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Elite24 All-American Camp: MVP John Butler Leads 2021 Stars
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (8:06 PM CT, Sat August 12, 2017)
2021 PF John Butler take home Elite 24 MVP Honors.
2021 PF John Butler take home Elite 24 MVP Honors.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- The 2017 Elite24 All-American Camp looked like our most loaded middle school camp in the history of Future150, and South Carolina prospect John Butler led a loaded field of all-star selections. Who impressed us this past weekend? Meet the class of 2021!

John Butler, 2021 Post, South Carolina: It was a huge weekend for the 6'10" post prospect, who not only showed the most upside of any camper in attendance, but had production to match, being named Elite24 All-American Camp MVP! He was incredible defensively, blocking shots at a high rate, and showed some offensive skill as well, even stepping out to the three-point line with regularity. With added muscle and continued growth offensively, he's the type of blueblood prospect who will start really garnering attention from high-major schools this coming school year. 

Trinity Bell, 2021 Post, Alabama: We may have seen the next great big man to emerge from the state of Alabama in the 6'7" post. He was one of the most explosive prospects at the camp, repeatedly trying to hammer home dunks on defenders. Due to his size and strength, he was able to bully people around the rim and showed excellent finishing skills. He plays with a high motor on both ends, taking no plays off on defense either, and sports a 6'8" wingspan with size 15 sneakers. The best is yet to come for the Albertville High School prospect, who may see a future trajectory similar to former Albertville High star & current Alabama forward Riley Norris.

Isaiah Barnes, 2021 Guard, Illinois: There's a lot to like about the jumbo guard/wing prospect, who looks like one of the best prospects right now in his class in the Midwest region. He measured in at 6'5" at camp and is able to play multiple positions on the floor, including a point-forward role. He's got solid ball skills and is smooth when attacking the rim. What surprised us some is his athleticism, with multiple dunk attempts when challenging defenders near or at the rim. With continued improvements on both ends, he should be one of the rising stars in the region over the next few years.

Camden Easley, 2021 Post, Florida: The big man hailing from Orlando continues to make strides in his game. Right now, his biggest strength is his defensive ability, using his 6'10" wingspan to block and alter shots at an impressive rate. Standing just shy of 6'8", his growth trend continues. He's springy off the floor and is starting to really play above the rim. Currently, he's a rim-running post prospect, but we expect him to really start putting together his offensive skills over the next year, making him one of the elite young forwards in the state of Florida right now. 

Camaron Tongue, 2021 Post, Massachusetts: One of the most versatile prospects in attendance last weekend was the 6'6" forward, who was a monster on the defensive end, thanks to his impressive 6'8" wingspan. On the offensive end, he showed that he can finish well around the rim and even got hot multiple times from behind the 3-point line. Another thing that we really enjoyed about him is that he can tend to play with a mean streak on the floor when he feels threatened, which really brought out his competitive nature when he had big matchups against the other elite big men in the camp. One of the best prospects in the Northeast region right now!

Austin Lewis, 2021 Guard, Florida: One of the most skilled prospects at the camp was the 6'1" scorer. In particular, he has an excellent mid-range game and works well off-the-dribble. Sporting an impressive 6'5" wingspan with size 15 feet, we won't be surprised to see him sprout a few more inches in the coming year. Heading to Bishop Snyder (FL) in Jacksonville, he is one of the most impressive prospects in North Florida right now. His ability to get to the rim should not be undervalued, as he uses his length and smoothness to finish plays regularly at the rim. 

Casey Simmons, 2021 Guard, Massachusetts: One of the prospects we are most excited about going forward is the lanky 6'4" wing. He has all the tools to become a promising point-forward type player at the high school level and beyond. He's a smooth scorer who can get baskets on all three levels. He's got some nice length to him, sporting a 6'5" wingspan, and looks like he has more growth left in his frame. Ideally, he ends up playing on the wing but is trusted as a secondary ball-handler who makes plays from both guard spots thanks to his versatility and natural scoring instincts. In the Northeast region, he's one of the special young talents.

Jourdain Dishmond, 2021 Post, Louisiana: A standout at both our Future150 Birmingham Main Event & our Future150 Northeast Main Event Tournaments, the 6'7", 210-pound big man continues to show advancements in his game since May. A bruising lefty big man on the block, his bread & butter is his ability to score around the rim. He has a pretty jump hook from over his left shoulder, but he also impressed us in drill stations, showing some nice mechanics and fluidity during perimeter drills stations. While he's definitely not a guard, at the very least he'll be a promising stretch-four at the high school and college level. 

