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Future150 Elite24 All-Stars: Meet the Class of 2021
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (6:53 PM CT, Wed August 10, 2016)
2021 Elite 24 All-Stars in Atlanta, GA
2021 Elite 24 All-Stars in Atlanta, GA
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- The Future150 Elite24 All-Star game is the culmination of an excellent weekend of basketball, featuring some of the premier 2021 prospects in the entire country. Without further ado, it's time to meet the national class of rising 8th graders.

Trey Alexander, 2021 SG, Oklahoma: After taking home Co-MVP honors at the camp, the 6'3" shooting guard has solidified his spot among the nations elite. He capped off a strong summer by showing off his sweet shooting stroke and ability to score on punishing drives as well. We expect him to continue to grow and improve as he becomes a targeted 8th grader by prospects who know how good he is.

Shannon Lowery, 2021 SF, Texas: Arguably the prospect with the highest upside in the entire camp, the 6'3" wing has all the physical tools to become a gifted wing prospect. Right now, he's dominant as a rebounder and defender while showing flashes of his ability to handle the basketball in the open floor. He also shows scoring ability on all three levels. He's a consistent jump shot away from becoming a serious talent.

Tyler Rice, 2021 PG, South Carolina: The stock of the South Carolina lead guard continues to rise after he brought home Co-MVP honors at Future150 Elite24 Camp. At 5'10", he plays with great pace, sees the floor phenomenally well, can facilitate & can score from all levels when necessary. His game continues to grow with each viewing, and you can expect him to continue to sprout and improve his skills, making him a big time prospect in his class.

Jordan Boston, 2021 PG, Louisiana: After sprouting up to 6'1", the athletic New Orleans prospect is starting to really hone in on improving his perimeter skills. He's an explosive slasher already, and he is beginning to understand how important it is to be a standout on-ball defender as well. If his jump shot continues to improve, there's no reason why he can't become one of the most sought-after prospects in the south in the 2021 class.

J.J. Harris, 2021 SG, Florida: The physically developed 6'3", 160-pound wing is an impressive prospect. Naturally, he's a terror on the offensive and defensive boards and he punished defenders when attacking the rim, where he finished at a high rate. While his jump shot is still a work in progress, he did knock down enough shots this past weekend to show that he can become a very talented wing in the future.

Jalen Brown, 2021 SG, Tennessee: A long and athletic 6'0" combo guard, the Memphis prospect projects as one of the best long-term prospects in the Southeast. He's a good ball-handler who knows how to navigate tight spaces using his slight frame and long limbs. At this stage, he' a standout slasher who is easily able to play both backcourt positions.

DaVeon Thomas, 2021 CG, South Carolina: A talented combo guard at 5'11", the strong and sturdily built prospect thrives as a punshing penetrator on the offensive end. His frame also allows for him to be a standout on-ball defender as well. While he certainly is a gifted scorer, his recent ball-handling improvements have allowed him to slide over to the point guard position with ease as well, making him an even harder matchup for defenses.

Donerio Davenport, 2021 SG, Texas: The 5'8" southpaw is a very good scorer. He can create for himself off-the-dribble or is effective when shooting from three-point range. He uses his strong frame to attack the rim and stands out on the defensive end in on-ball situations as well. The next step for him will be to continue to work on his ball-handling skills.

Dalante Shannon, 2021 PG, Oklahoma: One of the best pure point guards we've seen at his age level, the 5'11" assist man has fantastic court vision. He knows when to get his teammates the ball in good spots on the floor. He also plays with excellent pace and is capable of scoring as a slasher as well. Once his jump shot becomes more consistent, he's going to be a nightmare to defend.

Drew Carter, 2021 CG, Oregon: The 6'1" combo guard has such an advanced skill-set that you immediately imagine just how good he can become down the road. However you need him to score, he can get it done by using his ball skills, instincts and high IQ. As a lead guard, he has advanced vision and uses his frame to be a physical on-ball defender as well. Look for him to become one of the hot names on the West Coast this coming year.

Drew Crippen, 2021 SG, Texas: The long-term potential for the 6'2" wing is through-the-roof. He's a prospect who can play multiple positions on the floor, and he plays with a high motor. On defense, he loves to play physical on-ball defense and is dangerous as a shot-blocker as well. Expect a huge jump in his development over the next year.

