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Incoming Freshmen Make Names at Fab Frosh Camp
by Garrett Tucker, Future150 (11:03 PM CT, Fri July 27, 2012)
2016 Adrian Moore, Christian Turner and Seth Towns
2016 Adrian Moore, Christian Turner and Seth Towns
Garrett Tucker
Garrett Tucker:

Future150 Southeast Analyst. Covering high school basketball across the Southeast.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- The Fab Frosh Camp consolidated some of the top players in the country this past weekend at Suwanee Sports Academy.

As expected, big name players continued to show their worth throughout the camp; however, no-name players emerged, too.

Here is Future150's coverage from Saturday at the Fab Frosh Camp.

Bam Bam Adebayo: (C-Jackson, NC) Get used to seeing this great name in the write-ups. Adebayo is very raw offensively, but he is a very intriguing specimen out of North Carolina. He can consistently block and alter shots, and he rebounds at a very high rate, too. The 6-foot-8 big man led the camp in blocked shots throughout the weekend. His most impressive asset may be the ability to run the floor. His athleticism and potential are off the charts, let’s just hope he brings everything together.

Darnell Rogers: (PG-Fort Mill, SC) When you think of elite point guards. you don't think of a 5-foot-1 player. After this past weekend, I would beg to differ.  Rogers was basically unstoppable using his ball-handling skills and super-sonic speed to get anywhere on the floor.  He scored 36 points in one game against the top overall defender in the camp Rakym Felder.  Rogers led his team to a 7-1 record in the 5-on-5 play.  He is definitely one our favorites from the weekend.

Jashaun Agosto: (PG-Seattle, WA) This YouTube sensation did not disappoint this camp, either. Agosto, who has been a household name since he was 11, showed great handles and passing. While he is small, he showed he knows how to compete with other players. The 5-foot-5 point guard created things in transition and also challenged bigs in the lane. He also shot the ball well. Overall, Agosto was very impressive.

Adrian Moore- (SG-Little Rock, AR) Moore is a super athletic shooting guard who might be one of the top overalll athletes in the classs.  His high flying dunks and finishing at the rim caught some of his fellow campers off guard.  He can flat out shoot the basketball as he knocked down several tre balls while dishing the rock to his teammates.  The thing we love about Moore no matter how good or bad he plays his effort is always the same which is at a high level always.  This alone sets him apart and why he is considered a top player in the class.

Ben Coupet, Jr.: (SF-Chicago, IL) Gordon spent a lot of the camp throwing alley-oops in transition to this young star who will attend Simeon. Coupet can play above the rim with his long arms and body, as he showed very consistently during the camp. He also drew many fouls in transition. Coupet has a nice shot going, but his three-point shooting could improve, as he noted.

Anthony Cowan: (PG-Olney, MD) Cowan is a super fast player who can guard both guard positions on the floor.  He showed great court vision and the ability to knock down the 3-point shot with consistency. He loves to compete and guard the floor 94 feet.  After it was all said and done he was a Top 5 PG in the camp.

Willie Jackson: (SF-Cleveland, OH) Jackson spent his weekend hanging on the rim, as he dunked ball after ball. He is arguably the most athletic kid that was in attendance and he puts it to good use. The 6-foot-6 wing can jump out of the gym, but he is also extremely active. His activity allowed him to get tons of rebounds on both offense and defense.

Seth Towns-(SF-Columbus, OH) Towns is a long wiry SF who can score in transition as well as in the half court.  He loves to shoot the mid range jumper and is an effective passer when creating for his teammates.  He rebounds well on both ends and never gives on plays.  Overall his tenacious style of play is what got him the All-Star game on Sunday.

Drake Davis: (SF-Baton Rouge, LA) Davis, along with Jackson, was another extremely athletic wing. Both are similar, as Davis was not afraid to dunk on his fellow campers either. Davis probably scored at a higher rate than Jackson, but they are very similar players early in their careers. Davis has an extremely high motor, and he will be noticed in the next few years.

Maxwell Omili: (C-Benton, AR)  Omili was a very talented scorer from the post at the camp. His teammates did a good job at giving him the ball, and the 6-foot-8 big man did not disappoint from down low. His long arms allowed him to shoot close-range shots without his shot being altered; they also allowed him to pull in several rebounds a game. Like the other prominent big men, he is very raw on the offensive end.

Nnamdi Collins: (PF-Benton, AR) Collins and Omili play together at McClellan High School in Arkansas, and both are at about the same point of their games. Collins is more raw to this point, but he has great athletic potential. He can block shots and run the floor very well. While he is 6-foot-7, some of the other post players weighed more than he did. However, he did not let that affect his game. He is a tough player that has a bright future once he rounds out his skills.

Alani Moore: (PG-Hyattsville, MD) There were several talented guards at the camp, but point guards really dominated the show. Moore, who will attend the prestigious DeMatha Catholic, has all the tools to be a productive point guard in the future. He showed the ability to run his team and be a leader. His ball-handling and passing were great, but he was possibly the best shooting point guard. Expect him to be a very popular name on the East Coast in a few years.

Bladrick Veal: (PG-Baton Rouge, LA) At 6-foot-5, Veal was stuck in the post most of the tournament. However, according to his AAU coach, the long athlete runs the point for his high school and AAU teams. Veal is very versatile, though, and can hold his own anywhere from the 1-3. He handles the ball very well for his size, but he will need to add some strength and weight to reach his full potential. Once that is accomplished, he will be a force to be reckoned with in the state of Louisiana.

Christian Turner- (PG-Atlanta, GA) Turner was one of the more consistent players from the PG position.  He made everyone around him better as well as taking advantage of open shots.  He scored well on the break and showed a great change of pace in his game.  He was one of the best on ball defenders in the camp. He is definitely a top PG in the class.

Austin Meyer: (Oklahoma City, OK) While most of the big men were raw at camp, Meyer showed some very nice moves in the post to prove he has a matured game. He wasn’t the most athletic or best player in attendance, but the 6-foot-7 big man was solid with what he did. Meyer was very controlled in the post while executing post moves, something that is rare for young players. He also showed he can extend his shooting to 15 feet.

Tim Hart: (SG-Dallas, TX) In an era where three-pointers and high flying dunks are popular, the majority of players have no mid-range game whatsoever. However, this young shooter was one of the only players that sowed he could shoot the ball from mid-range. Hart is very capable of shooting from the outside, but he also is aware of getting past the three-point line. For a player his age, that is very impressive.

Quentin Goodin: (SG-Louisville, KY) Goodin had a consistent camp throughout the weekend. He showed the ability to shoot from outside, as well as get inside the lane and finish at the rim. A Future150 camp alum, the Kentucky native played very well as a combo guard and has shown improvement. He showed off nice handles and also passed the ball very effectively. But Goodin’s shooting could get him to a lot of places in the future.


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