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Breon Thompson Shows Flashes at PrimeTime
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (9:35 AM CT, Sun July 31, 2016)
2020 SF Breon Thompson had a big performance Saturday.
2020 SF Breon Thompson had a big performance Saturday.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- It was the flashes of excellence that 2020 wing Breon Thompson showed on Saturday at the 2016 PrimeTime National Championships that had the crowd in a frenzy. Read more about his performance, as well as information on the other standouts from the action on Saturday.

Breon Thompson, 2020 SF, Houston Defenders (TX): After starting slow, the 6’6” wing really came on in the second half, helping the Defenders bring home another easy victory. He scored around the rim, using his length and instincts to carve out opportunities for himself. He also showed off his athleticism, throwing down a momentum-changing fast break dunk in the beginning of the second half to ignite the crowd.

Nathanael Floyd, 2020 PG, Super Starz (TX): Floyd was a blur on the court with the ball in his hands. He was scoring from all three levels, but mainly on the fast break. His first step and open court speed made it almost impossible to stop him. Length, athleticism and the ability to create for his teammates are three attributes that describe his game the best as we watched him lead his team to a bracket victory.

Mike Miles, 2020 PG, Texas Titans (TX): Very few guards in the class have the court vision and ball skill combination that the Dallas native possesses. Although only standing at 5’8”, his quickness makes him very hard to stay in front of. He specializes in making his teammates look good, which is exactly why talented prospects love to play on his team.

Jordan Johnson, 2020 SG, M33M (TN): Johnson has a wiry frame, long arms and showed good athleticism. His game is fundamentally sound and he knows how to play the game the right way. The ability to attack the rim off-the-dribble or knock down the open jumper makes him a big time threat when he's on the court. His length allows him to guard multiple positions on the floor and makes him a good rebounder from the wing position. 

Eddie Lampkin, 2020 PF/C, Houston Defenders (TX): An outstanding rebounder and defender, the 6’7”, 250-pound big man put himself on the radar with his big performance on Saturday. He is clearly still adjusting to his size and working on his big man skills, but the pieces are there for him to become a standout post player in the greater Houston area.

Zechariah Selvage, 2020 PG, Houston Defenders (TX): Lightning quick with incredible ball skills, the 5’10” floor general is a fan favorite with his playing style. His ability to thread-the-needle with his passes and finish plays around the rim using his body-control and craftiness, he really stood out to our staff.

Nick Booker, 2020 C, Houston Hornets (TX):  Booker looks like a football player playing basketball. Undersized on height at 6-foot-1 inches and 225 lbs, he knows how to use his body to his advantage. He was rebounding the ball on both ends and posting hard on the block. With the game on the line, he called for the ball at the high post and took his defender off-the-dribble and got fouled. He made two big free throws with a tied game to carry his team to victory.


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