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All-Southwest Camp: All-Star Selections
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (8:13 AM CT, Thu March 9, 2017)
Future150 All Southwest Camp All-Star Selections.
Future150 All Southwest Camp All-Star Selections.
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- Future150 was back on the road again this past weekend and Dallas was the destination. The All-Southwest Camp was the venue for some of the top talent in the region with the camp featuring players in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 classes. Some of the more skilled players were in the younger classes, with athleticism dominating the 2020 class prospects.

Here are some thoughts on the players that made the Elite 24 All-Star Game and earned invites to 'The Summit' and Elite 24 Camps in August of this year.

Jarren Cook, 2020 SG, Texas: Clearly the most dominant player in the camp. His body, size at 6-foot-2, and athleticism put him in a class above everyone else. The attacking style of play he possesses allowed him to get to the rim at will. He also showed the ablility to knock down the mid and long range shot with consistency.  His overall play on the weekend was a cut above the rest, which gives him the top honor in the camp: All-Southwest Camp MVP.

Jordan Boston, 2021 G, Louisiana: A familiar face to the camp,  as he attended our Elite 24 Camp last year. Boston is a long, lanky yet polished player whose skills have gotten better since we saw him last. He is big-time shooter from the 3-point line and loves scoring in transition. As he continues to get stronger and work on his defense, the sky will be the limit for the talented offensive player.

Jordan Tillmon, 2020 PG, Arkansas: This smooth lefty was on the attack the minute he stepped in the gym. He has a wiry frame but don't let that fool you, as he is strong with the ball in his hands and can absorb contact when finishing. The three ball in his game is a bit inconsistent, but you can tell he is putting in the work to make it better. He has quick hands and lateral quickness which made him the top defender in the camp. Overall, a solid overall performance on the weekend.

Anthony Smith, 2020 SF, Texas: He was one of the more athletic players in the camp. At 6-foot-4 inches, he was able to jump over most of his fellow campers. He is a great rebounder on both ends of the floor and made a living on the offensive glass. His energy on both ends is what stood out all weekend long. The ability to never give up on a play and finish around the rim made him very productive. We loved his versatility.

Derrick Youngblood, 2021 SG, Louisiana: He was one of the more fundamental players in the camp. He just seemed to make all the right plays and made his teammates around him better. His shot- making abilities were on full display in the drills, 4-on-4 & and team play on Sunday.  He was knocking down shots all over the floor. 'Sniper' is a good word that would describe his weekend performance, which landed him in the all-star game.

Nasir Washington, 2020 SG, Texas: A downhill attacking guard who can score in bunches, he has long arms and a nice frame from the wing position. Transition basketball is where he excels and there were several possessions where he got the rebound and went coast-to-coast. He showed a good first step off the bounce and the ability to guard his man 94 feet. When you think of the word 'production', look no further, Washington is your guy.

Marcellous Boyd, 2022 PG, Tennessee: He was one of the nicest suprises on the weekend. His skill level was extremely high and he showed the ability to score the rock at an elite level. 'Crafty', 'unafraid' and 'tenacious' are three words that describe his game to a tee.  He was one of the top three-point shooters in the camp as well. As he continues to grow and get stronger, look for his game to go to the next level. This scoring point guard is going to be special.

Daniel Ortiz, 2021 G, Louisiana: He's a big-bodied guard who loves attacking the rim off the bounce. He has a nice frame and showed good quickness. Defense and rebounding were two things he did well. Knocking down the occasional three kept the defense honest and played into his attacking style on offense. Solid overall performance on the weekend.

Kaeden Laws, 2021 SF, Texas: He was one of the more well rounded players in the gym.  His versatilty allowed him to play both inside and out. At 6-foot-4 inches, he was able to rebound the ball well on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. The mid-range jumper was on full display during 4 on 4 play, which led his team to the tournament championship. As his shooting skills continue to develop, the sky is the limit for this college prospect.

Micah Lovett, 2020 PG, Oklahoma: An attacking style player who loves to score in the open floor, his first-step quickness and ball handling skills allowed him to blow by his defenders with ease. This crafty lefty was one of the better finishers at the rim that we saw on the weekend. On-ball defense and mid-range shooting might be his two best attributes to his game to date. 'Competitor' is one word that comes to mind when you think about his game.

Jelani Willis, 2021 SG, Tennessee: He made the long haul to Dallas to put his skills on full display. He did not disappoint. The 6-footer was scoring from all three levels and making it look easy while doing it. His energy and relentless play was infectious when he stepped on the floor. At one point in the camp, he made three consecutive 3-pointers, which led his team to victory during the Sunday tournament. 

