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#TheSummit Camp Top 24 All-Stars Take Center Stage
by Eric Hampford, Future150 (5:40 PM CT, Wed August 16, 2017)
2017 Summit Camp All-Stars shine on Sunday afternoon.
2017 Summit Camp All-Stars shine on Sunday afternoon.
Eric Hampford
Eric Hampford:

Future150 GM / Senior National Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Future150 The Summit Camp took place in Atlanta last weekend, and gave us a glimpse of several talented prospects in the 2019 and 2020 classes. No prospect was more impressive than point guard Jalen Cone, who picked up scholarship offers from UNCG and Virginia Tech less than 24 hours after the camp ended. Which prospects were named to the all-star team and impressed our staff? Find out below.

Jalen Cone, 2020 PG, North Carolina: Coming into the weekend, Cone had a good amount of hype surrounding him checking in at #40 in our 2020 national rankings. His elite athleticism matched with his scoring abilities, handles, and court vision makes him one of the best lead guard prospects in the southeast regardless of class. Right after the camp ended, Cone was contacted by the Virginia Tech staff and picked up his first high-major offer, along with an offer from UNC-Greensboro as well. 

Austin Harvell, 2020 G/F, Alabama: Harvell came in to the weekend with a good bit of hype surrounding himself after putting on a show during Future150's Birmingham Battleground Tournament a few months back. Standing around 6'4", it would be nice to see him grow a few more inches, but he still sports solid size and strength on the perimeter as a 2020 prospect. His athleticism and rebounding abilties were on full display during 5-on-5 play. If the shooting becomes more consistent, and he grows a little more, Harvell could be one of the best 2020 prospects in the state of Alabama. 

Jeron Artest, 2019 G, California: Coming into the camp with the tag of being the son of Metta World Peace, a.k.a. Ron Artest, there were certainly expectations to be met for the California native. Well, he succeeded. The 6'2" combo guard is an explosive scorer who can get hot from the perimeter with ease, and is able to work well off-the-dribble as well. He plays with a high IQ and knows how to play without the ball in his hands. No matter who his father is, Jeron is beginning to make his own name in the sport after his big weekend.

Chandler Leopard, 2019 SG, Alabama: One of the breakout stars of the camp was the 6'2" high-volume shooter. He was on fire from the minute he got to camp. Every time he touched the ball and let it fly, we all thought that it was going in. Playing with star Jalen Cone in the backcourt, he was able to get loose for several open three's per game, with many resulting in makes. He's also got some athleticism, showing ability to play above the rim at times. Right now, there's no doubting his division one ability. It's just a matter who which school offers first.

Omarion Jay, 2020 Post, North Carolina: Checking in at 6'8.5" during our combine measurments, Jay's upside as a big is undeniable. His agility, athleticism, and high motor was what earned him his spot in the All-Star game this past weekend. He was trying to dunk everything once 5-on-5 play got started, and he was easily the most physically imposing big man in the camp. As he continues to make strides in his post game, keep an eye on Jay as he definitely as some high-major potential.

Cairo McCrory, 2020 Wing, Connecticut: The 6'5" power wing burst onto the radar after a huge showing at #TheSummit Camp. Not only does he have great size, but he is owner of a 6'8" wingspan and a max vertical of 33 inches. Seemingly holding all the tools of a mid-major to high-major wing prospect, the sophomore is ready for a huge high school season at The Master's School (CT). Colleges should start banging down his door over the next eight months.

Jhi Jackson, 2020 Wing, Texas: Jackson was very productive on the glass, on the defensive end, and in transistion throughout the weekend. He has great size on the perimeter as a 2020 prospect standing at 6'5". The greatest thing about Jackson is that he's only been playing basketball for a little over two years, and is already this good. Once he learns to be more aggressive when slashing, and produce a more consistent jumper the sky is the limit. He should be considered a LM/MM prospect at this point. 

La'Vell Scott, 2020 G, Louisiana: Since blowing up at our Future150 Elite24 All-American Camp last August, the 6'1" scoring guard has made nice strides in his game. Last week, he picked up his first division one offer, from Southern University. That should be the first of many, as the high-volume shooter has gotten more bouncy and continues to improve his ball skills. After playing on the Under Armour Circuit this past AAU season, he's in line for another huge high school season as his name catches on in Louisiana.

