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#Elite24 Camp: Class of 2018 All-Star Selections
by Brian Flinn, Future150 (4:02 PM CT, Wed August 6, 2014)
2014 Elite24 All-Star Selections in Atlanta, GA.
2014 Elite24 All-Star Selections in Atlanta, GA.
Brian Flinn
Brian Flinn:

Future150 National Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- The 2014 Jr.Future150 Elite 24 Camp brought in top talent from all over the country, culminating with our annual Elite 24 All-Star Game. After much deliberation between the staff, we were able to come up with our top 25 prospects throughout the camp in the class of 2018, and many will become household names in the coming years.

Nathan Page2018 SG, Arkansas: Page again showed the ability to play both guard positions if needed but did most of his damage playing off the ball. He got to the rim and was able to create his own shot and hit jumpers when he was given time and space. 

Parker Edwards2018 SF, Louisiana: Edwards was arguably the most consistent shooter throughout the camp, knocking down shots both from beyond the arc and in the mid-range. He needs to work on his lateral quickness and defensive ability but his shooting stroke makes him an intriguing prospect.

Drue Drinnon, 2018 PG, Georgia: Drinnon came in as one of the top prospects in his class at the camp and showed why throughout the weekend. He got to the rim and used his speed to create easy scoring opportunities for both himself and others. No matter what team he played with, Drinnon was a leader and very seldom lost a game. He is definitely one to keep an eye on moving forward.

Spencer Washington, 2018 SF, Texas:  Washington is a versatile prospect. He's savvy and plays at a controlled pace. Washington is a good decision-maker and put his offensive touch on display again and again throughout the weekend. While he may not be as athletic when compared to his Class of 2018 peers on the national level, he's heady, and his overall floor smarts help him make up for any lack of physical tools. He has also become more aggressive on the glass and has definitely gotten stronger in the past few months. The future is bright for the younger of the Washington brothers.

Ray Price, 2018 CG, Tennessee: Price is a talented combo guard who has the ability to play either position thanks to his ball-handling ability and high basketball IQ. He has grown over the past couple of months and looks like he may be better suited to playing off the ball and acting as a secondary play-maker. He is also a talented scorer that has a knack for getting to the rim and finishing.

Jarren Mcallister, 2018 SF, Tennessee:  A smooth and fluid athlete, Jarren is skilled in various areas. He shoots the ball well from the perimeter, has good court vision, and has adequate ball skills. He is a prospect with a very good feel for the game as well. 

Cordrayius Graham, 2018 SF, Florida: Cordrayius is a physical wing prospect who plays hard 100%of the time and  uses his frame well in order to create space or finish through contact. He is a big time competitor who once he improves his shot will be a can't miss D1 prospect.

Marlon Hargis, 2018 CG, New Jersey: Hargis is a talented guard who can do a little bit of everything. He is equal parts scorer and distributor and has great size for either back court position. While he is a good player now, he has a ton of potential and could turn into a match-up nightmare if he continues to develop.

Taelyr Gatlin, 2018 CG, Tennessee: Gatlin is an interesting prospect in that he has the physical tools to be a very very good player. He got to the rim with relative ease and rarely turned the ball over. He is one to keep an eye on in the coming years.

D.J. Sims, 2018 PG, Oklahoma: Sims was at it again, using his speed and vision to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. He also showed that his improved defense is here to stay, as he took on the challenge of guarding everyone he was matched up against and rose to the occasion.

Justin Oden, 2018 SF, Tennessee: It's clear that Oden has a ton of potential. He is a long and active wing that has the ability to blossom into one of the best players in his state for the class of 2018. He is a good slasher at this point but needs to improve his jumper in order to maximize his potential.

Coulter Dotson, 2018 PF, Tennessee: Coulter is a skilled power forward who can score on the perimeter or on the inside. He scores and rebounds the ball at a high rate, and runs the floor with ease. He also possesses a high basketball IQ.

Gerry Bohanon, 2018 PF, Arkansas: Bohanon is a bruising and physically imposing power forward who has a strong frame that he uses to get to the rim and finish through contact. He has a high work rate and attacks the glass as though every rebound is his. 

Jon Matthews, 2018 PG, Oklahoma: Defenders had a hard time staying in front of the 5-foot-7 Matthews, who was electric in the open floor. He handles the ball well and pushes things in transition. He also is great at attacking the rim; he consistently keeps the defense on its heels.

Tyler Harris, 2018 PG, Tennessee: Harris continues to prove that not only is he one of the top overall point guards in his class, but he is also one of the best at scoring, too. The 5-foot-8 lead guard is wired to score the basketball, and he does so in a variety of ways. He is best at attacking and finishing at the rim.  

Warren Zager, 2018 SF, Tennessee: Zager continues to impress the Future150 staff. At 6-foot-3 and 180-pounds, the rising freshman is physically built and ready to play amongst his peers. He has a great understanding of the game and does the small things that it takes to win. He can score at the rim, hit mid-range shots, and rebound out of his area.

D'Angelo Knight, 2018 SG, South Carolina: Another physically imposing player for his position is Knight. At 6-foot-1, he has the ability to post up smaller guards and bully them around the goal. He is unstoppable in transition with his upper body strength and ability to finish with contact.

D.J. Brittian, 2018 PG, Georgia: Brittian continues to be one of the hottest players in his age group this summer. The 6-foot point guard is still developing an outside shot, but he is too quick and athletic to keep out of the lane. He attacks the rim with confidence and can finish with contact. 

William Richter, 2018 SG, Georgia: Richter made his stamp on the camp as the best shooter in his age group. The 6-foot-1 guard was on sniper watch over the weekend. He is a high-volume shooter that can put up point in a hurry. He is best at shooting off the catch, but he did prove he could shoot off the dribble, too. 

Gabriel Bryant, 2018 C, South Carolina: Bryant was one of the most impressive rim protectors in the 2018 age group. At 6-foot-8, Bryant uses his length and size to block shots and make things difficult for opposing players at the rim. His offense is still coming along, but once it does, he will be a scary prospect for years to come.

Zack Thomas, 2018 PG, Texas: Thomas was another exciting scoring guard that excelled at attacking the rim. He showed flashes of being able to hit shots from the perimeter, but that part of his game needs to continue to improve. He does the large majority of his damage off the dribble, whether it is shooting or attacking the goal.

Mason Hix, 2018 PF, Texas: Hix was one of the most skilled players in camp. At 6-foot-4, he is a matchup problem for most players at his position. He plays a stretch 4-man role, as he can play inside and out. He is dangerous from the mid-range and beyond with his shooting. He needs to continue to add strength and finish at the rim better. 

Cadarius Baggett2018 SG, Arkansas: Baggett is a long and active guard who has a bit of power to his game as well. He is at his best when he's attacking the rim, where he can either finish through his defender or kick out to open teammates.

Brandon Thomas, 2018 SG, Georgia: Thomas continues to have good showings this spring/summer. He is fundamentally sound and understands how to score. He can create for himself off the dribble for shooting opportunities, or attack the rim and finish with either hand. 

Devonte Allen, 2018 PF, Louisiana: Allen is a force on the glass on both ends of the floor. He has great athleticism that allows him to make a difference. He thrives around the rim, whether it is getting trash buckets or executing some quick post moves. His game continues to show progress, and he could make the move to the wing before too long. 


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