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J.J. Catchings Improving Rapidly
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (11:36 AM CT, Wed December 19, 2012)
2014 PG JJ Catchings is the real deal.
2014 PG JJ Catchings is the real deal.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Jackson, MS (Future150) -- Thoughout our Future150 Camp series over the course of the fall season, our staff came across a plethora of talented college basketball prospects.

One recruit who particularly caught my eye was J.J. Catchings of Lanier High School in Mississippi. When I first evaluated J.J. at our camp in Birmingham, Alabama, I saw a solid ball-handling guard with good court vision, especially on the fast break.

He played well enough to earn a spot in our Top 40 game that weekend, and played solidly in front of our staff.

When he ventured north to Nashville, Tennessee in October for our 2012 Future150 National Camp featuring the "best of the best" of our campers throughout the Southeast, you could tell he arrived ready to prove something to us...and he did just that.

He absolutely dominated the camp, scoring from anywhere on the floor, getting to the rim at will, slicing through the defense with crafty ball skills, and raining three point bombs from all over the floor. 

While his point guard skills were evident from the start, it was his scoring prowess which will make him a valuable asset to not only his high school program over the next two seasons, but a lucky college program for four years after that.

The 6'1", 165-pound guard has helped Lanier to an 8-2 record so far this year. Along the way, he has averaged roughly 16 points and five assists per game.

So far, the University of Pennsylvania, Colorado State, and Alcorn State University have all been showing interest in the young guard. More schools will surely check in on Catchings as the high school season rolls on, especially if he accomplishes what he is setting out to do.

"I want to put my team in a position to win. I want to be a leader on the floor, and  I want to win a state championship," he told me on Friday. 

As long as Lanier keeps winning games with J.J. running the show, college coaches will surely take notice of him.


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