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2015 Future150 Dallas Underclassmen: Top 20 All-Stars
by Ani Umana, Future150 (8:48 PM CT, Wed March 18, 2015)
Underclassmen Camp Dallas Top 20 All Stars.
Underclassmen Camp Dallas Top 20 All Stars.
Ani Umana
Ani Umana:

Future150 Southwest Recruiting Analyst. Covering high & middle school basketball in TX, LA, OK, NM, AZ.

Duncanville, TX (Future150) -- Top 20 All Star Game was competitive and close. Kids played hard and saw some great plays. Here is the ranking of the players in the game and this weekend:

20. Jayden Brown (2020) Combo guard that looks more natural running the 2-guard spot. Good scorer that plays with a high motor.

19. Xavier Abalos (2019) Point guard that scored well inside with floaters and pull up jumpers. Played good help defense, which resulted in several steals.

18. Jayden Williams (2019) Good shooter that spaced the floor well on Sunday. Most times he takes what the defense gives him and doesn't force the issue.

17. Steven Karp (2018) Shooting Guard that has good size for his position. Able to shoot over other guards do to having good length and shown the ability to score inside effectively against post players. Can play multiple positions on the court.

16. Jacob Smith (2019) Guard/forward that does a little bit of everything. Brings the ball up the floor, effective slasher and posts up smaller guards.

15. Karlyn Kenner (2019) Shooter that plays smart on the court. Was on the right spots on the court and when left open or no hand in his face, the shot was going in. Solid offensive rebounder for a guard also.

14. Emory Price II (2018) Point guard that is a good scorer in the half-court setting. Moves the ball well on offense and will pass the ball quick in order for his team to get in transition. Solid penetrator that finishes well against the big men inside on Sunday.

13. Austin Stogner (2019) The 6'1" small forward is versatile as he can play multiple positions on offense and guard multiple positions on defense. Can do a little bit of everything on offense.  His greatest skill is mid-range shooting accuracy.

12. Eric Gray (2019) Point guard that played good on ball and help defense. Played with a high motor and attacks the defense quick once the ball is in his hands.

11. JaLen Nguessan (2018) guard that scores in a variety of ways. Likes the pull up midrange shot but can knock down the three point shot when open.

10. JcMarcus Caldwell (2019) Point guard that has good transition vision and can play off the ball too. Unselfish guard that also knows when he needs to score also.

9. Zailin Cleveland (2020) Two guard that scores effectively off the dribble. Has a good pull-up jumper and broke down defenders consistently on Sunday.

8. Nicolas Valdez (2019) Combo guard that plays with a very high motor on both sides of the court. Smart defender that deflected many passes and can score well in transition.

7. Brendan Myers (2020) Post that is a strong rebounder and solid interior defender. Mainly gets his points in the paint but showed the potential to be able to operate in the high post and score effectively.

6. Tariq Aman (2019) Showed off his ability to create for others on Sunday and manage a team when on the floor. Showed very good floor general abilities.

5. Niko Bossinakis (2019) Two guard that mainly gets his points by attacking the basket. Has good mechanics on his shot and when he is on, he is on. Has good size for a two guard at 6'2 and will post up from time to time on smaller guards.

4. Bryce Cook (2019) The lefty guard was a force on offense this weekend. Scores mainly from off the dribbles but is solid off the catch and shoot also. Knows what to do with the ball in transition and displayed a lot of nice passes when he penetrated in the half court setting.

3. Matt Garriga (2018) Tough lefty guard that has range a couple feet outside of the three point line. Mainly scores off of three pointer but has shown the ability to attack and score with contact in the paint.

2. Le'Jon Doss (2019) Combo forward that finished very well inside during the all star game. A one move and go perimeter player that uses his upper body strength to create space.


Rodrick Mason (2018) Was the best player in the camp this weekend.Was showcasing his abilities to score in a variety of ways and the ability to play good defense. Has a high motor and a solid three point shot off the catch and shoot.


Colton Martin (2018)- Martin at the SF position was pretty much unstoppable both inside and out.  He led his team to the 4 on 4 championship, while doing most of the scoring from the 3-point line.  He is super fundamental and has great footwork when attacking his defenders. At 6-foot-4 inches and having long arms, Martin was able to impose his will on just about every player in the camp.  Gotta love how skilled this player is.


  1. Rodrick Mason (CO-MVP)
  2. Colton Martin (CO-MVP)
  3. Le'Jon Doss
  4. Matt Garriga
  5. Bryce Cook
  6. Niko Bossinakis
  7. Tariq Aman
  8. Brendan Myers
  9. Nicolas Valdez
  10. Zailin Cleveland
  11. JcMarcus Caldwell
  12. JaLen N'Guessan
  13. Eric Gray
  14. Austin Stogner
  15. Emory Price II
  16. Karlyn Kenner
  17. Jacob Smith
  18. Steven Karp
  19. Jayden Williams
  20. Xavier Abalos
  21. Jayden Brown


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