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MSE Takes Home 17U Gold Championship
by Ramin Mazaheri, Future150 (11:05 AM CT, Fri May 10, 2019)
Mid State Elite takes home 17U Gold Title at Future150 MEB
Mid State Elite takes home 17U Gold Title at Future150 MEB
Ramin Mazaheri:

Regional Recruiting Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- The 2019 Future150 Tournament Series was home this past weekend for it's fourth tournament of the 2019 season in Hoover, AL at the Hoover Finley Center which featured 11 courts under one roof. The Birmingham Main Event has been one of Future150’s top tournaments in its series due to all of the talent in the Southeast.

The 17U division featured talent all across the board and had two championships, a Gold bracket and Silver bracket. The Gold championship featured a very talented Midstate Elite team and Big Joe's Basketball Club. MSE came out on top 78-68 in that game after battling with a talented BJBC team. The Silver bracket game featured a long Team ARG team who topped a guard heavy Georgia Explosion team 64-59.

Let's take a look around the division at some of it's feature players below:

James Williams - 2020, SF of MSE is a 6'5, strong, and athletic guard who showed his ability to score on all three levels efficiently all weekend. He is a downhill attacker who can also shoot outside. He is in great condition as he plays the entirety of each game and positively effects the game on both ends. Williams is also a strong defender who forces a lot of turnovers which led to transition opportunities. He was a key part of this championship team which went undefeated on the weekend.

Dylan Wade - 2020, SG of MSE is a thick, strong guard who can score in bunches. He moves well without the ball, setting off ball screens, cutting hard, etc. One of his best assets is his midrange jumpshot as he knocked down many key shots throughout the weekend. Wade can score on all three levels as he can attack the basket as well as shoot from outside to go along with his midrange ability. He was a solid defender and crashed the boards on both ends of the floor to help his team go undefeated this weekend.

Tyrone Marshall - 2020, CG of MSE is a long, athletic wing player who does a little bit of everything on both ends of the floor. He showcased his ability to score on all three levels with his long frame. He handles the ball well, pulls up when needed, and even shot the outside shot some. Marshall is very active as he crashes the boards, defends, and gets after loose balls. He plays with a high motor which was key in MSE going undefeated this weekend.

Lior Berman - 2019, SF of BJBC is a stat filler with his long, 6'6 frame and high motor. He plays hard-nosed defense, defends on all three levels, and crashes the boards on both ends of the floor. He showed shot blocking ability, scoring in a wide variety of ways, and just flat out hustling each possession. Berman can score on all three levels as well, but is best at getting to the rim. He led his team to becoming runner-ups in the Gold bracket.

Trey Bostic - 2020, PG of BJBC is an elite guard who can score at a very high level. He showed multiple 25+ point games throughout the weekend, featuring his outside shooting ability. Bostic is shifty with his handle, gets into the gaps, and is a floor general who makes the right plays. He's long, quick, and very smart with the ball. 

Jacquari Johnson - 2020, SG of Team ARG is a persistent guard who doesn't give up. Watched him bring his team back from 20 points and also watched him lead the way to victory with his scoring abliity. Johnson moves well without the ball, is very active, and can flat out score the ball. He's got a strong frame, can put the ball on the floor, and he shoots the ball very well from outside. Johnson was the leader for his team to win the Silver bracket championship.

Brennon Marsh - 2020, C of Team ARG is a 6'8, long, lanky, rim-to-rim runner who plays above the rim. He's always in the right position for when guards attack and dump down to the post for him to put one down. He is active on the boards and a strong rim protector for his team. His size is intimidating to opposing guards who try to come in for finishes as he's ready to send every shot back out. Marsh was a solid player in helping his team win the Silver bracket championship.

Jaylon Wooten - 2020, SF of Team ARG is a 6'7, long, smooth player who handles the ball well for his size. He pulls-up midrange with no hesitation, has a nice stroke from outside, and is a problem defensively as he alters shots against smaller players. Wooten slashed to the basket for quick finishes in the paint off his teammates' passes, and was a key player in his team's accomplishment of winning the Silver bracket championship.

