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Xavier "The Hulk" Tillman Gets His Due Recognition
by Andrew Force, Future150 (1:31 PM CT, Fri June 19, 2015)
Son of a Big Blue alumnus gets Big Blue Nation offer.
Son of a Big Blue alumnus gets Big Blue Nation offer.
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Grand Rapids, MI (Future150) -- Xavier Tillman will make money at this thing.  Sure he is not a finished product, but what teenager is?

Earlier this week Tillman visited Lexington and Jacey Zembal is reporting the Wildcats have offered.

Kentucky Offer List

Since Kentucky began outrecruiting everybody all the time, Coach John Calipari has really only offered elite players following their junior years.  It appears UK will now enter the elite recruiting battles a touch earlier.  Perhaps because Coach Cal whiffed on Jaylen Brown, Malik Newman, Thomas Bryant, Caleb Swanigan, Stephen Zimmerman, Cheick Diallo, LaGerald Vick, and Brandon Ingram.

It is not a catastrophe.  The roster will still feature 5+ potential All-Americans.  But the standard was set so incredibly high by previous classes Coach Cal surely wants to make 2015 an aberration and not the new normal.

To that end UK has offered John Petty (Alabama), Wendell Carter Jr. (GA), Nicholas Richards (NY), DeAndre Ayton (CA), and Mohammad Bamba (PA).

Bamba, Carter Jr. and Tillman all play the same position.  Does this mean they can't all commit?  Not really.  The Wildcats could have as many as eight scholarships open for the Class of 2017.  

It all depends on pro departures, of which there are traditionally many.

The Body of Work

Tillman's body instantly distances him from the Class of 2017 peer group.  Tillman carries 245 pounds like a defensive end.  Light on his feet, the power forward couples his mobility with an uncommon delicate touch.  

Michiganders have known of Tillman's perpetually-elevating ceiling for years.  In the last year power programs like Duke, Michigan State, and now Kentucky have stepped up their pursuit.  

The Class of 2017 has a wonderful batch of bigs.  For this reason alone, Tillman fails to gain the national spotlight each month. 

An offer from Kentucky forces the media to acknowledge his greatness both now and capacity for dominance beyond college hoops.


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