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The Game Elite Way
by Andrew Force, Future150 (9:44 AM CT, Sat July 4, 2015)
Perry has D1 game
Perry has D1 game
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Too much of the recruiting noise centers around the Class of 2016.  Elite, game-changing stars exist in the upcoming Class of 2017 like Michael Porter Jr., Trae Young, and Darius Perry.

Perry plays AAU for his father on Game Elite 16u.  Together with Brian Coffey Jr. they wrecked opposing guards.  Perry’s rare combination of speed and strength makes him an impossible cover. 

Of course the local high majors, Georgia and Georgia Tech, are in touch.  The true mark of an elite player’s recruitment is the laundry list of distant college evaluators interested.  Perry has interest from Florida, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and LSU. 

Xavier, Wake Forest, Florida State, Kansas State, Texas A&M, and Winthrop already offered.  Both Wake Forest and Xavier actually offered last month.

The Visit

A recent Vanderbilt visit impressed Perry and his father, Game Elite 16u Head Coach Eric Perry.

“It was real good,” said Coach Perry.  “He was the only recruit there, went by himself.  He met the head coach.”

Vanderbilt is looking to fill five spots with the Class of 2017.  So far Jamal Johnson (AL) has the only guard offer, but expect that list to grow shortly. 

Vandy is restricted to only recruiting high academic kids and fortunately Darius fits that mold.  The staff in Nashville checked his transcripts and were pleased enough to continue the recruitment.  

Both Game Elite guards, Perry and Coffey Jr. have visited Vandy in the last year.  Incidentally, Game Elite forward Robert Baker holds a Vandy offer, as well.

New Teammate

Game Elite 16u added a player for the July push.  

"Khalil Cuffee will play with us," said Coach Perry.  "He has interest from UAB, South Alabama, and FIU, but I think he is going to get a lot more."

Coach Perry sees Cuffee as woefully under-appreciated in the recruiting world.  Future150 was able to watch the explosive shooting guard a year ago.

Cuffee will fit nicely next to Coffey Jr. and Perry for a dangerous Game Elite 16u squad.  They are poised to showcase together this month.


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