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King James Southern Exposure Recap
by Ricky Wilson, Future150 (12:19 PM CT, Thu April 16, 2015)
2020 PG Jawan Carpenter at the King James Southern Exposure
2020 PG Jawan Carpenter at the King James Southern Exposure
Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson:

Jr.Future150 GM/Sr.Analyst. Covering middle school basketball nationally.

Nashville, TN (Future150) -- The usual suspects:

The #1 player in the class of 2019 Tyger Campbell was business as usual.  Although playing two age groups up he still showed why he was deserving of the accolades.  He has a poised demeanor, not in a non-chalant way, but in a I work too hard to let you stop me way.  The closer the game got the better he got.  He has the whole Tyus Jones feel to his game with his ability to score big numbers and also get teammates involved.  The fact that he was playing 16U competition though his respective competition is 14U and he was still the best player on the floor each game says a lot.  If someone is going to take his spot it will be hard.

Jordan Mitchell, 2019 PG, King James:  Finally got a chance to see the transition from 6-foot-4 SF to a 6-foot-6 PG and I was amazed.  He used his body to keep little guards at a distance and had enough quickness to get by bigger players.  His vantage point made him a very good and on-point passer.  I was impressed with it and can’t wait to see it as he develops more as a lead guard.

Calvin Temple, 2019 PG, WACG:  Simply shot the cover off the ball all weekend.  He’s definitely one of the best shooters in the class.  WACG has an all-star line-up that’s starting to gel.  You can tell Tyger and Calvin’s chemistry is getting better the way Tyger was finding his backcourt mate for open 3’s

Cameron Byers, 2020 PF, WACG:  Big man with soft touch imposed his will this weekend.  He also showed the ability to hit the mid-range shot with his improved stroke.  Nothing has changed he’s still a monster on the boards.

Paul Stramaglia, 2020 PG, AL Dream Team Xpress:  Paul had a solid weekend.  He is just a skilled guard who always make the correct play.  He stepped it up a little against the champions WACG with their all-star roster.  Paul used his above average IQ and ball-handling skill to beat the press and create scoring opportunities.  I’ve seen him a lot but this game definitely showed that he could play at the elite level in the class of 2020.

Zion Harmon, 2021 PG, WACG:  Arguably one of the top players in his class of 2021, he played with the 2020 class this weekend and didn’t miss a beat.  He has unlimited range and high IQ.  Doesn’t play with the ball a lot and waste dribbles, when he put it on the floor he’s going to make something happen.

Toneari Lane, 2020 SF, EOTO:  Coming off a stunning performance at the Future150 Easter Classic, Toneari kept the momentum coming into the King James event with his efficient scoring and dominant rebounding.  He always steps up in big games.

Juwan Carpenter, 2020 PG, WACG:  Juwan is a high energy guy that can change a game on defense.  Been hearing his name for a while and finally got a chance to watch him in action.  He’s one of the few kids that I’ve seen that actually enjoys playing defense and he thrives off of it.  He also shot the ball extremely well and knows how and when to get others involved.

Jordan Johnson, 2020 PG, EOTO: against NYBA Jordan scored the last 10 points in crunch time to seal the game.  They just spread the floor and let him work.  He had the ball on a string and got to the rim and made big time plays to finish the game.

Other Standouts:

Amere Royster, 2019 C, King James Ohio Varsity:  6-foot-6 with a big frame that he used to dominate the boards.  He has the potential to be a very good prospect.  We will be keeping up with his progress

Ethan Kilgore, 2019 SG, Puma:  Nic showed off a high level offensive skill set.  He’s a big guard that can score on all three levels.  Everything he does translates and you can see him being a 6-foot-6 wing that can do it all.

Nic Zeil, 2019 SG, Puma:  Nic is a little different from his teammate Ethan.  Nic is more athletic and handled the ball more.  He can get out in transition and finish with contact.  He has all the intangibles that lead to wins.

Roman Wilson, 2019 PF, Puma:  Though he’s raw as a scorer he passed the ball very well within the offense from the high post position.  The potential is there and not only is he a 6-foot-7 eighth-grader, but he’s very long. 

Evan Carter, 2020 SG, AL Dream Team Xpress:  The lefty shot the ball well all weekend.  He doesn’t need much room and can stroke it from deep.  He moved well without the ball and made himself available. 

Willie Screws, 2020 SG/SF, AL Dream Team Xpress:  He has a body that will intimidate most kids in his class.  Not really skilled but he get the job done.  The 6-foot-1, 185lbs, athlete doesn’t really have a position he just play hard at them all.  He scored the ball any and every way possible.  With proper skill work the sky is the limit for this kid.

Michael McClary, 2019 SG, TN Wildboys:  Michael is a volume shooter that can get hot in a hurry.  He has a shooters mentality and he always has the confidence that the next one will go in. 

Chris Moore, 2020 PF, WACG:  One of the biggest surprises of the weekend was Chris.  He’s a dominant force that has a rare mixture of talent and hustle.  Even though he’s already better than most kids his age he still plays harder than his opponent.  Any rebound in his vicinity he’s grabbing and can handle the ball decent enough to start the break by dribbling.  Chris finished anything around the rim whether he had people hanging on to him or not.  Chris had a big weekend for the Champions of the 13U division WACG.

Avishai Lowery, 2020 PG, NYBA:  Avishai has a smooth pace to his game that is hard to speed up.  He got to the rim and either finished the play or got fouled.  Also showed that he has to be guarded out to the three-point line or he can hurt you from there as well. 

Rashaun Richardson, 2020 SF, NYBA:  He did it all for his team.  He scored, rebounded, and played defense.  He has good size at his position and he’s versatile enough to play the 2,3, and 4. 

Keyshawn Hughes, 2020 G, NYBA:  He used his strength and size to get to the rim and cause trouble for opposing teams.  He finished well in traffic and has the ability to get opposing teams in foul trouble with the pressure he put on the defense with his ability to get to the rim.


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