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LA Hoopers Take Home 16U Gold Championship Title
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (4:34 PM CT, Sat May 12, 2018)
LA Hoopers take home 16U Gold Championship
LA Hoopers take home 16U Gold Championship
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- The 11th Annual Future150 Main Event was held this past weekend in Hoover, Alabama at the all-new Finley Center. The energy and excitement amongst the teams and spectators could be felt the moment you entered the building. With over 130 teams competing from eight States to say that the competition was top notch would be an understatement. Let's look at how the competition turned out and highlight some of our top performers in the 16U Division. 

In our Gold Bracket Championship Game, we had the LA Hoopers facing off against The Birmingham Thunder. Braggings rights went to the LA Hoopers with a score of 62 to 50. The LA Hoopers showcased their versatility and talent and battled all weekend for that top spot. Nick Traylor, Jalon Qualls, and Ramada Pleasant all stood out not only leading their team to victory in the Championship game but in every game this weekend. All 3 players averaged double-digit scoring all weekend showing teamwork, agility, and athleticism at it's finest. The Birmingham Thunder was led by Caden Pierce who had a nice game with 13 points and an impressive 51 points scored overall during the weekend. 

The Mid State Elite faced off against the Nike Elite Stars in the Silver Bracket Championship game with Mid State Elite taking the victory with a score of 71 to 56.  James Williams led Mid State Elite to an impressive win showing excellent ball-handling skills with double-digit scoring, putting points on the board every time he got the ball in his hands! The Nike Elite Stars led by Chandler Dyas & Cedric Willis fought a hard fight showing high basketball IQ and excellent handling and 3 point shooting. 

Lastly, our Bronze Championship went to The Wolverines Basketball Club who faced off against the Alabama Generals. With a final score of 66 to 42, the Wolverines were lead by JaBraylon Carroll who showed not only high volume shooting but follows through as well scoring 22 points in the final game. Tillman Jones led the Alabama Generals in this final game with 13 points and three 3's showing speed, agility and the ability to shoot under pressure. 

16U Division MVP: James Williams - 2020 CG (Mid State Elite)

First Team All-Tournament: 

SG Jalon Qualls (LA Hoopers)
PF Pate Owen (Birmingham Thunder)
C  Xavier Presley (East Cobb Playmakers)
SG Chandler Dyas (Nike Elite Stars)
SG Ke'Von Furgeson (Memphis Royals)

Second Team All-Tournament:

PG Dan Parker (Tuscaloosa Warriors)
PF Marcus Wilson (Mississippi Wildcats)
PF Ramaja Pleasant (LA Hoopers)
F Aaron Moore (Lincoln Generals)
G Jon Moore (Tuscaloosa Rams)

Now let's take a closer look at some of our top performing 16U athletes of the weekend

Jalon Qualls- SG 2021, (LA Hoopers) Qualls was a scoring machine over the course of the tournament. At 5-foot-9, he might not fit the prototypical size player but I can tell you this he can score in bunches. The way he plays the game with passion and heart which was on full display in the semis and the championship games. The team leader led the team in the scoring averaging 12 points and 3 assists for the tournament.

Aaron Moore- F 2020, (Lincoln Generals) Moore is a fundamental player with good size and a  strong physique who knows how to use his body in both rebounding and finishing at the rim. He was very useful all weekend long setting the pick and roll too. His ball handling skills after a rebound allowed him to take the ball coast to coast several times throughout the tournament. Solid overall performance on the weekend.

Ramaja Pleasant- PF 2020 (LA Hoopers) Pleasent is a 6-foot-3 inch forward to was the team's enforcer on both the offensive and defensive glass.  He was one of the better scorers in the 16U division averaging 14.5 points per game and 9 boards. If you leave him open he can stretch his game to the three-point line where he made a couple to keep the defense honest.  His performance lands him on the 1st all-tourney team.

James Williams - CG 2020, (Mid State Elite) Williams is a 6'5" jumping jack who can play both guard positions. he averaged 24 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists over the weekend. He predominately played the point guard but scores so well he can play off guard as well. His athleticism, high flying dunks and at will scoring sum up his game to a T. Williams is hands down our 16U MVP of the weekend.  Look for him to jump into the National Rankings next update.

