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Yes Keez: Shooting Star Kezo Brown
by Andrew Force, Future150 (2:20 PM CT, Fri October 16, 2015)
Kezo blowing by Future150 #19 LaDarius Marshall
Kezo blowing by Future150 #19 LaDarius Marshall
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

For most recruitable athletes there comes a point where childhood fandom and realistic options conflict.   A ten-year old Eric Gordon (NBA Pelicans) grew up an Indiana fan.  

But he and his father almost landed at Illinois because it made more sense for his future.  The program appeared to be better poised to suit his needs and aspirations of one day playing in the NBA.

So, he went against his childhood heart and almost picked Illinois.  Almost.

Like Gordon years ago, Marquis "Kezo" Brown (Future150 #31) now has the same dilemma emerging.  He has a clear-cut favorite.  Will that favorite be the best option for his needs?

"His main focus is to go to college," said Kezo's father Marquis Brown.  "He has been loving Duke since he was real small.  He looks up to Jabari.  He likes Duke.  He likes Kentucky because they win.  Who doesn't like Kentucky right now?"

Now Duke and Kentucky are popular 'dream schools' for good reason.  They win and they put players in the NBA.  More than ever Duke players are succeeding in the NBA, which matters.  Kentucky and Head Coach John Calipari were way ahead of the curve in deciding to embrace the NBA-bound players.

Coach Calipari decided not to fight the youthful aspirations of the elite players.  Instead he tells them, 'Come here and we will showcase you for the NBA.  Then you leave.'

It is beautifully unselfish on the surface. 

The question becomes, Is Kezo Brown even good enough to be considered for Duke or Kentucky?

Generally speaking a hooper must be top 30 to sign with either.  There are outliers (Charles Matthews, Derek Willis), but #30 is a reasonable boundary for realistic UK scholarship offers.

Kezo can be Top 30.  He handles like a true point guard.  He shoots well, slashes amazingly, and possesses the bizarre agility of a potential professional.

Duke Assistant Coach Jon Scheyer talks with Kezo's father once a week.  They intended to evaluate him in September, but did not make it out.  Kentucky is sniffing around, but he is a few months too young for their full push.  UK has been targeting Class of 2017 lately.

Both are at least aware of Kezo.  

"When he was coming out of 8th grade he picked Simeon because he saw all the great players come from there," said Brown.  "He made First-Team Freshman All-American.  From that point forward I will never doubt him again."


If it is not Kentucky or Duke, which anyone has to admit is difficult to bank on, then what schools are certain options?

"He has...DePaul offered him," said Mr. Brown.  "Nebraska offered him."

The Nebraska offer was his first HM offer, unless you consider the sputtering DePaul program.  You shouldn't.

"Illinois is looking at him," said Mr. Brown.  "Michigan has been in to see him.  Let me see.  UIC has been in to see him.  Kansas.  Jerrance Howard came in to see him.  Jerrance said he likes him."

There are schools yet to make any contact.  They are not eliminated.  In fact, Kezo's father, the Original Kezo Brown has a few more in mind.

"I would like to hear from Arizona," said the paternal Brown.  "Kentucky.  Maybe Indiana.  I always liked Indiana.  He is really focused in on Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas.  He likes Illinois, for some strange reason.  He went down there for an unofficial visit (last year)." 

Brown finds himself in an enviable situation. When an underclassmen Midwesterner has a Big 10 offer their options are destined to open up.

Would he like a Duke offer?

Yes Keez!


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