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Jordan Bone Spearheads the Ensworth Attack
by Andrew Force, Future150 (12:54 AM CT, Tue November 25, 2014)
Bone settling in to leadership role
Bone settling in to leadership role
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Nashville, TN (Future150) -- Monday evening Ensworth improved to 3-1 with a laughable demolishing of Grace Christian Academy.  The game clock ran uninterrupted for almost the entire second half per state regulations. 

Attempting to guide Ensworth to its fifth consecutive Tennessee DII-AA State Title is Jordan Bone.

"He is the leader of this team," said Acting Head Coach Greg Eubanks.  "We have grown so much in the last three weeks and it has been all because of his leadership.  He wants to be great and he will do whatever it takes to be great."

Unlocking the zone defense

Bone busts zones with ease.  Either by shooting or dribbling Bone makes zones collapse.  He is a good shooter and an elite slasher.  When opposing coaches try a 2-3, Bone quickly splits two defenders from the wing. 

"He is incredible off the dribble," said Coach Eubanks.  "He is a great outside threat, so he is impossible to guard.  And I tell our guys in practice to block him out.  They say, 'he is the best point guard in the state.'"

Bone has really quick steps enabling him to get to the tin before weakside help arrives.  Even arriving bigs are rendered inept by Bone's crafty floaters high off the window. 

A completely different way Bone destroys a zone is by shooting over it.  The junior guard has a fluid shot from both wings.  He also routinely knocks it down from the corners.  In the first half facing Clarksville Kenwood, Bone knocked down 3-4 from deep.  A week prior he buried three consecutive heaves. 

Rarely do guards midway through their high school career have such a well-rounded offensive arsenal. 

"He can get his shot anytime he wants to," said Coach Eubanks.  "But he is incorporating everybody else on the team.  His team attitude is what stands out to me more than anything else."

Supporting Cast

Sharing the backcourt with Bone are Imani Starling and Desmond Cambridge.  The primary ballhandler, Starling pushes the ball up the floor every opportunity he gets.  He eagerly slides his feet on defense and fights through screens.  This energetic investment from the point man contagiously cloaks the starters in energy.  Between Starling and Bone the squad has a unique persistence. 

"I think Jordan has turned the corner and seen what is at the end of the tunnel," said Coach Eubanks.  "He takes practice very seriously and when your best player is your hardest worker you have a chance to be something really special."

Cambridge might be the lone Ensworth player with prototypical height for his position.  At 6'3" he can defend, rebound, and slash at a high level.  Especially young for his grade, the junior Cambridge could really grow into a nice college prospect. 

Typically Ensworth goes 10-11 deep.  Minutes are available for the entire roster.  Four freshmen are carving out roles with the varsity team already.

Young and Hungry

A veteran camper with Future150, Warren Zager handles the rock well.  His strong shoulders and perfect posture convey a poise rarely found in freshmen athletes. 

Zager started Monday night as his older brother, Jack is battling a minor knee injury.  There are some flaws in Zager's game.  For example, his outside shot looks pure upon release and yet he has not made many through November.  Bear in mind Zager has not played six varsity games yet.  Passing might be the best part of his game.  He loves to set up teammates streaking to the basket. 

Fellow Class of 2018 teammates Keyonte Calloway, Jaylan Clemmons, and Brennan Robinson also find time off the bench.  Clemmons has a remarkable grace in the open floor and shoots beautiful mid-range shots.

Depth and quickness from every position gives Ensworth a fighter's chance each night out.

Ensworth gets back at it in December when they travel to Pearl Cohn High School.


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