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Future150 Camp Dallas - Top 40 All-Star Showcase
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (12:19 PM CT, Thu October 4, 2012)
Dallas Top 40 All-Stars
Dallas Top 40 All-Stars
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- The Future150 Dallas Camp was a huge success this year. The all-star games featured a ton of undervalued prospects who were just itching to get noticed. Here is who impressed the staff the most...

E.J. Clark (2017 PG): One of the brightest young prospects at the camp, E.J. is an extremely good ball-handler who uses his small frame to get through the teeth of the defense. He also plays aggressive on-ball defense and doesn't back down from any offensive player.

Charles Abney Jr. (2015 PG): Charles is a decent ball-handling point guard who likes to create for his teammates. He also is a solid mid-range jump shooter.

Kealon Clayborne (2015 PG): A point guard with an explosive first step, Kealon loves to get into the lane and thrives on finishing with contact at the rim. He is a tenacious defender who really steps up his game against big-time competition.

Kevin Thomas (2015 SG): Kevin is a very good slasher who loves to get to the basket and finish with both his right and left hand at the rim. He also is a long and wiry defender who gets into passing lanes on defense.

Kendrick Hardaway (2014 SG): Hardaway is solid player who knows how to play the game the right way.  He loves to shoot the 3-ball and proved he can get to the rim.  He is a solid defender and has the quickness to guard both guard positions.  Overall a solid performance this weekend.

Isaak Rowe (2015 SF): A 6'3" small forward prospect, Isaak is is a long and bouncy athlete. He is a solid rebounder who also blocks shots on the defensive end of the floor. He also is a consistent mid-range jump shooter.  You can tell he does not like to lose and will fight on every play.

Taro Ford (CG 2013): Ford is a long wiry wing player who loves to slash to the basket.  He is a solid defender and loves to score in transition.  He can score on all 3 levels and has decent court vision.  He plays with a fundamental mind set that is hard to find these days, not to mention he is an excellent student. Ivy league programs, be aware.

Damon Davidson (2016 PG): Davidson was one of the more all- around point guards in the camp. He had a great change of pace to his game and displayed solid court vision in transition. He proved he can make the open mid-and-long range jumper if left open. He  loves to get out in transition and score, while at the same time making his teammates better.

Jonathan Johnson (2013 PG): A penetrating point guard, Jonathan loves to get into the paint, where he either finishes at the rim or drops off pretty passes to teammates for easy finishes.  He proved he can knock down shots if left open.

Tyus Momoh (2014 PG): Momoh is a strong, pass first point guard who showed some elite speed in the open floor.  He understands how to make all of the players on floor better by making the right pass most of the time. He can score on all 3 levels and is the equivalent of having a coach on the floor. He is only going to get better.

Shake Milton (2015 CG): Shake is a very intriguing prospect. He is a 6'3" shooting guard right now, but he has the ball-handling skills to transition to point guard at some point in his career. He uses his length on both ends of the floor to make plays, whether it be rebounding, getting into passing lanes on defense, or blocking shots.

Brandon McElvy (2013 PG): McElvy is a strong bodied guard who likes to mix it up on defense and never backs down from competition.  He has excellent court vision and loves to get in the lane and make his teammates better.  He proved he can knock down the mid-range jumper with consistency if left open. He reminds us of Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic.

Colby Honeycutt (2016 SF): The young, 6'3" prospect has very good skills for a freshman. He has great hands, shoots the ball well from the mid-range, and is a capable penetrator and rebounder. High upside kid.

Jamar Sandifer (2016 SG): Jamar is a high-energy player. He plays with passion on every possession, and takes every play seriously. Right now, he is considered to be more of a shooter, but showed flashes of becoming a bruising slasher from the wing. Endless motor.

Harrison Henderson (2016 SF):Henderson is a super long prospect with a ton of upside. He is skilled and can play multiple positions on the floor. Right now he is more of a low post and face-up threat but is transitioning to the wing position. He made plays all weekend long and was one of the top young rebounders in the camp.

Austin Rokas (2014 SF): Austin is a 6'4" slashing forward who uses his long arms to finish with both hands at the basket. He is a high motor player who gets out in transition, and he uses excellent timing to block opponents shots.

Antonio Deadmon (2013 SG): Deadmon was Mr. Hustle all weekend long.  He was tenacious on the defensive boards and was great at scoring around the rim once he got the rebound. He is a relentless attacker and loves to score on the fast break. He may have been the best overall defender in the camp.

Latron Jolly (2013 SG): Jolly is one of those players that every team needs. He can do it all on both ends of the floor. If you need a rebound he will get it, if you need him to score he can do that as well. He can play both inside and out and loves to compete.  Definitely a coaches dream when he's on your team.

C.J. Roberts (2017 PG): Roberts was one of the youngest players in the camp this past weekend. He is a combo guard who can score from anywhere on the floor.  He is a sneaky athlete and likes to knock down the 3-point shot on the fast break.  He plays at a good pace and has good court vision.  He has a ton of upside and is only going to get better as he matures.

Dominic Buckaloo (2015 PG): Buckaloo is a pass first type point guard who can score if he needs too.  He understands the position and loves using his quickness to create opportunties for his teammates. He showed a great first step and is a solid defender.


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