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Summit Camp Success Story
by Andrew Force, Future150 (2:33 PM CT, Mon June 22, 2015)
Embery goes off against Elite competition, earns offer.
Embery goes off against Elite competition, earns offer.
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Stillwater, OK (Future150) -- Future150 is in a unique position.  Whereas most recruiting websites evaluate players who have offers the staff of Future150 identifies the college prospects before any high level evaluations are made. 

Case in point May wrapped with the annual Summit Camp.  Keyshawn Embery was a star, earning top two honors.  This performance came less than eight months after his Dallas Camp His future was obvious, but his Summit explosion narrowly preceded a life-changing Oklahoma State Team Camp.  

"He went down there with his high school, Midwest City," said Guardian Jermaine Simpson, who also coaches his AAU team.  "He went down there for the Team Camp that Travis Ford has every year."

Like life, recruiting boils down to maximizing opportunities in front of important observers.  This could mean college coaches or a recruiting writer.  

Embery had once such chance.  And he did exactly what you need to do.

"He got a chance to play Trae Young and Lindy Waters," said Coach Simpson.  "Because OSU offered those two players (they were watching).  Keyshawn caught fire in that game. He hit 7 three's in one game against Lindy.  They offered right after that game actually.  Ford reached out to him.  Then he called me to let me know he was offering."

For a high major program like Oklahoma State to offer a sophomore-to-be shows an unwavering belief in the player's trajectory.

"Normally he doesn't do it, but he said he just doesn't want to miss out."

As soon as Embery and his guardian could share the joy of the opportunity presented they quickly understood it is not the end of the road.

"No urgency at all," said Mr. Simpson.  "Coach Ford made the offer based on basketball.  He doesn't know his background, education."

In other words this is the beginning of Embery's Oklahoma State recruitment.   

"He is going to start evaluating him and getting to know him."

Coach Ford and his assistants will be out to watch Keyshawn in July.

A new offer always sends ripples through the pond of recruiting sharks. 

"I got a call from Mercer and University of Houston, maybe thirty minutes after I put the offer out."

And so it begins.


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