If Kaiden Rice was the best shooter at the camp, Chase Thomas was the hottest.  He made 5 3-point shots against the best opponent, completley burying them in the process.  His hot shooting continued all Sunday morning and afternoon.  Truthfully, the combo guard only missed during the Saturday morning games.  He is a point guard that shoots wonderfully, not a shooting guard that is short. 

Aaron Gregg, 2017 PG, Vista Ridge (TX): Gregg had the highest motor of any camper.  Sunday he made the leap from Top 70ish to Top 20, purely by dominating the halfcourt competition.  Gregg's handles are elite.  His outside shooting is way above average.  Gregg will be successful because he wants to be more than his peers.  The hunger is unimaginable

Charles McAfee, 2016 SG, Vista Ridge (TX): McAfee is a natural scorer who has good vision and isn't afraid to get his teammates involved as well. He was one of the most dangerous offensive players in the camp and his stock continues to rise. He will need to get better defensively in order to maximize his effectiveness.

Coulter Dotson, 2018 SF, Creekwood (TN): The moment he walked into the gym Sunday morning the opposing coach instructed his defenders to close out on Coulter Dotson.  Regardless, Dotson hit three outside shots in the first five minutes.  "He is a shooter," the coach kept yelling.  And yet Dotson kept making his shots.  Fantastic step-back triple. Moving off the ball and perimeter defense are still works in progress.

Roy Jones III, 2018 PG, Pine Forest (FL): Jones III has taken a leap forward. Where once he was a on-ball defender capable of getting teammates involved, now he is a dynamic slasher/set up man who also creates countless turnovers.  His +/- for turnovers was over +5 every game.  He never coughs the pill back up, but gets his hands in everything.  No camper all year was more coachable.  Wonderful young man with great quickness and agility.

Donald Richardson, 2018 PG, Little Rock Central (AR): Richardson is another lead guard who shows the way the position is heading. A long and wiry prospect, he showed the ability to shoot the ball or get to the rim and find teammates. Once he refines his decision making skills, his game will go to another level. 

Mason Ellison, 2019 SF, Lee (AL): A former baseball player who has been playing basketball for under a year, Ellison has a ton of upside. He was at his best when attacking the rim and either hitting mid-range jumpers or finishing layups. He has wonderful body control.  The next step for Ellison will be becoming more aggressive consistently.

Daniel Alford, 2016 CG, Stephenson (GA): Alford is a natural scorer who did a bit of everything throughout the weekend. He put up points in every game he played. Alford also provided value as a secondary ball-handler and was also a defender at times. 

Michael Alfred, 2016 CG, St. Michael The Archangel (LA): Alfred is a big time shot maker who stepped up when his team needed him the most. He can create off the dribble a bit, but needs to be more assertive in keeping the ball in his hands at times. Overall, he tracks as a division one prospect and should get his first offer sooner rather than later.

Reikan Donaldson, 2018 CG, Calvary Day (GA): He is a versatile and intriguing prospect thanks to his size and athleticism. He has the tools  to be a lock down defender and already provides value as a scorer. Once he improves his shot from beyond the arc, plenty of schools will be all over him. 

Tyreke Sapp, 2017 SG, Cypress Springs (TX): Sapp is an energizer bunny on the court and can lock down any ball handling positions. As a combo guard, Sapp was skilled at getting in the lane and finishing with contact. Sapps’ pull up jump shot is a weapon that he occasionally uses that is effective. Sapp’s high energy and defense can ignite a team in a slump.

Eric Thornton, 2017 SG, Murrah (MS):  Thornton is a high flying combo guard that can flush anything around the rim. He was exceptional at crashing the glass on both ends of the floor. Thornton runs the floor very well and is rewarded because of it. Thorton has good on-ball and off ball-defense. He can not only get to the rim but has a legitimate jumper from 3 point and in. 

Joe Lanzi, 2017 SG, Chelsea (AL): Lanzi has been known as a shooter in the state of Alabama for a couple of years now. He was improved as a ball handler and will need to continue to to maximize his effectiveness. Overall, he has improved quite a bit in recent months. 


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