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Elite24 Camp All-Stars (2020)
by Ricky Wilson, Future150 (7:22 PM CT, Fri August 14, 2015)
Future150 Elite 24 All-Stars in the 2020 Class
Future150 Elite 24 All-Stars in the 2020 Class
Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson:

Jr.Future150 GM/Sr.Analyst. Covering middle school basketball nationally.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Generally the oldest campers are the best, but the Class of 2020 absolutely showed up in a big way.  With star guards like Stramaglia, Sears, and Bamisile the ball-handling was special.  

Here is a complete list of All-Stars from the Elite 24 Camp:

Deandre Brown-Perry, 2020 SG, Eastpoint (GA): Deandre had an impressive weekend to say the least.  He shot the ball extremely well from deep. He also played with a motor above most campers.  He has very good lateral movement and quickness that allows him to be a good on-ball defender. He played like the typical GA United guard; tough, physical, and hard. His shooting ability makes him all the more intriguing.

Paul Stramaglia, 2020 PG, Birmingham (AL): Paul had a sub-par showing the first day, but the second day of camp it clicked for him.  He got out in transition and created open looks for his team. Paul also beat his defender off the dribble with hesitation dribbles and crossovers topped off with crafty high floaters off the backboard. He also stepped up to the challenge defensively this weekend, which is rare in a camp setting.

Willie Screws, 2020 SF, Eufala (AL): Willie started off a little slow the first day.  It looked as if his nerves may have gotten the best of him early on. Even with his nerves, his big frame allowed him to be effective in ways that most players his age can't handle.  With his physicality and his ability to rebound and block or alter shots, Screws is a tough mark. The second day Screws took it to another level. He was making plays, finishing strong, and showed a solid stroke from outside. This was Willie's first camp and he played extremely well when he got comfortable.  From here on out camps will be a breeze for this guy.

Makyi Boyce, 2020 PG, Marion (AL): Makyi showed his ability to play either guard position.  He shot the ball well all weekend and made his imprint in every game. Boyce made it hard for opponents to guard him because of his ability to score with the deep three or from the mid-range.

Christian Williams, 2020 SG, Atlanta (GA): Christian is a crafty scorer that doesn't need much space to get his shot off.  He really thrived and stood out when Future150 had the players only use jump shots to score.  He has a consistent mid-range shot and also can shot well from beyond the three-point line.  

Malachi Moore, 2020 PG, Trussville (AL): Malachi showed how versatility and hard work at a camp can pay off.  He made the Elite 24 all-star game thanks to him being a hard worker and glue guy. He did whatever he had to on his team and was very coachable. He didn't shoot the ball as well as he could have, but moved well without the ball and made plays that contributed to winning.

Jordan Johnson, 2020 PG, Duluth (GA): Johnson has to chance to be an elite guard. He showed glimpses of what could be with his elite ball-handling and ability to get in the lane to create plays. He played with a smooth pace.  Johnson has a nice ability to change speeds to get the defense off balance.  When his three-point shot becomes more consistent his game will take a huge leap.

Carter Whitt, 2021 PG, Raleigh (NC): Carter has a nice mix of craftiness and skill. He found ways off the dribble to get to his hot spots, mostly in mid-range, to score. He gets really great lift on his mid-range shot. Whitt showed the ability to be either a lead guard or a scoring guard.

Detrick Reeves, 2020 SG, Marion (AR): Detrick's a long, scoring guard that finished very well.  At 5-foot-11, he is an aggressive slasher on the offensive end and on the defensive end he uses he length to be a good rebounder from the guard position.  His shot is not as consistent as you would like, but it is good enough to keep the defense honest.  Detrick is one of those who moves well without the ball to create easy scoring opportunities.  Whether it’s him getting out on the break, or as simple as him face-cutting his defender.

Mark Sears, 2020 PG,  Muscle Shoals (AL): Mark's biggest asset is his versatility.  He showed the ball-handling ability to play the point.  He showed the scoring prowess and ability to play shooting guard.  He also showed the physical toughness and ability to guard the small forward position.  He was Mr. Intangible this weekend.

Kawaskee Brown, 2020 PG, Kennesaw (GA): Kawaskee shot his way into the all-star game.  He was the silent assassin.  No words, just three after three.  With work on quickness and ball-handling he will be a more complete guard.  This will help him be able to get into the lane and create for himself or teammates.

