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Power 24 Weekend Recap
by Garrett Tucker, Future150 (2:25 AM CT, Wed August 1, 2012)
2014 LJ Peak is a scorer
2014 LJ Peak is a scorer
Garrett Tucker
Garrett Tucker:

Future150 Southeast Analyst. Covering high school basketball across the Southeast.

Atlanta, GA (Future150) -- Shun Williams and On the Radar Hoops brought together some of the best AAU teams from the Georgia area to participate in this year’s Power 24. This was the final time for teams to showcase their skills in front of several college coaches throughout the weekend.

Here are the players that stood out from the weekend:

Noah Dickerson, 2015 C, Georgia Stars: At 6-foot-7, 240 pounds, Dickerson utilized his big body to dominate the competition. He played very well in the post and finished around the basket. He typically dunked everything he could. The sophomore looks to be one of the better prospects from Georgia in 2015.

Elijah Staley, 2014 SF, Southern Stampede: The Stampede didn’t necessarily have their best showing Friday night, but Staley helped will his team to victory. The 6-foot-6 forward attacked the rim constantly and got to the free-throw line often.

C.J. Thurman, 2014 C, Southern Stampede: Thurman may get overlooked from time to time because of three talented wings on his team (Staley, Ahmed Hill & Jakeenan Gant), but he continues to improve. He is an athletic big man that runs the floor well for his size, and he also has a nice touch around the basket. His biggest asset is his strength and ability to bang around in the low post.

Kobi Simmons, 2016 SG, Southern Kings: Scorer. That is the word for Simmons, who spent all weekend putting the ball through the net. He can score in a variety of ways, but right now, his strongest asset is shooting ability. He shot the ball extremely well from the outside and his mid-range game is visible, too. This is another Georgia kid with outstanding potential.

Trevor Anderson, 2015 PG, Team United: Anderson may be more suited as a combo guard in the future, but right now he considers himself more as a point guard. He controlled his team very well and made the right plays. The 6-foot guard showed off a very impressive lefty stroke from the outside. Whichever position he pursues at the next level, it looks like he will be successful.

P.J. Dozier, 2015 PG, Upward Stars: The easiest way to describe Dozier is smooth. While he isn’t the strongest guard out there, he used his length and quickness to get by defenders and make plays for others. He slashed into the lane very effectively and also shot it well from deep.

L.J. Peak, 2014 SG, Upward Stars: Peak is an outstanding scorer, and he can do it in many ways. He excels at putting the ball on the floor and finishing in the lane with his pure strength. Nevertheless, he still has a great shot from the perimeter. Peak is easily one of the best players in the Carolina area.

Bakari Copeland, 2013 SG, Kingdom Elite: Copeland can be very effective from the outside, but he proved more to his game this weekend. While he did consistently hit shots from the outside, he also showed his athleticism, as he finished at the rim with several dunks.

Jarvis Calhoun, 2014 SG, Birmingham Ice: Another proven shooter, Calhoun made some noise throughout the weekend. His sweet left-handed stroke is automatic from the outside, and he is starting to improve on putting the ball on the floor. He excels as a shooter, though.

Christian Kennedy, 2013 PF, Columbus Knicks: Kennedy oozes with raw potential at 6-foot-10, yet he is still a productive player. With his length, the big man performs well on the defensive-end of the floor blocking shots. He runs the floor very well and can finish at the rim. He is definitely a high-major talent.

Devin Mitchell, 2014 SG, Georgia Stars: Despite tweaking an ankle on Friday, Mitchell battled throughout the weekend to be successful. He is very solid and shoots the ball well from deep. As he also showed, when he isn’t hitting shots, he can also control the team and act as a point guard at times. If you want a reliable player, Mitchell is your guy.

Jordan Harris, 2016 SG, Atlanta Celtics: The future continues to look bright for the state of Georgia, and, in particular, Harris. The 6-foot-3 guard has a great shot on him, and he showed it throughout the tournament. Harris connected for five three-pointers in a game Saturday for the Celtics. Keep an eye out for that name.


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