Jacob Barnes, 2022 SG, Tennessee: He's a well-rounded player who can do little bit of everything. His ability to score on all three levels was the most impressive thing we saw. 'Shot-maker' is one of his better attributes that was on full display this past weekend. He plays the game at a good pace, sees the court well and makes solid decisions when the ball is in his hands. He's a team player first, but can turn it up if he needs to go get a bucket.

Ethan Walker, 2020 SF, Texas: He has long arms, a wiry frame and has a fundamental approach to the game. He nevers tries to do too much and lets the game come to him. At times he struggled shooting the ball from distance but as the camp went on into Sunday he started to find his stroke. Rebounding and making the right pass are things that stood out in his game. Strength and getting the ball up on his shot will only help him further his development.

Hunter Hayley, 2020 PF, Texas: He is a 6-foot-6 inch prospect who did most of his scoring from the inside. He rebounds the ball well on both ends of the floor and is a solid post defender. Contesting shots, making solid outlet passes and running the floor and all things he did well. As his shot continues to develop and his confidence continues to grow, Hayley might be one of the prospects we look back on and fondly remember. He played extremely well in the all-star game with an eight point, six rebound performance.

Jared Richardson, 2020 PG, Texas: He is a 5-foot-9 inch lead guard who had the highest vertical leap in the camp at 32 inches.  His ball handling skills, court vision and ability to score off the bounce is what stood out. He understands how to the play the game the right way and makes all of his teammates better around him.  Transition offense and on ball defense are two areas he excels. As he continues to grow and his shot becomes more consistent, look for his game to take the next step.

Sam Lacy, 2020 PG, Texas: He is a pass first lead guard who showed a good feel for the game. He never tried to do to much and always made the right play on both ends of the floor. Fundamentals of the game are things you can tell he focuses on when you watch him play. His ability to score off the bounce and be creative with his scoring made him a threat all weekend long. It's really fun watching a player compete when he does all the little things right.

Justin Crawford, 2020 PG, Texas: He is a 5-foot-10 power lead guard who can punish you on the drive to the rim. He has a nice frame and this smooth lefty can make shots when he gets on a roll. Help side defense, taking charges and on ball defense are things he takes pride in when on defense. He took eight charges on the weekend which shows he will do anything to help his team win.  'Toughness', 'grit' and 'winner' are the words that best describe his game. 

Joshua Condon, 2020 PG, Texas: He is a player that every coach wants on his team.  He can score from all three levels, run your team from the lead guard position and is a smart defender. Small things on the court like going after a loose ball, help side defense and making the extra pass are all things he does well. If you leave him open he can knock down the three ball even though it might not be as consistent as you would like it to be. Solid overall performance on the weekend.

David Center, 2021 G, Texas: He is one of those players you watch play and say "How did he make that shot?" He is really crafty around the rim when attacking and can flat out score the rock in bunches. He's a hard-nosed, tenacious hard worker on the court. If you leave him open he can make the mid and long range jumpers.  Every coach wants a player on their team like the talented guard.

Peyton Ackerman, 2022 PG, Oklahoma: He was a nice surprise when we saw him play this past weekend. He showed a good first step, nice ball-handling skills and the ability to finish over bigger players. Court vision in both the half and full court was one of his better attributes. He loves to compete on both ends and his overall production on the court makes his teammates better. Ackerman is definitely a lead guard that can do it all. 

Dominic Chmura, 2021 SG, Texas: He is a fundamental scoring guard who lets the game come to him. He is a catch and shoot type wing at this point in his game. He made shots from all over the court and rebounded the ball well from the wing position. As he continues to work on his ball-handling skills, look for his ability to score off the bounce to increase. 

Darren Hawkins, 2021 G, Oklahoma: He is a streaky scoring guard who can put up numbers in a hurry. At one point in the 5-on-5 tournament game, he scored 10 points straight on four consecutive posessions. He loves scoring in tranisition and made a living by attacking the rim. Competition is something he loves and he won't back down until the buzzer sounds. Consistency is something he must improve on with his shot in order to take the next step in his development.

Garrett Gustin, 2020 SF, Texas: He was one of the better all around players in the camp. He plays hard on both ends of the floor. He rebounded on both ends, running the floor in transition and knocking down mid-range jumpers, which made him stand out. A fundamental approach to his game not only makes him better, but his teammates as well. Even though his shot was a bit inconsistent, you can see some fundamental basics which can be developed over time.

Taevon Anderson, 2020 SG, Louisiana: The New Orleans native made his way to the camp to prove his worth. He has a wiry frame, is athletic and loves to score off the bounce. He was one of the better rebounders on the defensive end of the floor. The ability to start the break after a rebound is what made him effective all weekend long. If you leave him open he can knock down the open three. As he gets stronger and his shot continues to develop, look for his game to take the next step.


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