Tyler Rice, 2021 Guard, South Carolina: The 5'11" point man saved his best for last at camp, showing out in the Elite24 All-Star Game for the second year in a row. He shined bright in the drill stations at camp, showing off an advanced skill set and impressive ball skills. When he's not asked to score too much and to just lead his offense with talented pieces around him, he's one of the best point guards in the Southeast. When necessary, he can also knock down open perimeter shots and score near the rim. Overall, another good weekend for the Columbia prospect.

Michael James, 2021 Wing, Florida: Speaking from strictly a measurement standpoint, the Orlando prospect was one of standouts of the camp. Measuring in at a muscular 6'4", 190-pounds with a 6'7" wingspan and a 8'4" standing reach and impressive vertical leap, it's easy to like him on paper. However, he's also much more than that. He's a highly productive slasher who can get to the rim with ease, where he finishes at a high rate thanks to his upper-body strength. His jumper still needs considerable work, but that's a very fixable facet of his game. We're excited about his bright future, and he should be too.

Trevon Ragland, 2021 Guard, Alabama: Ragland showed flashes off dominance on both sides of the floor during the weekend. He is capable of scoring from all three levels, and has no problem with playing/finishing above the rim. He has the potential to be a great lock down defender, and a no-brainer DI prospect once his high school career comes to a wrap. 

Lawson Lovering, 2021 Post, Wyoming: It's not very often that you hear about a potential division one basketball talent from Wyoming, but the 6'7" post certainly looks like that's going to be his path. If his size 17 sneaker is any indication, it's easy to imagine him getting in the area of 6'9"-6'10" when all is said and done. He also posted one of the more impressive standing reaches during our combine measurements, reaching 8'8". As far as skills go, he's got soft hands and finishes well around the rim. He needs to get stronger, but he has all the tools to be the best prospect from Wyoming in years.

Tariq Eubanks, 2021 Guard, New York: In terms of open floor speed, the 5'8" point guard was near the top of our list at the camp. He loves to push the tempo in transition and thrives on playing physical on both ends of the floor. He's a fearless point guard prospect, and when his jumper is on, he takes his game to the next level. In drill sessions, his ball skills and competitiveness really shined through. Expect him to immediately be one of the best point guards in the Buffalo region as a freshman. 

Justin Taylor, 2021 Guard, North Carolina: We're excited about the high school and college career that the 6'0" point guard is set to have over the coming years. He was one of the more impressive defenders at the camp, and as the games rolled on, his offensive game really came on. He's able to get to the rim with relative ease, but can also get hot from the perimeter as well. His 6'3" wingspan will continue to benefit him defensively, as he's a pest in passing lanes regularly. 

Demari Williams, 2021 Guard, Texas: An excellent 'sleeper' prospect for a few years down the road, the 6'0" point guard has some good tools to work with. A smooth playmaker and owner of a 6'4" wingspan, he's clearly far from a finished product. He's a little too relaxed at times, but there's no denying his natural talent. As he grows and his jump shot improves, he projects as one of the best up-and-coming guards in the Houston area.

Taje Kelly, 2021 Post, Georgia: After standing out in front of our staff at 8th Grade Nationals in Orlando last month, the 6'6" post earned his invite to Elite24 All-American Camp. He had an excellent weekend in Atlanta, scoring around the rim and defending hard against the crop of talented post prospects. He needs to improve his footwork and his post moves, but for his size and age, he certainly has a good set of skills at his disposal, and should be monitored early in his high school career.

Noah Harris, 2021 Guard, New Jersey: A high-volume scoring guard from Rutgers Prep (NJ), it was another impressive effort in a year full of them. While he certainly has no trouble running his team as the primary ball-handler, he takes his game to another level when he starts to feel it from the 3-point line. In turn, it opens up his game allowing him to penetrate to the rim to create scoring chances at the rim or for dump-offs for his big men near the tin. As he starts his high school career, he's one of the premier young guards in the state in his class.

