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Kel Stotts Is Motivated
by Tyler Mounce, Future150 (10:53 PM CT, Sun August 26, 2012)
2017 Kel Stotts is a strong and talented point guard.
2017 Kel Stotts is a strong and talented point guard.
Tyler Mounce
Tyler Mounce:

Future150 Camp Reporter. Providing insight into Future150 Camp players.

Columbia, KY (Future150) -- Most young basketball players rely solely on their current talents, but some strive harder than others to become better on a daily basis.

Kel Stotts (Class of 2017, Adair County Middle School/ Kentucky Elite) a recent Nashville Jr. Future150 Camp Alum is a kid that is personally motivated to be the best he can be on the court.

He is a 5-foot-11 shooting guard who does a good job at scoring the ball. 

Stotts has an accurate three point shot, that goes in quite consistently.  He also has a solid mid-range jumper, plus has the ability to take his defender off the dribble and finish strong at the hoop.

Knowing what he does well also provides Stotts the authority to say what makes him standout as a player on and off the court.

“I am very team oriented, plus have a strong desire to win,” he explained.  “I also have a real positive work ethic on the court and in the classroom.”

Putting in the work on and off the court is what is going to help Stotts in the future.

“My plan is to continue improving my ball-handling, footwork, and quickness,” Stotts mentioned.  “I plan to work on those skills by putting in practice every day for multiple hours and attending as many camps as I can over the next couple of years.”

Last season Stotts was able to play on the high school freshman, JV, and Varsity team; playing very well on each squad.  He was able to score 20 ppg on the freshman team, 15 ppg on JV, and 9 ppg as the 6th man on the varsity team. 

All the work last season was completed by this Stotts and he was only in the 7th grade.  That is very impressive for such a young ball player.

Being that good of a player may allow him to achieve his goal one day of attending the best college in nation and it’s happens to not be too far from home.

“I like the University of Kentucky, because of their playing style and I really enjoy the way Coach John Calipari coaches his players, Stotts provided. “Also since I live in Kentucky, it would be nice to stay close to my hometown.”

There are several year to go before college comes, but Stotts plan on working hard all the time and knows that will get him where he wants to be one day.

“I am a hard worker, hungry, and humble in life, which all makes me dedicated to succeed.”


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