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Big12 Kansas Offers Lightfoot VIP
by Andrew Force, Future150 (12:16 AM CT, Fri April 24, 2015)
Pac 12 hounding Lightfoot
Pac 12 hounding Lightfoot
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Gilbert, AZ (Future150) -- Mitchell Lightfoot decommitted from New Mexico last Friday. 

Since that moment his family and AAU coach have been fielding countless requests.  Recruiters want to talk.  Others want to visit.  The most flexible hit the skies to evaluate within days.

"Nebraska signed Bakari (Evelyn)," said Arizona Power AAU Coach John Ortega.  "He was up there this weekend.  He came back on Sunday and Mitch decommitted on Friday afternoon.  Nebraska basically called me Monday morning and asked about Mitch.  I said he is wide open.  They were here Tuesday."

Nebraska offered him on the spot.

Could you get to Arizona for an emergency in 20 hours?  Because Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles can.  

Kansas University was not far behind.  

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