Parker Goodwin - PG 2020, (Bama Sonics) Goodwin is a pass-first lead guard who has a strong basketball IQ. His speed and ball handling allow him to get anywhere on the floor he chooses. His court vision is excellent in the half AND the full court. As the team leader, they don't need him to score but he can when needed. #CoachOnTheFloor

Grayson Long - PG 2020, (Alabama Generals) Long is a 5'10" point guard who understands how to play the game the right way. He thrives in offensive sets, uses screens well and seems to always make the right plays as needed. If left open he will knock down the open shot time and again. Help side defense, high motor, and versatility are 3 traits seen time and again watching Long. 

Xavier Presley - C 2020, (East Cobb Playmakers) Presley is a high energy, a high motor player who never gives up on the play. He knows how to compete and did most of his damage on offensive rebounding using his body over and over again to score. Athleticism, long arms and a quick second jump made him one of the better shot blockers of this division. He averaged a double-double in both rebounding and scoring. 

JY Gray - CG 2020, (S.O.S. Warriors) Gray is a wing player who loves attacking the rim. He proved that if left open, he can knock down the long-range bomb. He made several 3's in a game to go along with his 6 rebounds. On ball defense, versatility and playmaking are three things you think about when watching him play. His overall play helped his team make a run in the tournament. Solid overall performance on the weekend with a ton of upside to his game.

Marcus Wilson- PF 2020 (Mississippi Wildcats) Wilson is an undersized forward who does a lot of damage in the paint.  He has a good feel for the game and uses his body well when attacking the glass.  He can stretch his game to the 3-point line as well where he made three in a game where he leads his team in scoring with 18 points. His versatility, high motor, and athleticism make him a coaches dream.

Dan Parker - PG 2020, (Tuscaloosa Warriors) Parker is a player who wants the ball in his hands at all times. His playmaking mentality is infectious and he makes plays all over the court. Once he gets past his defender and gets downhill, he is really hard to stop. Scoring from all three levels is what he does best and it makes him a tough guard in both the half and full court. As he works on a quicker release look for his shot to take the next step. Solid overall performance on Saturday.

John Ford - G 2020, (Tuscaloosa Rams) Ford is a player with an all-around skill set that makes him hard to take off the court.  He does everything well including making his teammates better.  The wing player did most of his scoring off the dribble and in the half court set.  Defense and playing with a high motor are two things that come naturally to him due to his speed and lateral quickness.  As his shot becomes more consistent look for his scoring to increase.

Frederick Thomas - G 2020 (Wolverines Basketball Club) Thomas is a pass-first lead guard who plays under control and controls the game from start to finish.  He is quick, shifty and has the ball-handling skills to get anywhere on the court he chooses.  Scoring on all three levels is what he does best and make it look easy.  He averaged double figures in the tournament and was the team leader.  As his three ball falls with more consistency look for his scoring to improve dramatically.

Ke'Von Ferguson - SG 2020, (Memphis Royals) Ferguson is 6-foot-1 inches tall and has a nice frame.  His overall strength and ability to make contact on his dribble drives is what stands out.  The cany ability to finish at the rim with his body control is something you don't see a lot of these days. Once he gets down the hill on you especially on the fastbreak you should just mark down two points on the score sheet.  His basketball IQ, court vision and feel for the game all make him a really good player.

Chandler Dyas- SG 2020, (Nike Elite Stars) Dyas is a big-time shooter from behind the arc.  His ability to run the floor and find his spots on both the fastbreak and the half court gave him open looks. Basketball IQ, feel for the game and making the right pass are all things that come naturally to him. Coaches love having a player on their team that can make the open shot consistently.  As his ball handling skills get a stronger look for him to put it on the floor more which will open up his game.  He averaged double figures in scoring for the tournament.

Jamarious Horton - SG 2020, (Memphis Showtime) Horton is a big-time slasher who loves scoring on the fastbreak.  His overall speed and handling make him almost impossible to stop in the open floor.  A high motor and tons of energy make this wing player stand out like a sore thumb when you watch him play.  Strength, body control and craftiness all allow him to finish through contact when attacking the rim.  The one thing he did prove is that if you do happen to leave him open he will make you pay with the occasional three-point bomb.

Isaac Sims- SG 2020, (Alabama Celtics) Sims is a super fundamental player who understands how to play the game the right way. He has good shot mechanics, which translates to made shots especially from the three-point line. His feel for the game allows him to break down defenses and make his teammates better.  Basketball IQ, playmaker, and athleticism are all things that stand out when you watch him play. His first step is so good that it allows him to create space to get his shot off.  Solid performance on the weekend.