Tysean Dawson, 2021 Guard, South Carolina: An impressive downhill attacker, the strong 6-footer thrives on penetration opportunities, whether it be in the half-court or in transition. Defensively, not only does he disrupt his man with his physicality, but his lateral quickness is a plus and he loves to get in passing lanes. The missing piece right now for him is a consistent jump shot, but in terms of options, it looks like football is another division one opportunity for him down the line.

Jordan Boston, 2021 Guard, Louisiana: A strong and athletic point guard prospect, the 6-foot New Orleans product is super smooth when attacking the rim. He's also excellent when working in a transition setting and takes pride in playing tough on-ball defense. He still needs to continue to hone his jump shot, but as far as playmaking and scoring on peneration, he's very good. Look for a big freshman season as he ramps up his game for the high school level.

DaVeon Thomas, 2021 Guard, South Carolina: One of the most underrated scoring guards in the Southeast region, the 6-foot combo is capable of filling it up in the scoring column. He's a very talented slasher who is beginning to play above the rim. He can get hot from the perimeter as well, and he loves to defend. He plays with the type of intensity you look for in a basketball player, and he continues to improve every time we see him. Don't be surprised if he really explodes next AAU season.

Kaeden Laws, 2021 Wing, Tennessee: Mr. Production throughout the weekend, the 6'4" forward was one of the toughest campers in attendance. He's relentless around the rim and has a natural nose for the basketball. He's an above-average rebounder, and routinely retrieved rebounds over big men 2-3 inches bigger than him, thanks to his motor and 6'7" wingspan. We expect him to start sliding over to the wing as he continues his development at the high school level, so stay tuned!

Evan Flaks, 2021 Guard, Maryland: The shifty 5'8" point guard came into the camp under-the-radar, mostly because of the sheer size of the other campers. And he used that to his advantage, as he came out on fire in game play. He earned his invite earlier this winter with his ball skills and scoring ability, and he showed exactly that in Atlanta. He was a constant threat from behind the three-point line and is a very fun playmaker with excellent court vision and instincts. 

Gus Etchison, 2021 Guard, Indiana: Every year we have a few prospects who come out of nowhere and make a lasting impression on our staff at the camp. This year, it was the 5'8" point guard. Equipped with fantastic ball skills and a knack for making flashy passes, he was definitely one of the crowd favorites at the camp. He's got good burst when getting to the rim and is a skilled perimeter shooter as well. He first caught our eye in drill stations with his high skill level. 

Tommy Sweat, 2021 Guard, Tennessee: The Knoxville product impressed our staff with his perimeter shooting display that he put on in Atlanta over the weekend. Since May when we last evaluated him, he's grown from 6'1" to just a shade under 6'3" and has improved his ball skills in the process. While he clearly needs to work on his lateral quickness and ball skills, he did show the ability to handle the basketball from the lead guard spot at camp. Right now, his best work is done from outside the 3-point line, when if left open, he's a walking bucket.

Jalen Breazeale, 2021 Guard, South Carolina: Breazeale was a pleasant surprise at camp, showing off his elite scoring abiltiies along with crafty handles and fantastic court vision. A true combo guard, he got the job done while playing either position. As he continues to get stronger and improve his offense, he has a chance to be a very dominant guard. 

Tyus Johnson, 2021 Guard, South Carolina: Johnson was shooting lights out during 5-on-5 play, and led his team in scoring plenty of times over the course of the weekend. He has great strength as a rising freshman, and has no problems with playing and finishing through contact when slashing to the basket. The South Carolina class of 2021 is shaping up to be a very deep one, and Johnson looks to be an integral part of it. 

Elite24 Class of 2021 Camp Rankings:

1.) John Butler
2.) Camden Easley
3.) Trinity Bell
4.) Camaron Tongue
5.) Michael James
6.) Jourdain Dishmond
7.) Isaiah Barnes
8.) Casey Simmons
9.) Tyler Rice
10.) Lawson Lovering
11.) Austin Lewis
12.) Trevon Ragland
13.) DaVeon Thomas
14.) Justin Taylor
15.) Jordan Boston
16.) Noah Harris
17.) Kaeden Laws
18.) Tysean Dawson
19.) Jalen Breazeale
20.) Tariq Eubanks
21.) Demari Williams
22.) Tommy Sweat
23.) Taje Kelly
24.) Gus Etchison
24.) Evan Flaks
25.) Tyus Johnson



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