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2013 Elite 24 Camp: Saturday Standouts
by Garrett Tucker, Future150 (10:02 PM CT, Sat August 3, 2013)
Jr.Future150 Elite 24 Camp in Atlanta is 145 Players strong
Jr.Future150 Elite 24 Camp in Atlanta is 145 Players strong
Garrett Tucker
Garrett Tucker:

Future150 Southeast Analyst. Covering high school basketball across the Southeast.

Atlanta, AL (Future150) -- The Future150 Elite 24 kicked off in Atlanta on Saturday, as some of the top 2017-2020 prospects flocked to McEachern High School to showcase their talents.

With some of the top players in the country in attendance, the competition was stiff, and it was a challenge to stick out.

Nevertheless, several prospects brought their best games to the table. Here are some players that stood out from the first day of action at the Elite 24:

Chandler Lawson, 2019 SF: Lawson, ranked No. 1 nationally in his class, justified his rankings amongst his peers on Saturday. The versatile forward showed he had the skill-set to play the 1-4 at all times during the game. He ran the point in transition off defensive rebounds, hit perimeter shots, and handled and passed the ball effectively. The Memphis product will continue to be a household name in the future.

D.J. Heath, 2017 PG: The most efficient and consistent 8th grader to hit the floor in the first set of games was D.J. Heath. He ran his team and controlled the game, but he was also vocal with his teammates and distanced himself as a leader. He hit shots consistently and pressured opposing teams with his on-ball defense.

Javonte Smart, 2018 SG: Smart was one of the most high-powered scorers to hit the court on Saturday. The 6-foot-1 scorer scored the ball at all three levels, but he was most effective with his three-point shooting and getting to the rim. He proved that he is hard to stop when he is feeling it, and he is very crafty around the rim, making him that much harder to stop.

Coulter Dotson, 2018 PF: Dodson was another very impressive post player to showcase his skills on opening day. The 6-foot-5 big man proved his all-around skills and game. At his size, he showed his vision and passing skills are second-to-none compared to other big men. He also ran the floor extremely well and got easy baskets in transition.

Reginald Mhoon, 2017 PF: Mhoon may have had the best motor in the camp and it did not go unnoticed. The long athlete used his arms and jumping ability to block shots and grab rebounds. He runs the floor extremely well, leading to easy put-back lay-ins and dunks. There is no doubt, Mhoon is a big competitor.

Trey Johnson, 2019 SF: Johnson has progressed very nicely over the past year. Like always, the Huntsville product played hard and showed his scrappy nature throughout the day. His hard play and aggressiveness led to close baskets that he finished at the rim. He is one to keep an eye on if he continues to develop.

Willie Hill, 2018 SF: The smooth athlete showed he was one of the best prospects to play in transition on Saturday. Hill, a 6-foot-1 wing, used his athleticism to his advantage and beat opposing teams on each end of the floor. He contested the passing lanes and finished everything in transition. He was a do-it-all player for his squad.

Victor Enoh, 2017 PF: There is no doubt, the most over-powering prospect to “bully” the other players with his strength and body was Victor Enoh. The 6-foot-7 big man rebounded and dunked everything around the rim and absolutely dominated the paint. He also blocked shots and made it tough for the other teams to enter the post.

Braxton Holland, 2018 PG: Holland was one of the hidden gems that surfaced to the Future150 staff. The 5-foot-6 point guard showed he has next level vision and passing skills. He has advanced ball-handling skills and understands how to play the game. He has great composure and is patient with himself and teammates.

Joe Cooper, 2019 PG: Cooper’s feel for the game is absolutely unreal. At his age and size, his vision and understanding for the game is far beyond his years. The 5-foot-5 point guard is arguably the most unselfish player our staff has seen to this point. He could care less about scoring, as the only time he got upset during the day was when one his teammates failed to finish his assists.


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