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Atlanta #Future150Camp: Top 20 All-Star Game
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (8:01 PM CT, Thu August 29, 2013)
2013 Future150 Atlanta Camp Top 20 All-Star Selections.
2013 Future150 Atlanta Camp Top 20 All-Star Selections.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- The best prospects at the 2013 Atlanta #Future150Camp took the floor at McEachern for the Top 20 All-Star game on Sunday.

Here are the prospects that stood out ...

Christian Turner, 2016 PG: Turner proved why he was one of the top point guard prospects in the state of Georgia this weekend with his leadership and game. Despite it being a camp environment, the 5-foot-10 guard did a nice job of directing his team throughout the weekend. He continues to improve each time out.

Tookie Brown2015 PG: Another point guard that rose to the occasion from Georgia was Morgan County's Tookie Brown. The quick, physical playmaker reiterated the fact that he is a high-major talent. He has outstanding burst and quickness that distances himself from other players his age. He also showed off a consistent mid-range shot.

Clayton Hughes, 2016 SF: Hughes was arguably the most exciting prospect to see play all weekend. While he is very fundamental and knows how to play the game, he also showed off some flashy skills. He has outstanding vision, which led to some impressive no-look passes and easy finishes. The 6-foot-5 wing was also a sneaky athlete, as he surprised several defenders by throwing down several dunks.

J.J. Catchings, 2014 SG: Catchings pulled off some nice shooting performances after breaking one of his fingers on Saturday. The 6-foot-1 shooter forced the defense to keep tabs on him the full length of the court, as he nailed several three-pointers each game. He also handled the ball well and proved he has the ability to be a point guard in the future.

Christian Henley, 2014 PF: Henley played as hard as anyone at camp over the two days. At 6-foot-4, he is an under-sized power forward, but he made things happen. He rebounded at a high rate, as well as finish at the basket. Henley kept the defense honest with perimeter shooting that extended to 18 feet.

Robert Baker, 2016 SF: This Atlanta product oozes with potential, especially at his young age. At 6-foot-7, Baker is already very skilled from anywhere on the floor; however, he still has a long way to go with his strength and weight. Until then, the sophomore will settle for being extremely versatile and hitting shots from the outside and finishing in the low post with jump hooks.

Dillon Beaver, 2015 SG: Beaver was another exciting prospect to watch because of his elite ball-handling skills and passing ability. The 5-foot-8 point guard from Kingdom Prep (GA) kept his teammates' heads on a swivel with his vision and passing. He dribbled through much of the defense with no problem because of his ability to handle the basketball. He will definitely find a home at the college level.

Cortez Lattimore, 2014 SG: The 6-foot-1 scoring machine was one of the most fun prospects to watch over the weekend. He can get hot in a hurry, and is not shy about letting the defense know with his constant chirping. He does the same on the defensive end of the floor, taking pride in his on-ball defense using his physical frame. He also displays solid transition vision and plays unselfish basketball.

Ronald Bell, 2016 SF: Bell is very unique with his size and athleticism. At 6-foot-4 and 180-pounds, the combo forward sticks out with his physical nature. He made a living by rebounding and playing hard throughout the weekend. The sophomore showed he can get to the rim and finish with ease. 

Dishon Lowery, 2016 PF: Lowery was arguably the most reliable player to finish around the rim at camp. When in the post, he showed great footwork and post moves, leading to easy baskets. He embraced contact, as he enjoys the physicality of the game.

Eric Hayward, 2014 SG: Hayward, along and wiry shooting guard, used his length to make a lot of things happen. He deflected several passes on the defense end with his long arms and good hands, as well as block an occasional shot or two. As usual, he knocked down several shots per game, but the best part of Hayward's game this weekend was his knowledge and leadership. He directed his squad and helped point guards control the game.

Quintez Cephus, 2016 SG: The 6-foot-1 combo guard was a big time shot maker all weekend long. He is a strong bodied guard who plays excellent on-ball defense and he has very good speed in the open floor. While he is more of a shooting guard prospect right now, the transition to full-time point guard is coming. Mercer has already offered the Macon, Georgia product.

Michale Davis, 2014 SG: Davis has added a few more inches and gained some weight since the last time we saw him, and it has made a huge difference in his game. The 6-foot-3 wing showed he could hit shots over defenders, as well as drive in the lane and make plays. With his new strength and muscle, many new things have opened up for him.

Isaiah Greer2014 SG: Greer proved that he was more than capable of being a Division-I basketball player at camp. With his size and high motor, he dominated players on the boards. He finished at the rim, as well as hitting some shots from outside. Greer is a nice all-around player and has the chance to be a reliable player at the college level.

Darius Moore, 2015 PG: Moore was another quick and explosive point guard that distanced himself with his overall play. He generally looked to score first when in the lane, but he showed off some nice vision with some eye-popping passes. He is very dangerous in the open-court and forces the defense to pick him up early. If not, it is an easy two points for him or his teammates.

Thaddeus Middleton, 2015 SF: Middleton was one of the few players that enjoyed playing defense. With the ability to guard the 1-4 at any given time, the 6-foot-5 forward showed he is very valuable to a team. He did a nice job of rebounding and getting a bucket for his team when needed. With his strength and body, he bullied many of the players he went up against. 

James Jordan, 2014 SF: The 6-foot-3 shooting guard is an above-the-rim prospect who finished several plays with dunks over the weekend. He is a physical wing who plays impressive on-ball defense, while also proving to be a capable point guard for stretches. Good looking prospect for division two schools right now.

Devin Thurmond, 2015 SF: The most impressive rebounder of the camp was the 6-foot-5 wing. He uses his long arms and high motor to snatch everything around the rim, and he is very good at finishing plays around the rim using both hands. While his perimeter game could use a lot of work, there is no denying his ability to clean the glass and be a constant double-double threat.

Ronald McCloud, 2015 SG: Not only did McCloud show off his uber-athleticism, but he also showed he can score the ball in a variety of ways. The 6-foot-2 shooting guard has great shot mechanics that help him converts shots. He also proved he could create for himself.

Marcus Hall, 2015 PF: Hall used his length and size to block shots and make things harder on the defensive end. He also showed a nice skill-set, as he played on the perimeter. He did well driving to the lane, as well as hitting pull-up jumpers in the mid-range.

Atlanta Future150 Camp Top 20 Prospect Rankings:

1. Tookie Brown
2. Michale Davis
3. Cortez Lattimore
4. Dishon Lowery
5. Dillon Beaver
6. J.J. Catchings
7. Chrisitan Turner
8. Robert Baker
9. Clayton Hughes
10. James Jordan
11. Ronald Bell
12. Isaiah Greer
13. Devin Thurmond
14. Quintez Cephus
15. Eric Hayward
16. Thaddeus Middleton
17. Christian Henley
18. Ronald McCloud
19. Darius Moore
20. Marcus Hall


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