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Jordan Harris's Hard Work Translates To Offers
by Tyler Mounce, Future150 (12:23 PM CT, Wed September 5, 2012)
2016 SG Jordan Harris is being rewarded for his hard work.
2016 SG Jordan Harris is being rewarded for his hard work.
Tyler Mounce
Tyler Mounce:

Future150 Camp Reporter. Providing insight into Future150 Camp players.

Iron City, GA (Future150) -- Jordan Harris out of Iron City, Georgia is a super talented shooting guard that has seen his stock rise fairly high of late. 

He is a taller guard standing at 6-foot-3 that has great ball handling skills.   He utilizes a really nice crossover and hesitation dribble to go around his defender, then find his so called “sweet spot” on the floor. 

Something else this young player does well is rebounding; he fights down low with the bigger stronger players, but somehow ends up with the ball.  He has a knack for finding the ball, plus wanting it in his hand during clutch times.

The ability to shoot the ball is there as well.  He can drain the mid-range shot and the three with great consistency. 

I guess you can Harris a legit triple threat player on the floor.
With the way his body is built and the current talents he possesses,
Harris told me that he compares himself to Oklahoma Thunder All-star Kevin Durant.

“Kevin Durant is the guy that I compare myself too, because we both have a long wiry frame and we are strong leaders on the court,” he presented.  “We both score on all levels and on defense we will surprise you with some shocking blocks.”

Harris was a member of the inaugural Jr. Future150 camp in Nashville, Tennessee.  He really showed out at the camp and ended up making the Top 20 game.

Since the camp, Harris has really gotten a lot of attention from some major institutions around the nation. 

“I have been fortunate enough to receive interest from the University of Tennessee, Alabama, Clemson, UNC Greensboro, and George Mason,” Harris provided.  “George Mason decided to extend their interest a little further by offering me a scholarship, my first one thus far.”

The early interest has made Harris very happy, but he knows that continuing to work hard will help him draw more interest from many more colleges.

“I am using my first offer as motivation, because I just want to continue having big schools come after me and I want to achieve all my dreams,” Harris explained.

To keep improving his overall game, Harris has plans to attend several camps in the future that he knows will help raise his game to the next level and provide him full exposure.

“In the future I have a vision that I would like to go to the NBA Combine Camp, NBPA Top 100 Camp, Elite Hoop Showcase, and the Future150 National Camp,” he listed.

All of his goals are high, but if you work as hard as he does, then you would have high aspirations yourself.

“I feel as if I put in the work on the court and in the classroom, then there is no way I will fail.”


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TeamJharr / Guest

Jordan is truly a remarkable player but is definitely a better person. Harris is a humble individual who puts in hours of dedication. It wont be long before everybody else realize the obivious, which is this guy is the real deal.

Posted: 10:29 PM UTC, Wed September 5, 2012
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hoop dream / Guest

I love this guys game. Hands down the smoothest player i have seen in a while. I cant wait to see him next summer.

#Monster Game

Posted: 11:41 PM UTC, Wed September 5, 2012
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kel / Guest

Nice article. Very well put “super talented guard”, i couldnt agree more.

Posted: 12:43 AM UTC, Thu September 6, 2012
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MC / Guest


Posted: 4:01 PM UTC, Sun September 9, 2012
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kez king / Guest

My lil bruh always work hard that’s all he do every day.

Posted: 2:36 AM UTC, Mon September 10, 2012

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