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PrimeTime Nationals HS Recap: Day 1 Standouts
by Corbin Osby, Future150 (9:37 PM CT, Fri July 29, 2016)
2018 Jordan Wright of EP Elite at PTNBC16
2018 Jordan Wright of EP Elite at PTNBC16
Corbin Osby
Corbin Osby:

Future150 Regional Analyst covering high and middle school basketball. GA, SC, FL

Dallas, TX (Future150) -- The 2016 PrimeTime Nationals kicked off action on Thursday, and several prospects in the classes of 2017, 2018 & 2019 stood out to Future150 staff.

Derrick Flowers, 2017 SF, Nike D1 Premier: He is an athletic and skilled forward that plays hard the whole game. At day one of PrimeTime Nationals, he showcased his ability to score the ball all over the floor in many ways. He is a rebounding machine that uses his body well and seals out well to allow good positioning for defensive and offensive rebounding.

Jordan Wright, 2018 SG, Nike E.P. Elite: Wright is physical and aggressive guard that knows how to score the ball. He is one of the highest rated players in the state of Louisiana in his class, and has gained a lot of interest from high-major institutions. His ability to attack the rim and score, as well as playing off the ball makes him hard to guard. He shoots the ball well off the dribble and knows how to see the floor well to find open teammates if he is not open.

Terrance Smith, 2018 PG/SG, Nike E.P. Elite: Smith is a smart and effective guard that helps his team with his shooting ability and being able to play on and off the ball. He has a change of speed that makes him hard to guard because he has different types of gears and he knows how to change them at any time. He plays well with the ball in his hands because he creates for others as well as himself in order to score.

Murray Grant III, 2019 PG, Coast 2 Coast: Grant plays his position how it is supposed to be played. His vision in the full and half court is on a whole different level, in regard to the way he sees the floor and passes the ball and gets his teammates involved. He is very skilled as well and knows how to use ball-screens to create for himself and others, and he is able to put himself in a lot of mismatch situations in the half court.

Reece Rollins, 2019 SG, Coast 2 Coast: Reece is a knock-down shooter and he knows where his spots are at on the floor. In the half-court he likes to stay active, and because of that, he tires out the opposing teams defenders because they have been chasing him around the whole time trying to keep him from touching the ball. He plays so well off the ball and knows how to put himself in solid situations to score.

Sidney Hadden, 2019 SG/SF, D1 Premier: Hadden is a long and skilled player that use his length to his advantage. He showed time after time that he can shoot the ball on an elite level. His versatility makes him a hard match-up for opposing teams because he can work on the wing as well as getting in the post from time to time because he knows how to use his body, so he gets to the free-throw line often.

Josiah Johnson, 2019 PG/SG, Tiger Life: Johnson is a strong, skilled and aggressive guard that has the best of both worlds because he can play on and off the ball, and has ability to score in bunches. He is one of the best on-ball defenders on his team, and he uses his defense to create turnovers in order to score on offense, which puts his team in great situations to dominate opposing teams.

Chance Watts, 2019 PG, Tiger Life: Watts is a 5’4" point guard, and if you didn’t pay attention, you could miss him. But what catches the eye is his ability to play hard the entire game and he has a never- give-up attitude and knows how to use his height and size to his advantage. In return, it works out for him defensively and offensively. He is smart point guard that plays well with every player on his team and he knows how put his teammates in the best situations.


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