Malik Moore - PF 2020 (Memphis Royals) Moore is a 6'3' big-bodied forward with good size and strength. Most of his damage was done in transition and in the offensive blast. He shoots the ball well enough to stretch his game to the 3 point line where he made several shots over the weekend. Coaches love having consistent players like this on their team because you always know what to expect and what you will get from players like Moore. 

Daunte Cave- PG 2020 (Birmingham Thunder) Cave is a solid lead guard that you want him to have the ball in his hands.  He makes plays all over the court especially when he attacks his defender off the bounce.  He can score on all three levels and is the team leader in both by his play and being vocal. He leads his team all the way to the Gold Championship game.

Mike Wallce Jr.- PF 2020 (Team Tae) Wallas Jr. is a 6-foot-5 inch power forward who is a good athlete and plays at rim level.  He was crashing the boards all weekend long and had several offensive putbacks. He plays with a high motor, has good footwork and can guard three different positions on the floor.  He averaged 13 points per game and 8 rebounds on the weekend.

Cody Williams - SG 2020, (Lincoln Generals) Williams is a scoring guard who has the ball handling and decision making to play both guard positions.  At 6-foot-1 inches tall, he has good athleticism, loves attacking the rim and rebounds the ball well from the guard position.  He averaged 12.5 points per game and 3 assists over the course of the tournament.  As he gets stronger and his stretches his shot to the three-point line, look for his game to take the next step.

Jeffery Daniels- PG 2020, (Atlanta Top Flight Elite) Daniels is a lead guard who has great size for the position at 6-foot-3 inches.  He is athletic, smart and makes all the right plays.  His full and half court vision help get his teammate easy baskets.  As he becomes more vocal and his ball handling skills get a better look out. There is nothing on the floor this player can't do. He averages double figures in the tournament and scored 17 points in his first game.

Tez Harris- SF 2020, (Flight Family 2020) Harris was a great rebounder this past weekend on the glass. He is active, long, and a great athlete. At 6-foot-6 inches tall, this wing was slashing in both the half court and on the fastbreak.  His overall length allows him to guard and play multiple positions on the floor.  Tons of Upside, Mid-range shot maker, and a high motor is all things that come to mind when you watch him play.

Pate Owen- PF 2020, (Birmingham Thunder) Owen is a player that all coaches love to have on their team due to he does all the little things.  He rebounds the ball well on both ends and loves cleaning up on the offensive misses.  His overall energy and high motor make him really effective at 6-foot-4 inches. His consistent play helped his team to the Gold Championship game. Solid overall performance on the weekend.

Dylan Lorio- PG 2020 (River Parrish Rockets) Lorio is a 5-foot-9 inch lead guard who makes everyone around him better.  He has good speed and ball handling skills which allowed him to break down his defender and score the rock at will. The Louisiana native scored in double figures in 2 of the 3 games he played.  Coaches will love his grittiness and will to win.  As he gets stronger and ads weight look for him to take his game to the next level.

Daylon Kings- SG 2020 (EAYO Lions) Kings had a strong performance this past weekend especially when he faced off against the East Cobb Playmakers. He scores 27 points and did it in a variety of ways.  He was scoring from all three levels and showed his versatility by guarding both guard positions on the floor.  He plays hard and loves scoring the rock.  Coaches would love this type scoring output from his every game.

Tyler Nordin- SF 2020 (TN Fury) Nordin is a super fundamental player who understands how use screens and manipulate the defense. He has good shot mechanics and loves slashing to the rim. He likes to initiate contact which resulted in him shooting a ton of free throws on the weekend. Basketball IQ, playmaker and a good feel for the game are the three attributes that describe his game to this point the best. Against Team Tae he had a team-high 16 points in the first half of play.

Nicholas Allen- SG 2020 (Bama Boys Elite) Allen plays the off-guard position and does it well. He can score in bunches and like scoring on the fastbreak.  On ball defense, Mid-range shooting and showing a nice feel for the game are all things he does well.  He averaged 15.5 points per game and 3 assists.  He had 19 and 18 points in back to back games during pool play.  As his ball handling gets better he may be able to play the PG position.  

Camron Caruthers- SG 2020 (Georgia Flight) Caruthers is a scoring guard who moves well without the ball in his hands.  He utilizes screens well and likes to finish on the fastbreak.  When he moves in the offense his handles are good enough for him to create space to get his shot off.  He can score on all three levels and with a tweak here and there his 3-ball should become more consistent.  He averaged 9.5 points per game in the tournament.


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