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Anfernee King Works Hard On The Court
by Tyler Mounce, Future150 (12:26 PM CT, Tue September 25, 2012)
2016 SG Anfernee King is an underrated athletic guard.
2016 SG Anfernee King is an underrated athletic guard.
Tyler Mounce
Tyler Mounce:

Future150 Camp Reporter. Providing insight into Future150 Camp players.

Donadsonville, GA (Future150) -- Anfernee King (Class of 2016, Seminole County/ Georgia Renegades) is a guy that means every letter of the word “athlete.”

Even though he only stands at 5-foot-10, this young player has a strong body that allows him to attack traffic in the lane and finish solid at the rim through whatever contact he encounters.

Ball handling and passing the rock are also strong skills that makes King an all around great guard.

He has some nice qualities to his game, but wants to keep working on his ball skills every day.

“I would like to work on my shot consistency from the mid-range area and from behind the arc,” King mentioned. “I also know that I need gain more confidence when I have the ball in my hands.”

The potential for King is there, but he knows practicing daily and attending basketball camps is what is going to make him even better.  King is a Jr. Future150 Camp Alum and aspires to attend even more camps.

“I want to work hard on my game every single day, plus I hope to attend the Future150 National Camp and AAU Nationals,” he advised.

Although he lacks in the size comparison, King has picked out an NBA star to compare his game to.

“I tend to compare my basketball game to Dwayne Wade, because we play a lot alike on the court” he suggested.  “We both are strong with the ball in our hands, plus we are a both team players.”

With the talent he possesses, King is hoping that it will help him in attending his favorite college post high school graduation.

“I really like Florida State University,” King declared.  “The program has an overall great work ethic, good academics, and they have great fans.”

King is going to be a great player in high school this upcoming season and for a long time to come.


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DarryelRichardson / Guest

Shoutout to my lil hometown dude. I’m extremely proud of him, he’s extremely athletic. I anticipate him doing very well, as he continues to get better everyday. Keep work hard Anfernee, you have unbelievable potential. Shoutout to your Coach Unc Hopkins. Very proud of the things you’re doing Unc.

Posted: 4:33 AM UTC, Wed September 26, 2012
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thomas / Guest

What a great article on a great athlete. I have seen this guy play in at atlanta future 150 and though his game is everything bout flashy, he definitely has game. I can’t wait to see this guy and his aau squad next season. Can you say underrated…

Posted: 12:59 AM UTC, Thu September 27, 2012
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Coach Unc / Guest

Nice write-up on a guy that does everything it takes for his team to win. King is a winner. He never complains, he only performs and performs at a high level. He always defends the opposing team’s best offensive player. You can expect to see a more polish and more aggressive player this upcoming season, as to this guy stays in the lab. #REHAB

Posted: 1:06 AM UTC, Thu September 27, 2012
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Teka / Guest

Love the article and I think that Anfernee is a very talented player and will only continue to get better with the help of Coach Unc and Coach K. I’ve seen him in action and he goes HARD. -Proud big sister!

Posted: 1:31 AM UTC, Thu September 27, 2012
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kez king / Guest

He’s a great player he works hard, listen, and willing to get better

Posted: 8:39 PM UTC, Thu September 27, 2012
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Takena / Guest

this is a awesome write up on Mr king i have watched many of his highlights and he has only got stronger he is a true athlete I’ve watched him take over the game in football and now he’s dominating the basketball league. He Goes 15/40HARD!!!! i love this guy he is sooo fun to watch off court and so serious in the game he is defiantly a Hard worker!!!!!/ CANT STOP WONT STOP!!!! i want my AUTOGRAPH cause this kid is going ALL THE WAY# UNDERRATED

Posted: 8:46 PM UTC, Tue October 2, 2012
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Jharr Get Buckets / Guest

my brother hard work deserves him more even though he isn’t getting the respect he’s proven he deserve but before its all set it done , he will a top 10 player , love you bruh stay focus

Posted: 1:48 AM UTC, Fri October 26, 2012

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