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Future150 Camp Dallas: Top 20 All-Stars
by Brian Flinn, Future150 (6:30 PM CT, Thu September 17, 2015)
Future150 Camp Dallas Top 20 All-Star Game 2015
Future150 Camp Dallas Top 20 All-Star Game 2015
Brian Flinn
Brian Flinn:

Future150 National Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- Future150 Dallas camp has long been considered one of the high points of the camp season, with a number of prospects breaking out each year. This camp was no different, with a number of underclassmen emerging among a few familiar faces:

CJ Roberts: 2017 PG, Dallas (TX): Even though Roberts only showed up to compete on Sunday, he was clearly the best player in the gym.  He has added much need muscle to his frame and his quickness has improved tremendously.  His crafty ball handling skills makes it almost impossible for a defender to stay in front of him.  Throw in a mid and long range jumper which he makes consistent, WOW is all you can say.  His huge July and this camp performance is going to vault him up the the National Rankings next update.

Keionte Corneilius, 2019 PG, Houston (TX): Corneilius is an intriguing guard with good speed and vision. He handles the ball very well and probes the defense when the opportunity presents itself. He will need to improve his shot selection and learn not to settle for deep threes as much.

Caleb Jordan, 2018 PG, Midlothian (TX): Jordan is a quick point guard who showcased his superior vision throughout Dallas camp. He changes speeds very well and can get to the rim and finish. While he doesn't look to score first, he is in fact a capable scorer.

Michael Alfred, 2016 PG, St. Michael The Archangel (LA): Alfred is a shot maker both off the dribble or in catch-and-shoot scenarios. He will fade into the pack at times, but is lethal when he is engaged. He will also need to improve his defense. He is more than able to create for both himself and others.

Jeffery Gary, 2017 CG, Austin High (TX):  Gary is a talented scorer who can create his own shot and has good vision as well. Defensively he will need to get quicker laterally in order to get better. 

Deontray Stevenson, 2016 CG, Star Spencer (OK): Stevenson is a talented guard who does a little bit of everything. He can score the ball when needed but is at his best when attacking the rim and creating for others. He is also an above average defender.

Jayden Williams, 2019 PG, Nolan (TX): Jayden put a show on on the final day of camp, showcasing his great vision and passing ability. While he showed he can shoot the ball and score, he was at his best when creating for his teammates. In a camp that had a number of talented lead guards, Williams was one of the best. 

Noah Rodriguez, 2018 SG, San Antonio Christian (TX): Rodriguez first caught our eye at Dallas Jr. Camp last season and showed why again. He made shots from all over the floor and created for his teammates as well. A smooth combo guard, Rodriguez will need to get stronger and more explosive. 

Brandon Reeves, 2017 SF, Mansfield Legacy (TX): Reeves has moved out onto the perimeter, and continues to get better. He tried to dunk everything he gets his hands on and is a very aggressive offensive player. He still needs to refine his ball-handling ability but he still has a ton of upside.

Payton Bradley, 2017 SG, Putnam City West (OK): Bradley is a skilled scorer and defender who was among the most effective players in Dallas. He put up points in the mid-range as well as got to the rim. His stocky frame also allows him to be an above-average defender. 

Myles Hawthorne, 2016 SF, Lake Country Christian (TX): Hawthorne is an intriguing prospect who is a long and lanky athlete. He shoots it well in the mid-range and showed that he can get to the rim as well. Hawthorne was aggressive in getting to the rim and showed improved explosiveness. He will need to learn how to get more aggressive in order to be more consistent. 

Jaylen O'Conner, 2019 SG, Santa Fe (OK): O'Conner is a long and lanky wing prospect with a ton of upside. He can put the ball on the floor a bit and showed the ability to stretch the defense with his shooting ability. He will need to get stronger, as well as better defensively.

Le'Jon Doss, 2019 CF, Nolan (TX): It is clear that while Doss has been working on moving to the perimeter, he is still at his best while on the block. He ran the floor well and was active around the rim. Doss is a physically imposing prospect who tracks as a power wing or combo-forward down the line. 

Charles McAfee, 2016 SG, Vista Ridge (TX)McAfee is an intriguing wing prospect thanks to his length and natural scoring ability. He shot the ball well from the mid-range and made a couple of nice passes throughout the weekend at Dallas camp.

Owen Atkinson, 2017 CF, Bishop Mcguinnes (OK):  Atkinson showed off his versatility, scoring from all three levels all weekend. He is still a very good rebounder on both ends, but will need to improve his on-ball defense. Overall he tracks as a very skilled combo-forward.

Chris Harris Jr., 2019 SG, Coyle (TX): Harris scored the ball on all three levels and got his teammates involved all weekend. Harris has to be considered one of the elite scorers in 2019 and looks every bit a high-major prospect.

Roydell Brown, 2016 SF, Helen Cox (LA): Roydell continues to ooze with potential everytime we see him. Due to his elite athleticism, his length, and great quickness, the 6'5 wing can impact the game in so many ways.The one thing he has made a big jump in is his ability to break down a defender off the dribble.  He electrified the crowd numerous times this weekend with some pretty high levels dunks and acrobatic finishes around the rim. His jumpshot continues to be a work in progress, although it has improved. Once Roydell gains a more consistent jumpshot there is no limit to where his game can go with an already solid handle.

James Moore, 2017 CF, Mount Plesant (TX): Its hard to pigeonhole him into a position as Moore does a little bit of everything. His frame would suggest that he may be best suited on the block, but he showed the ability to handle it better than opposing big men, and hit jumpers to boot. His lack of size makes it hard to say what position he will guard at the next level. 

Benjamin Jenkins, 2016 SF, Putnam City (OK): Jenkins is a long and lanky wing prospect that is far from a finished product. He rebounded the ball well, was a decent slasher, and showed a decent shooting stroke as well.

Adonis Fox, 2016 C, Kingston (OK): Fox came in with the reputation of a big time shot blocker and backed that up. After growing two inches, it appears as though he has a chance to play at the division one level. The big man also showed a refined offensive game. His intangiables are also off the charts. 

Luke Hamilton, 2018 SF, Lake Travis (TX): Hamilton is intriguing thanks in part to his size for his position. As a sophomore he still has plenty of room to grow, which is encouraging. He did a good job of slashing and rebounding the ball, as well as shooting it.


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