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Wagons Head West
by Andrew Force, Future150 (3:33 PM CT, Fri October 9, 2015)
Wyoming hosting a quality combo guard
Wyoming hosting a quality combo guard
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Union City, TN (Future150) -- October brings many quality opportunities for underclassmen recruits to visit college campuses.  After hours of evaluation in July and September recruiters expressed interest.  

October is the month to reciprocate for recruits. 

Parker Stewart (TN) is showing love to Wyoming this weekend.

"I like Wyoming," said Stewart by phone from Laramie, Wyoming.  "I have a connection to Wyoming.  I used to live here when I was younger.  My dad used to coach here.  I am familiar with the area and familiar with the school."

Stewart is 6-foot-4 guard.  He lived in Ohio for awhile and now plays for Union City High in Union City, Tennessee.  For a time he also lived in Wyoming as a coach's kid.

"I lived here from third to sixth grade," said Stewart.  "I liked Wyoming a lot.  I lived there for four years.  I always enjoyed going to games, watching my dad's play and i got to sit under the hoop and I got to sweep the floors.  I always wanted to play there too."

Now Parker is shifting his brain from admiring young kid to maturing young man.  He has to evaluate the school and the program on different merits now.  

Stewart's father, Anthony Stewart coached with Wyoming from 2007 to 2011.

"It is nice to come back and see if I want to play here still," said Stewart.  "They gave me an opportunity with an offer and are recruiting me.  I decided to come back and see the old things I had seen and the upgrades with the school." 

Second First Impressions

Stewart just arrived earlier today.  He still has a lot to learn and observe.

"They showed me around the locker room, all the facilities, the gym," said Stewart.  "We talked.  Coach Shyatt talked.  We are going to go watch some videos and see campus in a little bit."

It is a big weekend for the ascending Wyoming Cowboys.  Beyond Stewart there are other targets heading to town tomorrow. 

Trevin Knell, Hunter Thompson, and Samuta Avea are also set to watch practice alongside Stewart.

Thompson lives in Wyoming, while Knell and Avea live in Utah.  The two Utah players compete for the booming Utah Prospects of Frank Jackson (Future150 #14) fame.  Originally, Avea is from Hawaii though.

All four represent the Class of 2017.  The one thing they all have in common is exceptional size for their respective positions.  Stewart is a tall guard.  Avea is a tall guard at 6-foot-5.  Knell is 6-foot-4.

"They like me at the point and the two, like a combo guard," said Stewart.  "I actually don't know a whole lot about their offense.  We will get to watch some videos and two practices."

The trip was long.  Parker and his mother drove from Union City, Tennessee to Lincoln, Nebraska.  

"Then we spent the night there," said Stewart.  "We drove up this morning."

If he were to pick Wyoming, which is not in danger of happening any day soon, Stewart expects his mother could perhaps move to the state and follow.

"Maybe my mom (would move), but I am not sure."

One More Visit

Next weekend Parker heads to Manhattan, Kansas for another visit.

"I have a real good relationship with Coach (Chris) Lowery from there," said Stewart.  "I have been talking to him for awhile.  He has been coming to see me play.  He wants me to come up there and check it out and see a football game and see their facilities."

Kansas State will be replacing a big class in 2017, making their recruitment of both guard positions imperative.

Stewart is one of the first 2017 targets to make a fall visit. 

Kansas State is hosting Future150 #58 Courtney Ramey tomorrow.  Senegalese big Khadim Sy is also in town, taking an official visit with Bruce Weber and the Cats.

A few other schools are deeply involved with Stewart.

Memphis dropped by September 29th to evaluate.  Santa Clara spent two days watching Stewart compete in September.  His exposure will be moderate until AAU season in the spring.  Until then he intends to express interest in the schools that expressed interest in him.

That is the purpose of October.


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