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2018 Rankings
Posted: 12 August 2014 01:20 PM   [ Ignore ]
JUCO Player
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I personally see a lot of players commenting “im the best player out there”, and stuff like that, but what they don’t realize is how hard it is to even be nominated in the top 75 of future 150s rankings, because me being an official scout and former juco player, i know a player when i see one, and in the state of Alabama ive chosen 4 players i think are the best in the state for 2018, those payers are 1. Diante Wood, 2. Tony Johnson, 3. Alondras Strong, 4. Hutton Reed, and Diante Wood is the best player in Alabama, and hes ranked 75th in the nation, if that doesnt show you how hard it is to get ranked then i dont know what will. and beleive me, Diante Wood deserves his ranking!