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UNLV Lands Jaylen Fisher
by Zachary Lyon, Future150 (8:41 PM CT, Wed October 7, 2015)
Fisher is headed out West to continue his basketball career.
Fisher is headed out West to continue his basketball career.
Zachary Lyon
Zachary Lyon:

Future150 Regional Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball: NC, SC & VA

Arlington, TN (Future150) -- Jaylen Fisher decided to make it official this evening as he committed to the Runnin' Rebels of UNLV. 

Fisher is one of the elite PG prospects in the 2016 class and is also a Future150 Alumni. He held offers from many high major programs like Arkansas, Baylor, Florida, Indiana, Memphis, NC State, and Tennessee. Ultimately it was Dave Rice and UNLV's staff that got the job done by winning over Fisher's talents. 

"Jaylen is a very strong team leader, anyone would love to play with him," Said Demonte Person, one of Fisher's AAU teammates with Team Thad. 

Until the few days prior to his announcement Memphis seemed like the favorite to land Fisher, then people were sensing that UNLV turned into the clear leader, which ultimately became true. 

Jaylen is the fourth player in a stellar 2016 class for Coach Rice which includes 4-star Justin Jacksonand 3-stars Christian Vitaland Carlos JohnsonUNLV's class could get even better as they seem to be one of the leaders in Kobi Simmons recruitment. 

Whether they land the services of Simmons or not, Jaylen looks like he should be a major contributor right away. Possibly as the go to perimeter defender, as he may be the best defensive guard on the team next season. Along with his impressive on-ball defensive skills, Jaylen will bring great energy to the floor and will be able to run Coach Rice's team as a versatile guard that can shoot, slash, and dish the ball. 

"He is going to be a big spark for their program, and will make everyone around him better. UNLV is going to love what he brings to their team," Said Demonte. 

Fisher certainly has his best days of basketball ahead of him as he heads out west next year to continue his basketball career at the highest level. 

Continue to follow along with Future150 as we see if Dave Rice can add even more talent to an already very impressive class. 


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