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SuperSoph Loaded with 2015 Future150 Ranked Players
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (5:15 PM CT, Wed June 6, 2012)
2015 Mickey Mitchell and KeJuan Johnson had an epic battle.
2015 Mickey Mitchell and KeJuan Johnson had an epic battle.
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- The Future150 staff was back on the road again -- this time in Atlanta, Ga.  The SuperSoph Camp was hosting some of the top ranked players in the country out of the 2015 class.  Talent was plentiful and competition was fierce, especially on Saturday.  Nationally-ranked players in the Future150 rankings were matched up all day long.

They looking to prove that each of them were worthy of ranking or looking to move up. No. 2 Mickey Mitchell, No. 4 Skal Labissiere, No. 7 King McClure and No. 12 KeJuan Johnson were all on hand and all made the Top 20 All-Star game on Sunday.  Let's take a look at some of the top performers in the camp and from the Top 40 and Top 20 All-Star games.

Mickey Mitchell - (2015-Texas Titans) the 6-foot-7 SF can play multiple position from the 1 to the 4 on the floor.  He has a high basketball IQ and is an exceptional athlete when attacking the rim.  There is really nothing he can't do with the basketball.  One of his biggest attributes is his ability to pass the ball and use the dribble to make his teammates better.  Mitchell definitely proved he deserves to be considered as the #1 player over the next couple of years.

KeJuan Johnson - (2015-Each1Teach1) the 6-foot-5 SF was easily the strongest and one of the most athletic players in the camp.  Johnson was able to get the basket with ease off the dribble, due to no one wanting to get in front of him.  He has shown improvement on his outside shot as well as his mid-range game. He is a great rebounder and can still take advantage of his post play with smaller forwards trying to guard him.  Look for him to make a move soon back into the top 10.

King McClure - (2015-Texas Titans) the 6-foot-2 SG was clearly the best overall scoring guard in the camp.  He racks up points on all three levels and was the 2nd best 3-point shooter as well.  His overall athleticism allows him to guard both guard positions.  He can play the PG position, if he needs to, due to his ball handling skills. Overall, McClure proved he is worthy of his top 10 ranking.

Jaylen Brown - (2015-Worldwide Renegades) the 6-foot-5 SF was one of the biggest surprises from this weekend.  He is super-athletic and can finish above the rim.  He has a nice shot which can extend to the 3-point line.  He is an excellent rebounder and has the body and length to guard bigger players on the perimeter.  Brown put on a consistent performance which will likely propel him into the top 25.

Matt O'Reilly - (2015-Oakland Soldiers) the 6-foot-2 SG was the most consistent and fundamental shooters in the entire camp.  He plays with a good motor and is a solid defender.  You can just tell he understands how to play the game the right way.  He is really athletic and caught more than a couple players sleeping as he took off and dunked the ball -- a couple of times with 2 hands.  Look for O'Reilly to make an appearance back in the rankings real soon after this performance.

Tyler Jackson - (2015-Illinois Celtics) the 7-foot center was a nice surprise this weekend and solidified why he deserves to be ranked.  He has a huge presence in the lane and affected just about every shot around the rim.  Tyler can rebound with the elite and proved not only can he score inside, but his 15-foot mid-range jumper might have been his best attribute.  He has improved his quickness and foot speed.  Look for Jackson to continue his upward trend as the summer progresses.

Nyck Smith - (2015-M33M) the 5-foot-9 PG has a strong body and the knowledge to play the position at an elite level.  He plays with a great pace and showed the ability to play at different speeds on the floor.  He showed one of the nicest left hands when attacking the rim and finishing.  Smith just gets better every time we see him and he is clearly separating himself from other PGs in the class.

Jerron Love - (2015-Oakland Soldiers) the 5-foot-9 PG is a pass first player who can score when need be.  He plays with a great pace and knows how to make his teammate better.  Jerron showed a vast knowledge of the game and continued to progress as the weekend went along.  He made open shot from both mid and long range.  As Love gets stronger and taller, look for him to climb the rankings ladder.

Levi Cook - (2015-WV Wilcats) the 6-foot-9 center is a fleet-footed player who moves extremely well for a player of his size.  He plays with power, finesse and a high motor on both ends of the floor.  Levi has a variety of post moves in which he scores when playing on the block.  Cook is also a sneaky shot blocker and knows how to use his big body to his advantage.

Skal Labissiere - (2015-M33M) the 6-foot-10 PF is one of the most skilled big men we have seen all summer.  He has a left and a right-handed jump hook to go along with a face up jumper that extends to 15 feet.  He is an elite shot blocker and rebounder.  Strength and foot speed is only going to make him better as time goes along.  Look for Labissiere to keep making statements as he stays in the top 10.

Ravion Bell - (2015-Southern Stampede) the 6-foot-9 PF is a super long and wiry player who showed good athleticism around the rim.  He runs the floor well and is an excellent shot blocker and rebounder.  As he puts on weight and gets stronger, the sky is the limit for this relatively unknown DI prospect.  Overall Bell was one of the big surprises from the weekend.

Prince Ali - (2015-FlyWade) the 6-foot-3 SG is a high energy player who is a good athlete.  He was one of the most impressive slashers from the weekend.  He's a great finisher at the rim and was one of the best offensive rebounders from the guard position.  His length and quickness allows him to guard multiple positions.  As Ali learns to play at different speeds and better control his game, he will will elevate to a whole new level.

Daniel Giddens - (2015-Worldwide Renegades) the 6-foot-9 inch PF is an elite athlete who knows how to finish around the rim.  He runs the floor extremely well and is an elite rebounder.  As he pushes his range out and starts to be more of a face up player on his jump shot, Giddens will start to become elite.  Look for him to only get better as the summer continues.

Marlon Hunter - (2015-Team Thad) the 6-foot-2 SG out of Memphis was one of the top unknown players in the camp.  He showed a nice all-around game and was one of the top athletes in the camp.  He loves to score in transition and is a great on-ball defender.  Hunter proved he can make the open 3-point shot to go along with a slasher's game.  Expect more of the same as the summer continues into July.


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Carlos / Guest

Great group of Kids

Posted: 4:20 AM UTC, Thu June 7, 2012
Jason Pratt's avatar
Jason Pratt / Future150 Staff

I really enjoyed talking to all the players at that camp. Mickey, KeJuan, King, KeVaugh, Jerron all great kids..

Posted: 6:04 AM UTC, Thu June 7, 2012

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