Tyler Young, 2020 Post, North Carolina: Young had a slow start to the weekend, but started warming up during the second day of 5-on-5 play. Standing at 6'7" he is extremely active on the glass, and has no problems banging down low and playing through contact. He can step out and knock down the mid-range jumper from about 8-12 feet. As he continues to work on his conditioning andf polishing his post moves, Young could turn out to be a stud low-major prospect. 

Justin Headrick, 2019 Post, Tennessee: The big man was a pleasant surprise at camp. Hailing from rural Tennessee, the nearly 6'8" post showed that he not only can score around the rim using both hands, but he consistently stretched the defense with deep three's, giving him added value as a stretch-four man. While he leaves a lot to be desired athletically, his size and skills are something that will have division one programs hunting him this high school season and beyond.

Dean Reiber, 2020 SF/PF, North Carolina: Reiber impressed the Future150 staff of off upside and potential alone, but his production during 4-on-4 play is what pushed his name over to the All-Star category. Standing nearly 6'9", he has a very raw skill set down low, but has the ability to stretch the defense out to the perimeter and has no issues with finishing above the rim. As he continues to add muscle to his frame, Reiber should have a big season at Northwest Guilford, in Greensboro NC.

Tyrus Crawford, 2019 SF/PF, Louisiana: One of the prospects with the most promising ceilings in the camp, the New Orleans product is 6'6" with a 6'8" wingspan and some impressive athleticism as well. While his perimeter shot needs a lot of work, the tools for him to be a division one prospect are certainly in tow. He's active on the glass and does a solid job of finishing tough slashes to the rim. Look to hear more about the Landry Walker High School (LA) forward this winter

Larry Holmes, 2020 G, Mississippi: The combo guard continues to improve his game, as he showed this past weekend. A bulldog on the defensive end, he's one of the most fierce defenders we've come across over the past few years. He'll put you on your back before he lets you score. On offense, he's at his best as a slasher heading to the rim, but the guard can also knock down open shots when given the chance.

Jailen Robinson, 2019 SF/PF, Georgia: One of the more versatile players at camp, Robinson was extremely impressive during the first session of 5-on-5 play on Saturday. Standing nearly 6'7" and sporting great strength, he showed off his deadly corner three point shooting abilities along with his ability to bang down low and finish around the rim. He has great handles and agility for a player his size, and showed the ability to put the ball on the floor from the perimeter and slash the lane. A definite match up problem, Robinson has the looks of a big time DII prospect at the moment. 

Brandon Ellington, 2019 SG, North Carolina: Ellington was one of the best shooters in the camp, hands down. Not only did he impress with his jumper, but his rebounding abilities for a 6'3" guard, were highly impressive as he was always cleaning up the glass on both ends of the floor. His solid size, matched with his shooting and rebounding abilties, plus a little upside makes him look like a fine DII prospect with some upside to his game. 

Tyrease Terrell, 2019 SG, Louisiana: The long lefty was one of the more smooth scorers at the camp, and he routinely showed his ability to not only slash to the rim, but to knock down mid-range and perimeter shots as well. He has the ability to put the clamps down on the defensive end while also showing that he can be tasked with handling the basketball from the point guard position on occasion as well.

Trey Brock, 2020 SG, Kentucky: Another sneaky pick for a kid who could really see his game take off in the next year is the Bell County High School (KY) wing. Measuring in at 6'3.5" in shoes with an impressive max vertical jump of 41 inches, there's not a whole lot of skill to his game right now, but obviously the tools are all there. He plays hard and crashes the glass, and once his ball skills and perimeter shooting catch up, he is going to be quite the prospect.

Lee Langstaff II, 2020 PG, North Carolina: One of the funnest players to watch this past weekend, Langstaff caught the attention of the Future150 staff with his crafty handles and passing abilities. He finished around the rim at a variety of angles, and got to the line on multiple occasions during 5-on-5 play. Standing at 6'1", he has solid size at the lead guard spot, but needs to add some more muscle to his frame heading forward as he prepares to continue his basketball career beyond high school. 

