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Future150 Atlanta Main Event: 14U Top Performers
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (7:44 PM CT, Thu April 10, 2014)
EOTO was crowned champions in the 14U bracket in Atlanta.
EOTO was crowned champions in the 14U bracket in Atlanta.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- EOTO won the 14U Atlanta Main Event Championship on Sunday afternoon with a 65-54 victory over Da House. Chase Ridenour scored 19 points in the championship game win, while 6-foot-5 shooting guard Robert Woodard scored 21 points in a losing effort. Ridenour is an attacking guard and was at his best when shooting the basketball throughout the weekend, while Woodard burst onto the scene and showed the promise of becoming a nationally ranked prospect over the next few years with his combination of size and skill.

Here are some other standouts from the weekend...

Ashton Taylor, 2019 CG, Memphis Disciples: The 5-foot-5 shooting guard showcased his scoring ability all weekend for the Disciples. In one game on Saturday against the Charleston Playmakers, he used his uptempo style and slashing ability to score 15 points in a victory.

Kereon Joyner, 2018 PG, Charleston Playmakers: The 6-foot-1 athlete has started to make a transition to the point guard spot, and has adjusted well so far. He is highly skilled using both hands and is very good when he is attacking the basket. While his turnovers are an issue right now, his development looks very promising. Solid overall weekend. When watched by our staff, he had game highs of 18 and 13 points.

Jerome Smith, 2018 SF, Atlanta Select-Red: The 5-foot-11 small forward showed an ability to be a scorer from the wing over the weekend, registering games of 15 points and 13 points. He is a physical forward who isn't afraid to mix it up on the inside and loves to get out on the fast break as well.

Derrick Craig, 2018 SG, Team Thad: Craig burst onto the scene Saturday morning with 27 points, all coming from behind the arch with nine 3-pointers. He consistently hit shots throughout the weekend, helping Team Thad make it to the semi-finals of the tournament. This lefty is a name to watch as time goes on.

Christopher Parks, 2018 PF, Georgia Stars DW: The muscular 6-foot-4 forward uses his frame to punish defenders on the low block, where he uses his body to score frequently. During the event, he had games of 14 and 13 points in front of our staff, and showed improved conditioning and mobility.

Renardo Cobb, 2018 PF, Charleston Playmakers: The high motor power forward was a recent addition for the South Carlina program, and he made his presence felt immediately. When he wasn't rebounding the ball on the both ends, he was finishing around the rim using his muscular frame. He had a game high of 15 points in one game, and had his free throw shooting been more consistent, he could have been a big scorer at the event.

Crawford Schwieger, 2018 SG, TNBC-Gold: The 5-foot-8 shooting guard is a high IQ scorer who is an assassin when shooting from the outside. He not only is a high percentage field-goal shooter, but an excellent free-throw shooter as well. Games of 22 points and 15 points were registered at the event in front of our staff.

Sydarius Stinson, 2018 SF, Atlanta Lightning: Stinson showed great promise, as well as production throughout the weekend. The 6-foot-1 wing was one of the best passers in his age group. His vision is second-to-none for his position and his unselfishness is exactly what a coach wants. He also was a problem for other teams with his size and speed. 

Coulter Dotson, 2018 SF, Team Thad: Each year, Dotson continues to improve on his game. This year, it looks like 6-foot-5 combo forward is working on making a full move to the 3. His ball-handling and slashing from the perimeter has improved. He still worked in the post, but his perimeter skills have definitely progressed since the fall. 

Joshua Archer, 2018 SG, Atlanta Lightning: One of the more crafty scorers in this age group was Archer. The 5-foot-8 shooting guard showed good instincts scoring the ball, whether it was ball-faking, playing off the dribble, or other circumstances. He was automatic from the mid-range shooting off the dribble.

Drue Drinnon, 2018 PG, Atlanta Celtics: Drinnon did a good job of balancing scoring and distributing throughout the weekend. He was one of the best passers in his age group and was incredibly unselfish. Drinnon is the type of player that a coach wants running his team, as he has a high basketball IQ and is incredibly coachable. 

Josh Vann, 2018 SG, Georgia Stars-MW: One of the top scorers in the age group, Vann got to the rim with ease and was able to finish through contact or around defenders. He has a knack of putting points up in a hurry and should develop into a lethal scorer down the line. 

Trey Fort, 2019 PG, Mississippi Bobcats: Fort was a do-it-all lead guard for his team all weekend. He handled the ball well and showed off an impressive stroke from deep. In addition, Fort has an ability to hit big shots when his team needs him to the most.

D.J. Brittian, 2018 PG, Atlanta Celtics: Brittian is a solid point guard who has great speed and is nearly impossible to keep out of the lane. He is able to create opportunities for his teammates with his ability to draw defenders off the bounce. Making him a solid distributor as well.


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