Devin Bell - 2020, PG of GA Explosion is an unbelieveable scoring guard with no fear. He may be undersized, but he plays like he is 6'8. Bell has a tight handle, is shifty in how he moves, and gets to the kill spots on the floor very easily. He has long range ability off the catch and off the right-to-left Allen Iverson crossover. He elevates nicely into his shot, and has great court vision as the point guard for his team. He is also a very aggressive on-ball defender with a will to win. Bell led his team all the way to the Silver bracket championship where they fell short.

Demariontay Hall - 2020, PF of GA Explosion is a long, athletic, 6'6 post player who does a little bit of everything. He is a huge rim protector and rebounder, always active on both ends. Hall handles the ball well for his position, attacks downhill, and plays well above the rim as he had some rim rattling dunks this weekend. He's a versatile player as he has the ability to not only play on the perimeter offensively, but also defensively with his ability to defend the perimeter. Hall helped get his team to the Silver bracket championship only to fall short as runner-ups.

Charles Callanan - 2020, SG of AYSA is a wing player who is a scoring machine. He's a sharp shooter from outside as he knocked down mutiple threes per contest, got to the rim, and pulled up midrange. He has great size and athleticism to compliment his next level shooting ability, making him a threat to score at any level. Be on the look out for this upcoming senior guard to make waves this summer.

Sedrick Pettway - 2020, SG of the Alabama Celtics is an extremely athletic, good sized guard who can fill it up. He puts the ball on the floor, pulls up midrange, and can shoot the three ball to round out his ability to score on all three levels. Pettway plays well above the rim, absorbs contact well, and has elite athleticism. He's a competitor who defends well and is a stand out player each time he hits the floor. He featured a few 25+ point games this past weekend.

Antwan Cooper - 2019, PF of the Tuscaloosa Rams is an undersized forward, but has a motor that doesn't stop. He is strong, athletic, and has the aggression to disrupt almost every possession on the defensive end. He sprints the floor hard, dives for loose balls, and crashes the boards relentlessly. He has the ability to score very well from the low block and mid post areas. Cooper was a strong player throughout the division this past weekend.

Dayon Bryant - 2019, PG of Team Summit Prep is a guard who can handle the ball, be the floor general, lead his team, but also be that primary scorer who takes over games. He showed he's a skilled player who can score on all three levels. He plays aggressively on both ends, doesn't back down from anyone, and uses his strength to really penetrate the paint. Bryant also showed his ability to defend quick opposing guards, giving them a hard time up the entirety of the court.

Manoj Nickson - 2020, SG of the Nike Elite Stars Black is a sharp shooting assasin who featured a game knocking down 7 of 8 three point shots. He sprints the floor very well, gets to the deep corner, and waits for the ball to get advanced to him for the catch and shoot. Nickson also showed he can handle the ball well, attacking the rim. He plays with a high motor and is a hard-nosed defender as he competes every play.

Taj Johnson - 2020, PG of the Nike Elite Stars Orange is a quick, shifty guard who penetrates the paint to make plays either for himself or his teammates. His small size allows him to weave through defenders and elevate into a strong finish or pull-up from midrange. Johnson showed off his ability to defend at a high level and create transition opportunities for his team.

Jaries Brown - 2020, PG of the Mobile Hornets Elite is a super athletic, shifty guard who puts his team on his back game in and game out. He has strong teammates, but they all feed off his will to win and competitiveness. He puts the ball on the floor and with a great first step, he gets to the rim efficiently for tough finishes. He's a strong player who sees the floor and rarely turns the ball over. 

Jarrien Radden - 2020, C of the Chattanooga Steam is a long, athletic post with range. He has the green light to shoot the ball from outside and makes it at a high percentage. His athleticism has him running the floor very well which gets him easy buckets. Radden elevates nicely on jump shots, jump hooks, and other post moves. He's a quick jumper, often getting two jumps while opponents are still on their first jump. He has his head on a swivel anytime he catches in the post, aware of double teams, and makes opponents pay with his passing ability. 

Darrius Ellis - 2021, PG of Selma One-Ball is a quick, shifty, and strong guard who has unbelievable athleticism. He has his way with defenders, gets to the rim with ease, and can score on all three levels. He shoots the ball well from outside, defends very well the length of the court, and has a will to win. Ellis was impressive as he carried his team throughout the weekend as the floor general, leader, and the primary scorer on the team.


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