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Wilkerson, Berzat & Campbell Shine in Jr.Future150
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (10:50 PM CT, Thu August 23, 2012)
Jr.Future150 Camp Houston All Star Sunday
Jr.Future150 Camp Houston All Star Sunday
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Houston, TX (Future150) -- All-Star Sunday continued at the Jr. Future150 Camp in Houston, where some of the top young players took the stage in the All-Star games.

The most obvious candidates were from the younger classes, which might come to many as a surprise. Not to George Wilkerson, Lamont Berzat and Josh Campbell.  Checkout who else shined in the game.

George Wilkerson-(2017, PF) - Wilkerson is a super-long, wiry player with elite athleticism for his class.  Even though he is one of the younger kids in the class of 2017, he showed a lot of potential to become a high-major player. He is an elite rebounder and shot-blocker.  He proved that he can score with the mid-range jumper from 12 feet with no problem. He was definitely the No. 1 overall prospect in the camp and has a ton of upside.

Lamont Berzat-(2017, SG) - Lamont was the toughest kid at the camp.  He guarded every opponent's best player no matter height. On the offensive end, he got to the rim at will and finished very well in traffic, and he made the game a lot easier for his teammates by penetrating and kicking for open shots. He can score on all three levels and is most effective in transition.  Look for him to make his debut in the national rankings at the next update.

Josh Campbell-(2016, SF) - The first thing that stood out about Josh was his frame.  He was lengthy with a nice skill-set and did everything on the court well.  His greatest asset was his mid-range jumper that he displayed time and time again. Campbell is a great rebounder on both ends and would take it the full length of the court and either finish or kick the rock to a teammate.  Overall, you can see why he has the game to be a major factor for years to come.

Dillon Young-(2016, SG) -The 5-foot-8 shooting guard showed his range and consistency from the three-point line all weekend. He showed the ability to shoot off the dribble and catch and shoot.  Young also moved well without the ball, which made him an easy target for his team while driving and kicking.  To cap off a great shooting display this weekend, he was also the champion of the three-point shooting contest.

Noah Thomas-(2018, SG) - Thomas is a long, athletic guard that is a crafty scorer.  He shoots the ball extremely well from the three-point line and gets out on the break and runs the floor for easy baskets.  He was Mr. Versatlity due to no matter what his team needed, he did.  He can play the 1 to 3 on floor and is a great rebounder from the wing position.  Noah had a great showing this weekend as one of the more consistent campers in each game.

Joshua Williams-(2017, SG) - Williams is a streaky shooter, but when he gets hot, you better watch out.  He put on a shooting display in the 3-on-3 championship game, knocking down two three-pointers from beyond 22 feet to win the tournament.  He also knows how to use a ball screen to his advantage and always seemed to make the right play.

Brandon Herrera-(2016, PG) - Herrera had a solid showing the whole weekend, as he was a leader and always ran the show for his team.  Brandon used his quickness to breakdown opponents to get to the rim and also used that same quickness to be a lockdown defender.  Good player, even better attitude.

Maxwell Evans-(2017, CG) - Evans is a player who can play both guard positions on the floor.  He is probably better suited to play the SG position due to knock down shot making ability.  Shows good court vision and under stands how to play the game the right way.  One of the best 3-point shooters in the class, this guard is going to be special as he gets quicker and stronger.

Taj Simmons-(2017, PG) - Simmons had a lot of flash and flare to his game, but he always got the job done.  He made every player on his team better and played solid defense all weekend.  Taj has elite ball-handling skills and used them to get by defenders at will and finish acrobatic lay ups.

Shedrick Smith III-(2017, SG) - Shedrick is just a scorer, plain and simple.  He always finds a way to put the ball in the hole, whether its from shooting three-pointers from 24 feet or getting to the rim.  He was one of the more offensive-minded campers that you could not stop from getting points.  He also played very hard and created easy points for himself by playing good defense.

Kenneth Moore-(2017, SF) - Moore showed his athleticism all weekend, whether it was rebounding over bigger defenders, blocking shots, or getting out and running on the break. He was the best finisher at the rim and can take contact while doing it.  He also played very hard on both ends of the floor and was one of the only players who loved to get after it on defense.

Justin Harris-(2017, PF) - At 6-foot-3 and 170-pounds, Harris has a nice frame that allows him to be a force down low.  He also has a solid set of post moves to go along with his size that makes him hard to guard down low. He might have been the top overall rebounder in the camp, which was clearly evident on the offensive glass.  As he stretches his range on his shot, the sky is the limit for this face up 4-man.

Jordan Kleinecke- (2016, SG)- Kleinecke has a strong body and a motor that never stops.  He played hard in ever drill, 3 on 3 and in the game setting.  He's a good rebounder from the guard position while he posses a knack for making the right play.  He proved he can make the mid range jumper and as he increases his range look out.


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