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Katy Shooting Stars Red Take Home 17U Gold Championship
by Ramin Mazaheri, Future150 (2:24 PM CT, Sat April 20, 2019)
Katy Shooting Stars Red take home 17U Gold Championship.
Katy Shooting Stars Red take home 17U Gold Championship.
Ramin Mazaheri:

Regional Recruiting Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Houston, TX (Future150) -- Houston, TX (Future150) - The 2019 Future150 Tournament Series was on the road again this past weekend, and the third stop was Houston, TX. The Houston Main Event has been one of Future150’s top stops in its series due to all of the talent in the Houston area.

The Katy Shooting Shooting Stars Red went back and forth with Team Connect, but came out on top 76-70 behind a balanced attack and tough-nosed defense to win the Gold Championship. The Silver Championship featured another team from the Katy Shooting Stars, the Katy Shooting Stars White. Katy Shooting Stars White lost a close one to TSK Mike 77-73.

Let's take a look at featured players from across the 17U division below:

Cameron Applewhite - 2019, SG of the Katy Shooting Stars put on a show scoring the ball today in the semi-final. College Coaches if you’re looking for guard who can fill it up here’s your guy. He went for 8 threes for 36 points in one game, featured another 31 point game, and others. Applewhite is a strong-bodied 6’3 guard who has a nice handle, plays with a high motor, and obviously can shoot the cover off the ball.

Davion Sargent- 2020, PG of the Katy Shooting Stars is a big time prospect with a ton of upside to his game. His size at 6’6” allows him to play and guard multiple positions. His downhill attacking style creates open shots for his teammates.  He did most of his damage scoring in transition and off the bounce in the half court.  He averaged 9 points, 5 assists and 2 steals on the weekend.

Ryan Gordon - 2020, PF of Team Connect was a big rim to rim runner for his team down in Houston. In the paint, he demanded the ball and scored at will. He showed off back-to-the basket skills such as the drop step, and he faced up defenders to get to the rim as well. Gordon was a strong rebounder on both ends and protected the rim for Team Connect throughout the weekend.

Jeremiah Jones - 2020, CG of Team Connect was a big time scorer for his team all weekend, scoring in bunches. Jones sees the floor well at the PG position, and makes a living at the two guard position scoring. He can shoot the ball, attack down hill, and draw fouls to get to the free-throw line. 

Tyrell Lyons - 2020, PF of TSK Mike was a strong prospect this weekend, helping lead his team to the Silver Bracket Championship win. Lyons plays with energy on both ends of the floor and controls the paint. He is physical inside, finishes with either hand, and protects the rim on the other end. He was a strong rebounder this past weekend, and was able to help his team in many ways.

Javan Suarez - 2020, C of TSK Mike was a big body in the paint to go alongside Lyons this past weekend. He sprints rim to rim, protects the paint, and crashes the boards. Suarez played his role very well all weekend and grabbed some strong rebounds with 2-3 opponents around lots of times. His presence on the inside forced teams to think twice about coming inside.

Tamier Muse - 2020, C of Ballers Basketball is a long, athletic rim protector. He ran the floor all weekend long to get transition opportunities, but also to prevent them on the other end. Muse plays hard every possession, is physical in the paint, and can score efficiently when given the opportunity. He crashed the boards hard and brought energy for his team.

Jaydon Samuel - 2021, C of the Houston Rockstarz was a huge presence in the paint all weekend. He brought energy with momentum swinging blocks in the paint as he was a strong rim protector. Samuel scored a lot on the break, but also cleaned up the offensive glass very well to finish strong at the rim. 

Joshua Cottonham - 2021, SG of the Cy Fair Bulls showcased a ball-handling clinic this weekend as well as his ability to score off the bounce. He showed no fear over bigger teams, was relentless in his defensive efforts, and scored unconsciously. He shot from deep, pull-up, and go to the rim whenever he wanted.

Che’ Smith - 2020, PG of Team Connect was a solid floor general for his team this past weekend. He brought the energy on both ends, orchestrated the offense, and controlled the tempo of the game. He applied a ton of pressure to opposing guards on one end, and attacked down hill on the other creating opportunities for teammates to score. He exemplified strong leadership skills as he led his team to become runner-ups in the 17U Gold Championship.

Nathan Markgraf - 2019, SF of Salt and Light Sports was a strong-bodied, competitive player with a will to win. He attacked down hill, slashed to the basket, and played above the rim. He featured some 25+ point games. He also showcased that he is a sharp shooter from deep even with a hand in his face. Markgraf defended with intensity all weekend long on every level.

Trace Boling - 2020, SG of the Katy Shooting Stars Red has a good body and uses well when attacking the rim. He can make the open jumper on the wing and rebounds well on the defensive glass. Boling brought energy to the game on both ends of the floor and was able to impact the game in many ways.

Christopher Austin - 2020, PG of the Houston Fast Breakers was a great floor general for his team this past weekend in Houston. He controlled the tempo of the game, led through being cool, calm, and collected. He scored on all three levels, including some tear drop floaters and daggering 3PT shots from outside. One of the best parts of his game was that he attacked the kill spots on the floor and created opportunities for his teammates.

