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CYM National Prep School Showcase Recap
by Garrett Tucker, Future150 (1:30 PM CT, Sun February 24, 2013)
Oklahoma-commit Jacob Hammond
Oklahoma-commit Jacob Hammond
Garrett Tucker
Garrett Tucker:

Future150 Southeast Analyst. Covering high school basketball across the Southeast.

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- Future150 was in Dallas this weekend to take in some prep school action put on by CYM Academy. Firat and foremost, we would like to thank CYM for their hospitality and putting together a very nice showcase.

CYM Academy, Sunrise Christian Academy, God's Academy, SOYLA, and Flower Mound were the schools represented, and many unknown players rose to the occasion and performed well.

With that being said, here are some players that stood out to the staff on Sunday:


Palvla Mihajlovic; 2013 SG – God’s Academy: This 6-foot-5 Serbian was easily the best knockdown shooter in attendance on Sunday. In his game, he hit six 3-pointers to help pace his team to a victory. He was automatic from downtown, especially in the corner. However, the most under-rated thing about his game was his passing ability. He showed that he was very unselfish as he helped set up teammates for easy baskets. Division-II and NAIA schools are interested, but he easily could make the jump to a low-major prospect.

Mamagou Kamara; 2015 PF/C – SOYLA: Kamara may have the biggest upside and potential from the showcase. At 7-foot-1, the Senegal-native has hit a very big growth spurt in the past few years. Because of that, he is very skilled for a 7-footer. He put the ball on the floor very well numerous times, including in the post and on the perimeter. He showed patience while executing moves in the paint. Because of his length and athleticism, he caused problems under the goal, whether it was blocking or altering shots. He also hit a couple of perimeter shots. There’s no doubt, with a little more development and adding some weight, Kamara could be one of the hottest national commodities within the next few months. Expect a big story on him soon.

Pascal Siakam; 2013 PF – God’s Academy: Siakam is already committed to New Mexico State and he could be a nice addition for the Aggies if he continues to progress as a player. At 6-foot-9, he is very long as also very raw. He ran the floor extremely well and was active on the boards. As a player, he is still a little weak with his hands. When he hits the weight room harder, he will be a tough player to contain, especially at the NMSU level. Expect him to take a prep year to get accustomed to the states and reclassify to 2014.

Mrdjan Gasevic; 2013 PF – CYM Academy: In an era where big men choose to hang around the perimeter, it was nice to watch Gasevic. At 6-foot-7, 240-pounds, he is the definition of a bruiser down low. He fought through contact throughout the day and finished at the goal time and time again. However, what was even more impressive was his soft touch and fundamental skills. The big man executed several post moves very well, along with putting some nice things together with his face-up game. No one in the gym played harder than Gasevic either. Definitely a low-major to mid-major.

Trey Dickerson; 2013 PG – God’s Academy: Dickerson had an off shooting day, as most people in attendance (including college coaches) could tell. However, he impacted the game in other ways. He ran his team very well and acted as a true point guard. The 6-foot Queens native is extremely quick and handled the ball very well. He also excelled in transition.

Lourawls Nairn; 2014 PG – Sunrise Christian Academy: It’s easy to tell why this junior point guard is regarded as one of the better players in his class. Also known as “Tum Tum,” Nairn made a living in transition. His elite quickness is second-to-none and he used it to his full advantage. He was constantly in the lane, where he avoided defenders and contact to finish at the goal. Nairn is a prospect in 2014 that could really be a surprise this spring and summer. Look for him to have a big AAU season.

Tenie Johnson; 2013 SG – God’s Academy: Johnson looked like he would have been better suited on the gridiron as a running back with his strong physique, but nevertheless, he found ways to stick out on the court, too. He rebounded very well among other guards with his physical nature. He also played very aggressive, especially on defense. His shooting still has some questions, but he hit a few shots from behind the arch to keep the defense honest.

Anthony Brown; 2013 SF – CYM Academy: Brown was the definition of an all-around player. He spent most of the time acting as a point forward, playing the 1-3 throughout the day. Similar to Gasevic, he was also very physical and strong around the goal. The most impressive attribute from Brown was his passing ability. He put his teammates in better positions to score constantly. It took a little to get off, but his shot was also very consistent from the perimeter.

Jacob Hammond; 2014 C – Sunrise Christian Academy: The Oklahoma-commit definitely passes the eye-test. At 6-foot-10 and a wingspan easily over 7-feet, Hammond is an attractive prospect. He is also very skilled for his size, as he executed several nice post moves and shot the mid-range jumper well. He is a solid high-major prospect and should be successful in Norman.

Xzavion Hall; 2015 PG – CYM Academy: Hall may be small, but he was literally everywhere on the court. With his speed and agility, the sophomore was from sideline to sideline in seconds. He was very impressive on the defensive end of the floor, as he picked up several steals per game. Hall excelled in transition with his speed, but he knocked down a couple of set shots as well.

Ethan Chapman; 2015 SG – Flower Mound: Along with Mihajlovic, Chapman was also one of the better shooters to showcase his talent on Sunday. He hit several long 3-pointers during the event that really helped his team. However, his size will be something he needs to work on. He got some shots off, but he also had some blocked because of his lack of height and weight.

Travis Munnings; 2014 SF – Sunrise Christian Academy: Out of all the talented players for Sunrise, Munnings may have impressed the most. At 6-foot-6, he used his athleticism and long arms to cause problems. He was the best defender (especially on-ball) of the day, getting deflections, forcing steals, and creating easy opportunities for his team. It probably still needs a little work, but he also hit a couple of outside shots to keep the defense honest.

Keenan Holdman; 2015 PG – Flower Mound: Holdman helped get Chapman open because of his ability to get into the lane and draw help defenders. The sophomore point guard was as good as anyone at getting into the lane. He used his quickness and body strength to his advantage.

Allan Prosper; 2013 SF – SOYLA: Prosper was one of the best pure athletes the showcase presented. At 6-foot-5, he had a very nice body and showed a nice leaping ability. He used his sheer determination and strength to finish around the goal on offense, and on the defensive end, he grabbed rebounds and played great defense. With some polishing of his fundamentals, he could find a home at a lower-level school.

Janari Joesaar; 2013 SF – Sunrise Christian Academy: Joesaar has already sealed the deal on where he will be playing his college basketball by signing with Ole Miss, but he played with a chip on his shoulder Sunday. He played extremely hard, allowing him to get several offensive rebounds and easy put-backs. The future rebel played above the rim, as he caught several nice dunks throughout his game. The most valuable part of his game was his ability to hit outside shots. He stretched the floor, allowing other teammates better opportunities to make plays.


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