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Future150 Elite 24: 7th Grade All-Star Standouts
by Garrett Tucker, Future150 (10:38 PM CT, Tue August 6, 2013)
The Elite 24 All-Stars for the 2018 class.
The Elite 24 All-Stars for the 2018 class.
Garrett Tucker
Garrett Tucker:

Future150 Southeast Analyst. Covering high school basketball across the Southeast.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- The Elite 24 brought together some of the most talented rising 8th graders in the country over the weekend, and with tons of talented players (especially guards), the competition was tough.

Twenty-four players were selected to the all-star game on Sunday, where they showed they stuck out amongst the rest.

Here are some names that impressed the Future150 staff:

Andrew Taylor, 2018 CG: Kentucky was well-represented at the Elite 24, and Taylor did the state justice. The 6-foot combo guard was one of the most fundamental and exciting players to watch. He showed he can be a point guard with his high IQ of the game and his ability to get others involved. On the other hand, he also displayed a scoring ability, as he chose a soft touch around the rim and a nice shot.

Omar Kieta, 2018 C: At 6-foot-9, Kieta towered above most of his peers. The big man used that height difference to his advantage, as he scored 44 points in the 8th grade all-star game. He finished around the rim and dunked everything; the youngster also did a magnificent job of protecting the rim with his length and shot-blocking.

Malcolm Wade, 2018 PG: Wade was one of the smoothest players on the perimeter this weekend. He showcased a great ball-handling ability and a craftiness about his game. He did most of his damage around the rim, but he also showed off a nice mid-range floater. If he becomes more consistent with his shooting from outside, he could be one of the best guards in his class in the future.

Mika Adams-Woods, 2018 PG: The Syracuse native was one of the most impressive point guards to take the court, thus leading to his nod for the all-star game. Adams-Woods has a great feel for the game, as he found his teammates and set them up for easy baskets. He also showed he can score the ball when needed, either at the rim or from the perimeter.

Ladarius Marshall, 2018 SF: With his athleticism, Marshall was head-and-shoulders above the rest of the campers his age. The 6-foot-3 wing separated himself with his strength and jumping ability, as he punished the rim with dunk after dunk. He also did a nice job at finishing around the rim and getting easy buckets.

D’Angelo Knight, 2018 SF: With most forwards trying to showcase skills they didn’t have, Knight stuck to the basics and stuck out with his play. The 6-foot wing played very physical and noticed matchups that went to his advantage. He dominated smaller guards in the post, as well as bringing slower big men to the perimeter and blowing past them on the drive. He was very efficient with his play.

Cameron Phillips, 2018 SG: Phillips is the definition of a slasher at his age. The 5-foot-9 shooting guard consistently attacked the rim and finished layups, some with contact. He was also very productive in the open floor, where he beat many of his opponents with his dribble and moves. He may look to drive too much at times, but he is definitely a rewarding player with his style of play.

Jalen Williams, 2018 PG: It’s tough to find someone as solid as Williams, as he made all the plays consistently on the court. He was extremely quick in the open court and showed off some great vision with his game. He scored the ball, passed the ball, and handled the ball, along with playing solid defense. What more could you ask from a player?

Tony Johnson, 2018 SG: In an environment where most players look to excel offensively, Johnson took a different approach to sticking out amongst the players his age. The 6-foot guard has a great build and frame, and he used it to play great defense. He was arguably the best on-ball defender in his age group, as he made it difficult on several other players over the weekend.

Jamal Edmunson, 2018 PF: The 6-foot-3 forward was one of the most impressive low post prospects at the camp. The high-motor post has excellent footwork in the low block, as well as some nice post moves. His advanced skills with his left hand set him apart from other big men at the camp, and he dominated other big men with his variety of skills.

Qon Murphy, 2018 SF: One of the most physically impressive prospects at camp was the 6-foot-3 wing. His muscular frame and advanced skills on the floor made him look much older than the competition, and he dominated by rebounding, scoring, and showing uncanny court vision in transition. Excellent athlete who will be a scary prospect once he develops his jump shot.


1. Omar Kieta
2. Javonte Smart
3. Coulter Dotson
4. Ladarius Marshall
5. Mika Adams-Woods 
6. Braxton Holland
7. Jamal Edmundson
8. Qon Murphy
9. Dontre Sims
10. Willie Hill   
11. Andrew Taylor
12. Carlos Sandifer
13. Jalen Williams
14. Malcolm Wade
15. Ahmed Price
16. Braxton Winford
17. D'Angelo Knight
18. Tony Johnson
19. Cameron Phillips
20. Jaquell Moody
21. Michael Barber
22. Stephon Wynn
23. Zack Willis
24. Vernon Harrell


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Coach McCravy / Guest

Jammer Nation. 3 kids in the top 20. Awesome!!!
#7 Jamal Edmundson
#13 Jalen Williams
#17 D’Angelo Knight
Great job

Posted: 1:56 AM UTC, Thu August 8, 2013

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