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Intangible Kings
by Andrew Force, Future150 (10:48 PM CT, Fri July 24, 2015)
Goanar Mar is a wonderful leader
Goanar Mar is a wonderful leader
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Nashville, TN (Future150) -- Vertical jump can be measured.  Speed up the floor is easily quantified.  But what about devotion to winning? How about the guy who dives on the floor with eight seconds left, despite his team winning by 10 points (Chase Adams)?

There are players that care more about winning than which college is watching.  They care more about getting their teammate involved than getting their ten shots up.

High-Motor was a popular phrase about five years ago.  Relentless.  Workhorse was big in the 80's.  Heart is a word with frequency.

It doesn't matter the wording, what matters is the inspiration for the wording.  Which players give and give to their team, without an ounce of selfishness?

Braxton Blackwell is a five-star recruit and he will be an impact player at the next level.  Still, he has almost no ego.  If you watch him play with great players he defers and distributes.  If Blackwell competes alongside lesser talents he will emerge and dominate. 

Braxton is a wise player with great instincts and surprisingly unselfish tendencies considering his skills and power.

Justin Boyd, out of Chicago grinds every single outing.  Boyd has played 3-4 games in one day and not taken a single play off.  He works harder than any Class of 2017 player in Illinois.  

There are several better guards nationally, but no player gives more to his team than Boyd.

Class of 2018 Jordan Yates plays forward for his SW Illinois Jets 15u team.  Undersized for the power forward spot he still blocks shots and ferociously tugs down rebounds.  He is that rare star that doesn't need the ball to shine.  

Incredible work rate on Yates.  

Camron Johnson (Future150 #87) also displays exceptional intangibles.  

Despite being a Future150 player, Johnson pushes himself to the limit every time out.  During the winter Johnson played with Darius Garland and Gavin Schoenwald on Brentwood Academy.  Garland might have the higher ceiling, but Johnson was the team's catalyst.  

He always defended the primary scoring guard and never gave an inch.  Johnson plays football too and the devotion to physical play shows up everywhere.

Instead of yielding the driving lane he plants his body in the way and puts his chest out to absorb contact.  Johnson will also dash into the thicket, unafraid of taking a hard foul.  He is a proud, competitive warrior.

Goanar Mar is a wonderful basketball player.  Much like Blackwell he comfortably defers when other teammates need their moment.  He can score at will most nights, but involves teammates instead.  

Mar is very agile and generally liked by every guy he competes with because he is so unselfish.

Brains and Brawn

Recruiters always say they want good grades, but what many college coaches are subtly saying is that they want passing grades. 

The following players have exceptional, staggeringly good grades and the test score to match.

Rodney Herenton (2016) locked in a 29 on his ACT.  His grades are great and he plays solid basketball.  He makes great decisions on the floor with his quick mind.

Herenton competed this summer with Wisconsin Playground Elite.

He attacks the basket with courage.  His handle is very good.  At the college level Herenton will continue to be a point guard.  His younger brother, Willie Herenton, is also very intelligent.

Unlike Rodney, Willie competes for Meanstreets.  Like his older brother Willie also will attend Stevenson High this fall and plays a mean guard.

He is quick with the ball in his hands and changes direction at an elite level.

Seth Towns is another smart hooper.  You might remember Towns recently verbally committed to Harvard.  

He spent months competing for a nationally-recognized Math Team at Columbus Northland High School. Towns also earned his way into everybody's top 100 rankings with great shooting touch.

Tremont Waters has been a sparkling surprise on the adidas circuit.  His leadership and scoring were spectacular.  

In addition to traditional offers he pulled in Yale and Stanford.  These are schools that completely weed out average students.  

Congratulations to Waters for being accomplished in the classroom and on the court.

Players that bring more than their skills to the table have a real edge in the recruiting battles.  Being good at your craft is rarely enough.  Every June incredibly talented hoopers go undrafted.

Gilbert Arenas might never play in the NBA again.  Michael Beasley is hanging on by a thread.  These are super talents, who simply lack the intangibles. 

High effort players, unselfish players, and smart, studious athletes are not only helpful on the court.  They are less likely to cause a unversity or a coach a black-eye.

If a young player already figured out how to handle school and sports, then the chances of him failing a college class are slim. 

A basketball player that loves to help his teammates shine is not commonly the same guy that assaults a female.

High character guys are valuable in the recruiting world.  And these guys all possess high character.


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