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Cream Starting to Rise to the Top at the Super 60
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (10:57 PM CT, Fri July 27, 2012)
2017 Memphis WarEagles & 2018 New Orleans Revolution Adv
2017 Memphis WarEagles & 2018 New Orleans Revolution Adv
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

New Orleans, LA (Future150) -- Future150 was back to business on Day 3 of the Primetime Super 60 Tournament -- and the cream was rising to the top.  Pool play was over and some of the top teams were making their push for the Final 4 on Monday.  Let's take a look at some of the top performers during Sunday's play.

Blake Williams-(2017-Memphis War Eagles) A 5-foot-8 inch terror on the court. He proved today that he is pretty much unstoppable.  He showed he can run a team, as well as score when he wants.  He has an uncanny ability to score at the rim despite his size.  Williams has great court vision and plays with a defensive intensity that was unmatched on Sunday.

DJ Heath-(2017-ATL Rockafellas) The 5-foot-11 inch point guard  might just be one of the top point guards in the class.  He can score at will and showcased it against one of the top teams in the country today. He showed some elite ball handling skills go along with a mid-range game that is well beyond his years. Heath gets better everytime we see him play.

Josh Okogie-(2017-GA Spartans) A 6-foot-2 inch power forward who has a great body and showed good athleticism when rebounding.  He averaged 20 points and 12 rebounds throughout the tournament.  He is definitely a force to be dealt with on both ends of the floor.

Chase Hayden-(2017-Memphis WarEagles) The 5-foot-6 inch shooting guard was scoring at will today.  He has a great first step off the dribble and can get to the rim with ease.  He is a great on ball defender that hounds his opponents to the point they really don't want the ball.  As the son of the coach, you can tell he just knows how to play the game the right way.

Greg Williams-(2018-New Orleans Revolution) A 6-foot-1 inch small forward who can play all five positions on the floor.  He played harder than any player we saw today, or any day for that matter.  He is great on-ball defender and showed some elite ball-handling when dishing the rock to his teammates.  He can score from all 3 levels.

Jalen Banks-(2018-New Orleans Revolution) The 5-foot-11 inch small forward who likes to get his teammates involved is a great rebounder who loves attacking the offensive glass.  He is extremely disruptive on the press and caused four turnovers in five possessions at one point in today's game.  He can score at will on the break.  Look for big things from him the rest of the summer.

Reggie Crawford-(2017- AI 9) The 6-foot-2 inch power forward has a big-time body and gets every rebound on the defensive end.  He scores with a variety of moves that range from the drop-step to the mid-range jumper.  He showed that he can play all positions on the floor, if necessary.  Crawford has averaged a double-double in the tournament.

Chance Melton-(2017-Kentucky Elite) A 6-foot-3 inch power forward who can do it all.  He is extremely fundamental and knows how to play the game the right way. He does all the small things to help his team win.  One of his best traits is his ability to score from both inside and out.

Eden Holt-(2018-Rytes Warriors) A 4-foot-8 inch energizer bunny who never stops playing hard.  Don't let his size fool you. He can flat-out score the rock.  He showed he can score on all 3 levels and his best shot is the running floater. You can tell he's the son of a coach. When the ball is in his hands, he makes all the right decisions.

Jalen Redmond-(2018-OKC United) A 6-foot power forward who proved to be the most valuable player on his team, in the game we saw, doing everything from scoring to rebounding.  His relentless style of play made him stand out.  Once his skill grows into his size look for him to make a significant jump.

Joseph Bush IV-(2018-916 Select) A 6-foot-3 inch blessing from nature with his size and body for a player his age. At 185 lbs, Bush was clearly a force on both ends of the floor.  As his skills continue to develop there is nowhere for him to go but up in the national rankings. He was clearly one of the top prospects in his age group that we saw all weekend long.

Tyler Rogers-(2018-Rytes Warriors) A 6-foot-1 inch power forward who was pretty much was unstoppable on the offensive end of the floor.  He has a good body to go along with a high basketball IQ.  When asked what he is working on this summer, Rogers answered "Ball handling, my 3-point shot and my overall game." Rogers was definitely one of the top players we saw today.


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Zaria Bush / Guest

My son Joseph Bush IV (6th grader) have really enjoyed competing in the Primetime Hoop 60 New Orleans tournament this weekend for Memorial Day 2012. Also, we are looking forward for other high scale competitive tournaments as well. I want to thank all the parents that attended this tournament and did not

Posted: 4:52 PM UTC, Mon May 28, 2012
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Zaria Bush / Guest

Continue: voice negative comments about the 6th graders that were 6’0 and taller. I really appreciate the POSITIVE atmosphere my child was exposed to this weekend. Thanks.

“We as parents will always put the children First”.

Posted: 4:58 PM UTC, Mon May 28, 2012

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