Brendan Myers, 2020 PF, North Richland Hills (TX): The big guy has a motor that doesn't stop.  Brendan grabbed every rebound in his vicinity.  He finished well around the rim and got some easy buckets in transition from running the floor.  You can tell he's been working on being more assertive offensively.  He even showed the ability to stretch the floor.

Kendall Latney, 2020 SF, Dacula (GA): Kendall is a big-bodied guard, who uses his size to his advantage.  He mostly used his size for rebounding, but when he puts his mind to it he can be a very good slasher.  He finished well around the basket.  With added ball-handling skill his offensive confidence will increase and take his game to another level.

Holt Bashinsky, 2020 PG, Birmingham (AL): Holt shot his way into the all-star game this weekend.  Though he was one of the younger campers, he proved that he was among the elite knocking down contested threes all weekend.  With improved ball handling to create space, Holt will be tough to guard.

Joe Bamisile, 2020 PG, Richmond (VA): Joe came to get national recognition and he earned that.  He has great size and length at the point guard position.  He also has the ability to be a scoring guard whenever needed.  He has crafty moves off the dribble to get to the rim where he can finish with either hand or create space to get his shot off.  Joe is definitely a player to keep on our radar that could possibly break through the 2020 rankings.

Frank Gilliam, 2020 PG, St. Petersburg (FL): Frank took the 2020 class by surprise at the camp.  He always stood out in every game.  He broke down the defense to get in the lane with crafty finishes.  He shot floaters, one handed scoop finishes, and finished with contact.  He also has a natural flare with his passes.  He made tough no-look passes look easy.  Frank had a great weekend and was one of the more consistent players in the 2020 class.

Zavien Causey, 2020 SG, Huntsville (AL): Zavien showed flashes of brilliance from behind the three point line at times.  He has nice shot mechanics.  He used one and two dribble step-backs to create space for mid-range shots.  He has good size and length at the shooting guard position.  With age and physical maturity his game will grow.

Lynn Kidd, 2020 PF, Birmingham (AL): Lynn did everything he was supposed to do and more.  He rebounded the ball better than anticipated.  He was going out of his area and grabbing rebounds and hustling.  Lynn also showed improved skill in the post.  He didn't have a lot of moves, but he mastered a little hook shot over his right and sometimes left shoulder.  He was also locked in with his mid-range game from the short corner.  This weekend he played very aggressive, which made him a more assertive player on both ends of the floor.

Jaylon Saulsberry, 2020 PG, Cordova, (TN): Jaylon is a big point guard in the 2020 class.  At 6-foot-1, with a nice frame, Jaylon used his handle mixed with his sneaky quickness to impose his will on smaller defenders.  Small defenerds were not strong enough and bigger defenders were not quick enough. He took advantage either way.  He rebound the ball well though he's a natural guard.  He also showed improved consistency and confidence from deep.  The type of showing he had will definitely help propel him to national status real soon.

Tyrrie Ragland, 2020 PF, McCalla (AL): Tyrrie is big-bodied power forward with soft hands. He is also light on his feet.  Tyrrie went into beast mode on the second day of camp and scored 10 straight at one point.  He used his body well to carve out space for easy finishes.  His go-to move was his spin move to his strong side.  Conditioning will play a big part in his progression.  His soft touch around the rim really made him stand out.

Calvin Felder, 2020 SF, Sumter (SC): Calvin played well all weekend.  His versatility stood out amongst the 2020 campers.  When they split up to do the 4 on 4 games with the 2019 campers he still shined.  He has the size of a PF/C, but plays more like a wing.  His agility and athleticism allows him to be a monster on the glass.  Calvin turned those offensive rebounds into easy points on the offensive end.  Let's just say he's easily a walking double-double.  When his knowledge of the game increases so will his stock in his early basketball career.

RJ Hampton, 2020 PG, Dallas (TX): RJ was the best  all around camper in the 2020 class.  He showed the ability to score on all three levels.  RJ has great size for the point guard position which allows him to be versatile.  He showed solid ball-handling skills and a great first step which broke down his defenders with ease.  With talent like this he definitely makes it hard to leave him off the list when the new Future150 national rankings are updated. Hampton takes home Elite 24 MVP honors.

Spencer Bain, 2020 PG, Overland Park (KS): Spencer is a small guard that has the ball on a string.  He used his elite handles to make plays.  He has a natural flare that most will enjoy.  On point fancy passes and deep three point shots are sure to be seen when watching him play.


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