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Kingly Visits
by Andrew Force, Future150 (2:45 PM CT, Mon April 13, 2015)
King hitting the road
King hitting the road
Andrew Force
Andrew Force:

Future150 National Analyst. Covering High and Middle School basketball.

Tallahassee, FL (Future150) -- Senior Londell King will be a college basketball player.  But where?

After a powerful rebounding demonstration in Atlanta this past weekend, King has two new schools calling.

"The only one(s) that I talked to was UNC Wilmington, Samford," said Godby High School Assistant Coach Chris Ayers.  "Those are the only two that were new.  I wasn't there with him.  I am pretty sure the coaches will have meetings these next two days and then call after that."

Florida A&M offered King Monday afternoon.

The 6'6" forward, King prefers to operate on the low blocks.  He has excellent drive and strength, which compensate for his lack of height. 

According to King he wants to take official visits to Bethune Cookman, Southern, Jacksonville, and South Alabama. 

"None of the visits are set," said Assistant Coach Ayers.  "Jacksonville, Bethune, and Southern [intend to host].  He had a visit to East Tennessee State, but there coach got fired."

South Alabama has not confirmed they will host just yet. 

"They came in and evaluated him," said Assistant Coach Ayers.  "They have been in contact with him.  They said they will be getting in contact with him after the LIVE period."

South Alabama is a unique option for King.

"My teacher went there," said King.  "She tells me a lot about it.  They have my major plus they have new facilities for basketball."

King would like to major in Athletic Training. 

Weekend Warrior

King and his Showtime Hoops (FL) bunch narrowly won all four contests at Sweet 16 Session I.

The most impressive teammate, Tyree Crump (Georgia verbal) made some difficult jumpers in front of Georgia Head Coach Mark Fox. 

King's contributions involved more grunt work.  He tugged down almost every defensive miss.  His footwork inside was both quick and purposeful. 

Showtime Hoops 17u defeated PSB Select Elite, Louisiana Dynasty, SC Elite Black, and the Alabama Legends.

Unlike the ambitious Class of 2016 players, King's timeline is condensed.  The Late Signing Period begins Wednesday.  Londell King will be able to sign the paperwork during his favorite official visit.  Or he could prolong the selection process until May 20th.  That is the final day of the Late Signing Period.


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