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Top Performers: Forwards
by Andrew Force, Future150 (12:29 AM CT, Tue January 27, 2015)
Bruce was a crowd favorite
Bruce was a crowd favorite
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

NORCROSS, GA (Future150) -- Shooting guards stole the show, but the Hilton Invitational boasted a handful of flying forwards.

In order of impact:

Thomas Bruce (MD) – Class of 2015 PF Bruce smashed home a pair of absurd dunks.  Bruce thrives on the offensive glass.  He climbed to at least 11’ for the offensive rebound turned flush.  The PA announcer bemused that ‘we haven’t seen anything like that since Gani Lawal (NBA).  Coming out of the timeout his defender, Derek Ogbeide (Georgia signee) yelled, ‘My turn.’

Myles Parker (AL) – Class of 2017 SF Parker is light years better than he showed in December.  His outside touch makes a real weapon.  Will he work as a shooting guard, small forward, or power forward?  Yes.  Offensive timidity needs to get weaned out of him.  He made several mind-numbing fouls against J.O. Johnson in an overtime thriller.  After a completely ineffective showing earlier in the season, this was a promising display.

John Fulkerson (TN) – Class of 2016 F John Fulkerson is a very good player if you find him in stride.  The handle in tight spaces needs to improve for him to be a college wing.  His length and shooting touch are nice.  The assertive play around the rim makes him special. 

Rayshaun Hammonds (GA) – Class of 2017 SF Hammonds defends the paint well, but projects to the wing unless he grows an inch or two.  No matter he is an excellent attacker from anywhere on the floor.  The footwork of the 6’7” Hammonds boggles the mind and he can finish off the dribble.  Norcross likes him as a power forward.  He is delightfully springy.

Austin Wiley (AL) – Class of 2017 PF Wiley cannot be deterred by traditional means.  His strength, lift, and touch are excellent.  Free throws are solid.  He shoots very low-arching shots.  As a tall man this is possible.  When he runs the floor he becomes incredibly difficult to contain.

Tracey Burnett (AL) – Class of 2016 F Tracey Burnett is hungry on the glass and defending the paint.  Offensively, he prefers to play around the lane.  While his eventual position is still tenuous the effort and contributions are not.   

Zaire Williams (NC) – Class of 2017 PF Zaire Williams gives boundless energy on top of legitimate skills.  He is extremely active as a frontcourt presence.  He ferociously pursues both his misses and those of his teammates.    A high volume scorer, Williams is the exceptional teammate who does not need the ball to make a difference.

Keon Queen (MD) -- Class of 2017 F Queen combines great length with athleticism.  A wonderfully mobile 6'7" combo forward, Queen can consistentally play above the rim.

Morgan McKay (NC) – Class of 2017 F McKay is a pure shooter.  Though he defends the 4/5 now, he projects as a tall wing.  The 6’7” sophomore has tremendous balance.  Perhaps he could be a stretch 4.  Either way the coach knows he will get a competent shotmaker in McKay. 


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