Dontae Durkee - 2020, SF of the Houston Dreamers has a good body and uses it well when scoring. He rebounds well on both ends and is a good finisher. Durkee featured some 20+ point games throughout the weekend, showcasing his ability to not only get to the rim, but also shoot from outside.

Matthew Presley - 2020, SF of BC Elite was a beast in the paint this past weekend in Houston. With an eye for the ball, he was able to react quickly on missed shots to get rebounds on both ends of the floor. Presley not only defended on all three levels, but scored on all three levels. He shot the ball well, got to the rim, and was a high scorer each game for his team.

Kevin Dotson - 2019, SF of SBG is a 6’6 framed wing who puts the ball on the floor and gets to the rim at will, playing above the rim. Dotson was a sharp shooter from outside, shooting the cover off the ball. He showed great court vision from his position, and brought defensive energy for his team as he defended on all three levels.

Dwight Parker - 2020, PG of RL9 was a long, lanky, 6’3 prospect this past weekend who gave 110% on both ends. He was a deep range shooter with a quick trigger and attacked the rim hard. His ability to drive opened up opportunities to dish the ball out to open teammates which he did very well with crisp, accurate passes. He’s a shifty floor general who dictates the tempo of the game for his team. 

Davison Sargent - 2020, CG of the Katy Shooting Stars is a big time prospect with a ton of upside to his game. His size at 6’6” allows him to play and guard multiple positions. His versatility of being able to defend on the perimeter, bang down low with the bigs, and everything in between was probably his best attribute. He scored in a variety of ways, including the outside shot, but mostly getting to the rim. 

Timi Tolu - 2020, PF of the Katy Shooting Stars is super long, wiry and athletic. He is a force in the paint blocking shots and scoring at the rent. Down low he showed his ability to score in the paint efficiently, draw fouls, and get to the free-throw line. He was a rim to rim runner all weekend, putting pressure on opposing teams to get back. His knack for blocking shots was impressive as he averaged 2-3 blocks per game.

Ka’Von Moore - 2020, SF of the Katy Shooting Stars is a big time athlete with great court vision. He had several high flying dunks throughout the weekend as he was a big downhill attacker. His ability to get to the rim opened up opportunities for teammates in which Moore willingly dished out for a better shot option.

Kenneth Armstrong - 2019, PG of RL9 Bob is an aggressive player and uses his body well when attacking. He is very versatile and never gives up on a play. He helped lead his team by being a floor general with strong leadership skills. He communicates well on the floor on both ends, and defends well on the perimeter.

Joseph Mitchell - 2019, CG of Real Deal Elite was an athletic, wiry guard all weekend long with unbelievable bounce. He attacked down hill, was able to finish with either hand, and drew defenders throughout the tournament. Mitchell showed outside shooting ability, but played to his strengths of being long and athletic to get to the rim mostly. Played both ends of the floor to effect the game in a positive way, including crashing the boards.

Connor Champion - 2021, PG of Hustle Elite is a cool, calm, and collected floor general who runs his team’s offense. With great court vision, his ability to handle the ball, Champion creates himself a lot of scoring opportunities. Champion showcased his outside shooting ability throughout the weekend, creating momentum for his team.

Lewis Hughes - 2019, CG of TSK Blue was a quick, athletic, and explosive guard all weekend long. One of the more impressive guards in this past weekend’s tournament, Hughes showcased a skill set featuring outside shooting, midrange pull-ups, and getting to the rim. He shot the cover off the ball, elevated nicely on his pull-ups, and even showed defensive intensity every possession.

Darius Dugas - 2019, CG of TSK Blk was a go-to scorer for his team throughout the weekend, using his strong-bodied frame to get to the rim efficiently. He also showcased his ability to shoot the ball from the midrange shot as well as shooting the outside shot. He was a strong rebounder on both ends of the floor this weekend. 

LaQuinn Harkless - 2020, CG of GSA Elite was the go-to player for his team on both ends of the floor all weekend as he brought energy each game. He attacked the rim hard with his strong frame, and proved he had a versatile skill set. Defended with intensity, forcing turnovers, dove for loose balls, and had an overall will to win. Harkless can shoot outside as well, but attacked the rim primarily this past weekend.

Daylon Mathis - 2020, SG of RL9 was one of the most athletic guards this past weekend in Houston. He has great size and plays down hill with purpose. Nothing fancy, Mathis, just gets the job done by getting to the rim. He has a tight handle and some wiggle to his game. His strength and athleticism also created a lot of mismatch opportunities whether it be attacking bigs or posting up smaller guards. Defensively, he used his length to shoot the gaps and go for fast break opportunities.

Kentrell Laday - 2020, CG of South LA Elite Gators was an elite scorer for his team this past weekend in Houston. Laday, a long, wiry prospect, showed his ability to put the ball on the floor, attack the rim, and create for others. He shot the three ball well, and would score in bunches to create momentum for his team. He also played on the defensive end with intensity to create open court opportunities on the other end.

Isaiah Arcenaux  - 2019, CG of Katy Shooting Stars Blue showed off his ability to score in a variety of ways throughout this past weekend. He is long, lanky, and efficient with the ball. Defenders had a hard time staying in front of him as he was able to get to the rim at will where he finished well with either hand. When he didn’t have the ball, he’d spot up for open threes or slash to the basket for a quick bucket. Loved his movement without the ball and his overall energy that he brought to the game.


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