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Future150 Camp Birmingham-Top 40 All-Star Showcase
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (2:26 PM CT, Wed September 26, 2012)
Future150 Camp Birmingham Top 40 Game All-Stars.
Future150 Camp Birmingham Top 40 Game All-Stars.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- Future150 Camp Birmingham took place last weekend at Homewood Middle School, and the gyms were absolutely packed with prospects. It was the largest camp to date, and there was no shortage of quality recruits. Here are the talented youngsters who had the distinction of being labeled as Top 40 All-Stars...

Marcus Deanes (2014 PG) - Marcus played with energy all weekend long. He was a beast on the defensive end of the floor, playing stout on-ball defense. He also is a jet on the court and thrives in the transition game.

Braxton Morris (2014 PG) - Braxton is the type of player college coaches love. The 5'10" lead guard plays smart on offense and doesn't turn the ball over much. He is a scrappy player who can make you pay with long-range jump shots or find open teammates for easy baskets.

Rashaan Benson (2014 PG) - One of the best point guards at the Future150 camp. Rashaan used his quickness to get into the paint at will, and is very good at finding small cracks in the defense to exploit. Has superb court vision and ball-handling skills.

Ryan Miller (2014 SG) - One of the Future150 staff favorites this weekend. Ryan has an excellent shooting stroke and knows the difference between good shots and bad shots. Doesn't force the issue on offense, and plays absolutely tenacious defense. Steps up to any challenge, and had a memorable game when he stepped up to highly touted recruit Nino Jackson.

R.J. Jackson (2014 SG) - R.J. loves to run the floor for easy baskets. He regularly slashes to the bucket, looking for any crease that the defense will give him. Also has a solid shooting stroke out to 18 feet.

Deandre Rainey (2015 SG) - Deandre showed his advanced ball-handling skills this weekend. He is a fearless player when attacking the basket, and he is an unselfish player who loves to get others involved.

J.J. Catchings (2014 PG/SG) - J.J. is a smooth combo guard who has a beautiful shooting stroke with range out to 23 feet. He is developing solid ball-handling skills, but has the feel of a natural scorer. Also has a great attitude.

Chase Couroll (2014 SG) - Chase is a shooting guard prospect who always plays hard. He is a solid mid-range jump shooter, loves to attack the basket, and plays unselfishly. He also is a good on-ball defender.

Jordan Browning (2014 SG) - Jordan is a scrappy combo guard who is all-business on the floor. He can kill the defense with his outside shooting, or create for others off-the-dribble. Also capable of making crafty passes to his teammates for easy buckets.

Richard Howell (2014 SG) - Already has the body of a college player at 6'2", 175-pounds. Richard also has good shooting mechanics and excellent lift on his jumper. He loves to attack the basket as well.

Willie Mudbone (2013 PG/SG) - Willie has excellent ball-handling skills and is capable of playing both the point guard and shooting guard position. He is a consistent shooter on all three levels, and displays a beautiful floater in traffic. Also a crafy passer.

Brennan Bowling (2014 SG) - Braden is a strong player who knows how to score the rock. He is most effective on the fast break where is slasher mentality is on display.  he can knock down the open shot if left open and is solid defender.

Jamal Johnson (2017 SG) - Jamal might be one of the more gifted players in the 2017 class.  He is super long, athletic and knows how to play.  The son of All American at Alabama, Buck Johnson has the genes and game to maybe one day walk in his fathers shoes.

Edward Leggett (2015 SG) - Edward is player who can fill it up in a hurry and showed the ability to attack the rim all weekend long.  He was one of the more polished players on both ends of the floor.  He loves to score in transition and making his teammates better while making the right pass.  Solid overall weekend.

Alfonso Johnson- (2013 SG) - Alfonso is a 3 year camp alum who continues to get better everytime we see him play.  He has proven that he is no longer a inside player.  He made mid and long range jumpers all weekend long.  Dont get caught sleeping or you might get dunked on as well.  Solid performance this past weekend.

Josh Hill (2016 PG) - Hill is another camp alum who only gets better everytime we see him play.  He has added a mid range jumper to go along with his brusing inside play.  He has a great body and has good footwork around the rim.  As he continued to mature his body is only going to get stronger and lean out.  Definitely one player to watch.

Chris Graham (2016 SF) - Graham is a player who plays with a high motor and never gives up on a play.  His style of play tends to be infectious to his teammates.  He is an excellent rebounder from the wing position and was one of the better finishers on the break.  As he develops his mid range game the sky is the limit.

Alex Moffatt (2013 SF) - Moffatt is a super fundamental player who can play both inside and out.  He played as hard as anyone in the camp and proved he had the skills to go along with effort.  He showed the ability to score on all 3 levels and was one of the better rebounders.

Dwain Whitfield (2014- PF) - Whitfield has a good body with long arms and big hands.  He showed the ability to score around the basket and use either hand when do so.  He is a good rebounder especially on the offensive end of the floor.  



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