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Looks to Offers: The Roydell Brown Story
by Ani Umana, Future150 (12:30 PM CT, Sat November 1, 2014)
Roydell Brown at the Future150 National Camp
Roydell Brown at the Future150 National Camp
Ani Umana
Ani Umana:

Future150 Southwest Recruiting Analyst. Covering high & middle school basketball in TX, LA, OK, NM, AZ.

New Orleans, LA (Future150) -- Going to showcase camps and traveling to AAU tournaments from the spring to summer, the dream for Helen Cox High School guard Roydell Brown is to turn the college interest letters to full-ride scholarships.

The 6-foot-3 shooting guard has looks from Houston, LSU, UMass, Louisana-Monroe, Louisiana Tech and Northwestern State.

Brown's size and athleticism gives him an advantage over smaller guards and helps him matchup against bigger forwards. 

People that have seen Brown play know his strengths but there are more parts to his game that he wants to showcase this year.

"I have been working on my ball-handling and shooting a lot. I want to show that my decision making has gotten better too," Brown said. "More importantly, I just want to be more of a team player and lead my teams to wins."

Brown wants to average a double-double this season which would be impressive for a guard, but mentioned that his main goal is to win state. He is more focused on his team winning it all, rather than individual accomplishments.

"Goals for upcoming season (include) 15 points per game, ten rebounds, five assists, two to three blocks and a couple steals,"  Brown said about the '14-'15 season. "But overall, my goal is to win a state championship."

When asked who he has molded his game after, he looked at his role model since he was born for the reason he plays.

"I mold my game after my dad. The reason is because reading articles and hearing stories about things he use to do and how great he use to be motivated me to be like him," Brown said. "But even better he taught me everything I know."

Currently a three-star prospect in our database, Brown looks to be placed differently this time next year. 

"I want to be in the Top 50 (in the 2016 class) and become #1 in my state by the end of the season, and to turn all my interest into offers."


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