Alijah Martin, 2020 Wing, Mississippi: The North Pike (MS) dual-sport stud is one of the more interesting projections of the campers at The Summit. Standing at 6'1.5" with a 6'6" wingspan and a max vertical of 39 inches, the physical gifts are quite impressive. However, what position is he? He's not truly a point guard, but not quite a shooting guard either. As it stands, the combo guard is a talented straight-line scorer with some awesome gifts in his arsenal, and he'll be fun to track going forward.

Jabril McCormick, 2019 Wing, North Carolina: One of the 2019 prospects with extrememly high upside, the 6'6" wing caught fire on Sunday and showed his potential to be a big match up problem on both ends of the floor. Having the offensive skills to play the two, and defensive abilities to guard the one, two, or three, McCormick could be a coach's dream at the next level. His agility, lateral quickness, length, and three-way scoring abilties make him a no brainer low-major prospect right now, with a very high ceiling. 

Aamir Justice, 2019 SG, Florida: One of the best overall scorers from this past weekend, Justice was a scoring machine from all three levels during 5-on-5 play. Next to his scoring, his vocalness and intensity was refreshing to see, something college coaches love to see in a prospect as well. He takes pride in his on-ball defense, and it was hard to find a true glaring weakness in his game. A little more consistency with his three point jumper would be nice, but it's not bad enough to really complain about.  

Evan Palmquist, 2019 G, Texas: Palmquist had a nice weekend scoring the ball, as he also showed his lead guard skills and ability to run a team and direct traffic in the halfcourt setting. He has good size and strength for a floor general, and continues to make jumps in his game every time the Future150 staff gets a chance to take a look at his game. As the improvements keep coming, the college coaches should start taking some notice as well. 

Ronnie Sanders, 2019 SG, Texas: The athletic lefty was one of the more productive wing prospects who gained steam as the weekend went on. He's very tough to stop when he's playing downhill and attacks the glass well for a wing prospect. Since we viewed him earlier this year, he's improved his ball skills as well.

Amiri Crowder, 2020 PG, Texas: We're still waiting for the 6'2" floor general to turn the corner, but we're getting closer and closer to it happening. His size & strength are definitely positives of his game, but he needs to improve his perimeter shooting stroke. That being said, he's a gifted playmaker who has no trouble getting to the rim. He also likes to involve his teammates and rack up assists in the process. If he can become a consistent shooter, his projection takes him to the division one level.

Jacoby Brown, 2020 PG, Texas: After showing out at Future150's Houston Battleground, playing up in the 17U division with Hoop Nation Family, Brown earned his invite to "The Summit", and he did not disappoint. The 6'1" lead guard has killer speed in the open floor and has great court vision in both offensive settings. He has beautiful form on his jump shot, and has the ability to get hot in a hurry from deep. Don't be shocked when Brown's name blows up during the 2017-18 year. 

Travis Massey, 2020 SF/PF, Texas: Nearing 6'7" in shoes, the combo forward is starting to see his game turn the corner. While it's clear he has the physical tools to really blossom over the next few years, he needs to learn to be more aggressive and stand out when given the chance. Overall, his high skill level is definitely impressive for his age. Now it's just a matter of getting stronger, quicker and transitioning from the post all the way to the perimeter in order to become a full-time small forward

Future150 The Summit Camp Prospect Rankings:

1.) Jalen Cone
2.) Austin Harvell
3.) Cairo McCrory
4.) Chandler Leopard
5.) Omarion Jay
6.) Jeron Artest
7.) Dean Reiber
8.) Jhi Jackson
9.) La'Vell Scott
10.) Lee Langstaff II
11.) Tyrus Crawford
12.) Alijah Martin
13.) Justin Headrick
14.) Jabril McCormick
15.) Larry Holmes Jr.
16.) Tyler Young
17.) Trey Brock
18.) Jacoby Brown
19.) Brandon Ellington
20.) Travis Massey
21.) Amiri Crowder
22.) Jailen Robinson
23.) Ronnie Sanders
24.) Evan Palmquist
24.) Tyrease Terrell
25.) Aamir Justice



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