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Future150 Houston Camp: Top 20 All-Stars
by Andrew Force, Future150 (11:42 PM CT, Sun October 4, 2015)
Future150 Camp Houston Top 20 All-Stars.
Future150 Camp Houston Top 20 All-Stars.
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Humble, TX (Future150) -- Houston hosted the best camp talent since The Summit Camp.  Creative guards, high-flying wings, and face-up bigs competed for two days.  At the camp's conclusion 20 players separated themselves as the Top 20 All-Stars.  

Strength and slashing defined the majority of the campers.  The few outside shooters found great success, but most of the fullcourt action was directly towards the tin. 

The complete list of Top 20 Game Participants is:

2017 PG Isiah Thomas, Pflugerville (Texas): Isiah played great Sunday morning and early afternoon.  It was on the strength of this late surge that he made the All-Star Team.  Thomas is an accomplished outside shooter and the undersized lead guard uses his natural quickness to break down the defense. His feel for the game and understanding how to manipulate his defender made his game shine.  He might of been the most consistent 3-point shooter on Sunday.

2017 PG Charles Bohannon, Kyle (Texas): Bohannon was one of the best point guards in the building.  He has ideal size for the position.  Like most of the campers his understanding of spacing needs to improve.  Ball-handling is good.  Bohannon is a strong leader too.

2018 SG Shannon Scott, Houston (Texas):  A quiet, volume scorer.  Scott can shoot from the arc or get to the rim.  Conditioning needs to improve, but the skills and sense are exemplary.   Body control is good.  Speed is subpar.  He needs to be quicker with or without the ball. 

2017 PG Maxwell Evans, Houston (Texas): Incredible.  Simply unstoppable with the ball. Though Evans is only 6-foot-1 inch, he attacks the lane like a running back.  He is powerful beyond measure and confident with the rock. Evans made three consecutive 3-balls in the All-Star game.  If he grows at all he can play combo. Regardless look for him to break into the National Rankings next update.  Evans earned Camp MVP.  Texas Elite has one hell of a back court in Evans and Nelson and should do well in the Adidas Guantlet league.

2016 PG Derrick Godley, Katy (Texas): Godley is versatile enough to play either guard position, but his height (5-foot-11) could limit him.  His outside shooting is tremendous.  Godley also runs a halfcourt offense with poise and patience.  His upper body strength will need to improve, only because college guards are more powerful than ever these days.

2017 PF JoirDon Karl Nicholas, Pearland (Texas): Nicholas is very raw. He reminds of Aric Holman.  He is a good athlete, but he is kind of low skill.  Nicholas is a good leaper.  He capably defends the 4/5.  Nicholas will be a college player.  

2017 SG Cannon Broussard, Houston (Texas): Coach Corbin Osby loves his jumper. Smooth, quick release.  A little stiff moving his hips.  Very high effort. Cannon will pass every time if you ask him.  Unselfish.  Grinder.  

2016 PF Aziz Fadika, Katy (Texas): Coming in Future150 was aware of Fadika's exceptional post defense.  The camp did allow him to demonstrate some offensive skills.  He has good feet on the blocks, but needs to expand his shooting range.  Beyond high school Fadika will likely be a power forward.  His strength is very good.  

2017 PG Isaac Allen, Houston (Texas): Quickness provides the backbone for Allen's game.  He plays great on-ball defense.  Allen will need to add even more muscle to his frame, because he is likely to be a bit shorter than his man in college.  Allen has a great feel for the game.  He can score in bunches, if needed.

2018 PG Daymond Williams, Round Rock (Texas):  Williams operated as a slashing point guard.  His quickness is remarkable for his age.  He was one of just three Class of 2018 players to earn placement in the All-Star Game.  Williams also has a strong frame capable of adding more muscle.  

2016 SG Araden Adams, Carceto (Louisiana): Explosive.  He is a raw talent that needs to develop more tangible skills.  Still he attacks the basket with frightening hops and strength.   Ideal fourth scoring option.  Adams defends his position and rebounds very well for his level.  He can spell the primary ballhandler.   Insane dunker.  Adams needs to improve his jumper.

2016 SF Roydell Brown, New Orleans (Louisiana):   Roydell is a powerful wing.  He can leap and shoot a bit.  He can attack the rim or defend multiple positions.  His weaknesses are few.  Roydell is a frequent camper and his progress has been obvious over the years. Outside shooting is still average. 

2017 SG Tyreke Sapp, Cypress (Texas):  Natural leader. Sapp is built like a varsity player, but his skills are still catching up.  He sees the floor very well.  Sapp is a strong combo guard.  Guard recruiting is very, very competitive.  What skill is Sapp going to bring to distinguish himself?  Physical tools are there.  Outside shooting is lagging behind.  Overall Sapp is ready to surge forward. 

2016 SG Parker Prater, Jackson (Mississippi):     A high-flying guard, Prater glides from end to end.  He is a real problem for defenders.  His agility and handle are D1 level.  Shooting is not his strength.  Regardless he has the gifts of a D1 player.     Parker has interest from Universdity of Southern Miss.  Southeast Lousiana, Colorado. Prater was one of the best slashers in camp.  He is hungry attacking the basket.  Both a strength and weakness is his apparent basketball "tunnel vision."  Everything is in front of him.  He sees attack, attack, attack. 

2018 PG Rashard Smith, San Antonio (Texas):  Extremely coachable.  Smith will play any position and conquer any task set before him.  His body frame is impressive for a sophomore.  Smith earned his way into the All-Star Game with fundamental play from Saturday morning on.

2017 PG Doc Nelson, Houston (Texas): Without a doubt the best point guard in the camp was Doc.  Like Evans, Nelson plays with an uncommon maturity.  His change of direction reminds of Nate Britt (North Carolina). Nelson makes everybody on the floor with him better.  His mid-range jumper is deadly and his first step off the dribble makes it almost impossible for a defender to stay in front of him.  It looked automatic.  Unlike most young guards, Nelson does not take low percentage shots.  His performance solidified his national ranking.

2016 C Jose Castillo, Alamo (Texas): Remember this Alamo product.  Jose has really soft touch.  His size is great, but his touch from 10' and in makes him a college prospect.  Castillo needs to develop a little more speed running out in transition.  In the halfcourt he looks very comfortable.

2017 SF Jules Moor, Pearland (Texas): Moor comes from Texas Elite (adidas), where he provides scoring from the wing.  Moor's contributions were primarily mid-range shooting and rebouding.  Jules hits every open shot, especially the mid-range jumpers.  He can shoot a little from the arc, but will have to improve to excel in college.  With his size and skills Moor is certain to find a college home somewhere.

2017 PG Aaron Gregg, Cedar Creek (Texas): Gregg had the highest motor of any camper.  Sunday he made the leap from Top 70ish to Top 20, purely by dominating the halfcourt competition.  Gregg's handles are elite.  His outside shooting is way above average.  Gregg will be successful because he wants to be more than his peers.  The hunger is unimaginable. 

2017 PF Morris Udeze, Houston (Texas):  The 6-foot-9 forward has decent strength.  Udeze is a big-bodied post player.  He has the same tools as Sedee Keita, but Udeze is a little younger.  Udeze appears to be a frontcourt player with no aspirations to operate on the wing.  His defensive rebounding is special.  Offensively, he is still a little raw.  But if you lean on his effort and defense you already have a good player.


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