Skyler Schmidt, 2021 PF, Ohio: A model of consistency at camp, the 6'5", 200-pound big man was a guaranteed double-double in each game. He's an excellent low block finisher and rebounds extremely well in his area. He plays physical on-ball defense and is very good at using his physical style to get the opposing posts in foul trouble.

Reece McMullen, 2021 SG, Tennessee: The 5'11" Memphis product has a very mature game. He is highly skilled for his age and can play multiple positions on the floor, including point guard, shooting guard & small forward. He's an aggressive defender and physical slashing wing who can accumulate points in a hurry. 

Emareyon McDonald, 2021 SG, Louisiana: The 5'10" wing is a shot-maker, plain and simple. At the camp, he showed that he can get hot in a hurry, and that he doesn't need much space in order to get a shot off. He knows how to move without the ball in his hands, and finds creases in the defense in order for his point guard to find him for open looks. One aspect of his game that is undervalued is his ball-handling ability.

Kennedy Chandler, 2021 PG, Tennessee: One of the rising talents in the city of Memphis is the 5'7" floor general headed to Briarcrest Christian (TN). Right now, his biggest strengths are his court vision and passing ability. He plays with a high IQ on the floor and knows how to make his teammates better. As he grows and matures, his scoring will improve, making him an even better long term prospect.

Tyler Montague, 2021 PG, Ohio: A shifty and skilled 5'6" point guard, Montague can play either backcourt position with ease. Because of his size, ball skills & court vision, he's probably more suited for the lead guard spot down the line, but his shooting and scoring ability makes him an intriguing wing as well. Regardless, his abilities make him a dangerous prospect, regardless of where he plays.

Jaden Winfield, 2021 CG, Missouri: A shifty ball-handler who knows how to operate in tight spaces, the 5'11" Chaminade (MO) prospect can play both the lead guard and shooting guard spots on the floor. At this stage in time, he's at his best as a slasher who can pick apart the defense with his passing skills.

Greg Johnson, 2021 PG, Ohio: The 5'8" floor general is a pure point guard. He knows what he is, and he plays to his strengths. He has very good vision in both the half-court and full-court settings, and he understands when he needs to take it upon himself to get a basket as well. As he grows and develops, expect him to become one of the better lead guards in the state of Ohio.

Harrison Kelly, 2021 SG, Tennessee: An extremely skilled wing prospect, the 5'11" Kelly had one of the best jumpers in the entire camp. He's nearly automatic when shooting from the perimeter, but that's not his only option on offense. He is capable of getting to the rim or creating for others as a lead guard as well when necessary. 

Madison Peaster, 2021 PG, Arkansas: A breakout star in the rising 8th grade class was the 6'1" lead guard. He has very good athleticism and was a terror in transition. He thrived as a slasher who knew how to finish against contact around the rim. He was also a physical on-ball defender who created several turnovers throughout the weekend.

Carlos Stewart, 2021 SF, Louisiana: The 5'6" wing was one of the most skilled prospects in the entire camp. Because of his skill set, he was able to shine on both the offensive and defensive end of the floor. He's a capable shooter, especially from mid-range, and uses his strong frame to finish on penetration opportunities as well.

Brookes Kahlert, 2021 PG, Georgia: While he won't wow you with his size, only standing 5'3", the Georgia prospect makes up for it with his advanced ball skills and uncanny court vision. He makes all the right plays on offense and is also a talented jump shooter with excellent mechanics. As he grows and develops, his game will too.

Cameren Hunter, 2021 CG, Arkansas: The strong southpaw can play either guard position, and can do it well. He's a quick kid who is explosive off-the-dribble, which really helps him get to the basket on penetration opportunities. What we like most about him at this stage is that he is an interchageable piece in the backcourt due to his skill level.

Eddie Buxton Jr., 2021 SG, Tennessee: The strong-bodied 5'8" guard was tough to handle when he was going downhill at the camp. When he has a head of steam going, it's almost a guarantee that he's going to finish around the rim. While his jump shot isn't very consistent, he still manged to knock down enough shots to keep the defense honest.


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