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Ready for Primetime: Jules Bernard
by Andrew Force, Future150 (4:23 PM CT, Mon August 17, 2015)
Bernard has now arrived
Bernard has now arrived
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Los Angeles, CA (Future150) -- A Future150 favorite, Jules Bernard gained the monstrous UCLA offer.

"They have been on him since day one," said AAU Coach Etop Edo-Uma.  "They know that, in his class, he is, if not the best, right there."

Bernard splashed onto the national scene during July, though he was known out in Los Angeles as early as last fall.  The skills he has in a growing 6-foot-5 frame are insane.

"I think he will be a wing," said Coach Edo-Uma.  "A big wing.  He is athletic as anyone.  He is the closest thing to James Harden."

Bernard (Future150 #86) is woefully low in the current rankings, but the newest update will absolutely see a surge from Jules.  Regional Analyst Zachary Lyon interviewed him in May.  And he just landed on Future150 Defensive Stoppers Team three days ago.

If he were only skilled he could still be good.  Because he is aggressive and hungry in every single game he can be great.  There are few players nationally that work harder in-game than Bernard.

"His motor is insane," said Coach Edo-Uma.  "You can't take away from a motor.  That is a skill.  You can't teach that."


It is hard to imagine the school list Jules will have compiled by the time he ultimately commits.  As a 2018 wing he already has USC, Utah, UCLA.

"I would imagine, by the time school starts he will have half the Pac-12," said Coach Edo-Uma.  "He is an academic kid.  He goes to Windward.  He is a big time student."  

Bernard has the foundation for a professional career in this beautiful game.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally he is the full package. 

It is a package that UCLA now wants in its program.


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