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Houston Nets Take Home 16U Gold Championship
by Ramin Mazaheri, Future150 (2:12 PM CT, Sat April 20, 2019)
Houston Nets take home 16U Championship
Houston Nets take home 16U Championship
Ramin Mazaheri:

Regional Recruiting Analyst. Covering high and middle school basketball.

Houston, TX (Future150) -- Houston, TX (Future150) - The 2019 Future150 Tournament Series was on the road again this past weekend, and the third stop was Houston, TX. The Houston Main Event has been one of Future150’s top stops in its series due to all of the talent in the Houston area.

The 16U Boys division featured unknown young players from all over the South.The Houston Nets take the 16U Gold title with an impressive win over Modern Basketball 73-63. Hybrid Hoops was the winner of the 16U Silver Championship 76-63 over a scrappy Texas Inferno team.

Adrian Body - 2021, PG of the Houston Nets is a quick, shifty, and crafty guard when attacking the rim. He’s a leader on the floor with his words and actions, bringing 110% on both ends every possession. Body was a floor general, orchestrating the offense throughout the weekend, and making plays happen. He was an aggressive defender, forcing turnovers and creating open court opportunities.

Zach Bernu - 2021, PG  of Modern Basketball is a PG that can do it all. He defends, handles the ball efficiently with little to no turnovers, and can shoot the cover off the ball. Bernu lit up the gym this weekend featuring multiple games where he made 4-5 threes per contest. A strong leader for his team, he helped lead them to be runner-ups in the 16U Gold division.

Brock Luechtefeld - 2021, C of Modern Basketball is a long, 6’6 versatile big man who runs the floor very well. He was a force in the paint all weekend, hitting people with drop-steps and baby hooks. A smart player, he held his ground defensively, played disciplined, and either blocked shots in the paint or altered them, giving opponents a lot of trouble.

Mason Machado - 2021, SG of Modern Basketball was a strong guard in the 16U division all weekend as he plays a fundamental game with many different skills. He can shoot the cover off the ball and barely touches the rim when he lets it fly from deep. Machado showed his ability to put the ball on the floor, take contact, and make the right play by either finishing or dishing it off to a teammate.

Quintrell Coates - 2020, C of Hybrid Hoops was a 6'7 MAN IN THE PAINT type guy all weekend in Houston. His bigger frame moved defenders out of the way for him to score in the paint. He forced his way to a lot of rebounds on both ends of the floor, and ran the floor well for his size. He has good touch around the rim, and is a huge rim protector on the defensive end of the floor.

Cal Varner III - 2021, SF of Hybrid Hoops has good size as he's not only 6'3, but has a linebacker build which allows him to go downhill strong. He attacked the rim with purpose all weekend, finishing with either hand. Varner showed his ability to score on all three levels, and his ability to defend on the perimeter as well as the post.

Giovanni Pierrot - 2021, PG of Texas Inferno was a shifty guard who played downhill all weekend. He is strong-bodied, plays with unbelievable confidence, and scored on all three levels efficiently. He averaged close to 20 ppg, showed his ability to shoot from deep even when contested. Pierrot was one of the strongest guards in the 16U division, and brought intensity on both ends of the floor. He has a will to win.

Trey McClure - 2021, SG of Texas Inferno was one of the best shooters in the gym all weekend. A long, 6’2 frame, McClure was pulling-up midrange, shooting contested threes efficiently, and getting to the rim. He has the ball on a string as he can handle it very well. He was competitive all weekend long as he hates to lose.

Jason Broomfield - 2020, SF of Texas Inferno is a master of picking and rolling. His bruising screens open him up in the paint nonstop. He scored 24+ point games, grabbed double digit rebounds, and was a key defensive player for the Inferno. Runs rim to rim, is versatile, and can even put the ball on the floor. 

Shaheem Taylor - 2021, CG  of Ballers Basketball was a key performer for his team throughout the weekend in Houston. His athletic ability was unbelievable as he was a downhill driver, attacking the rim. He has a great first step and plays with a high motor. Taylor showed he was one of the top players in the 16U division, and played aggressively on both ends of the floor.

Jaden Ross - 2021, CG of the Cy Fair Bulls is an exceptional CG with a well-balanced skill set. His midrange game impressed us this morning as he has a shifty handle to get him to the kill spots on the floor for the pull-up. Ross was a 20 point scorer throughout the weekend, and was one of the best players in the division all weekend.

Edward Tims - 2021, C of Louisiana Legends was a monster in the paint all weekend in Houston. He owned the boards on both ends of the floor, ran the floor well, and finished well using either hand. Tims was a rim protector for his team, and helped the Legends show they were one of the stronger teams in the division.

Nate Barksdale - 2021, CG of TSK Q was a strong guard this weekend, showing an advanced skillset with the ball. He handled the ball very well, played with a unique confidence, and willed his team to some nice wins this weekend. Barksdale not only could handle the ball, orchestrate the offense, but he was scoring on all three levels, especially deep range. His off-the-dribble jumper was pure!

Mason Carlos - 2022, PF of Scholar Athletes was a strong presence in the paint down in Houston. Carlos finished well around the rim, was a high scorer each game, and crashed the boards hard on both ends of the floor. He wasn’t afraid to get physical and showed that he can run the floor very well.

Caleb Freeman - 2021, PG of Katy Shooting Stars is a strong point guard who doesn’t turn the ball over much. Handles the ball confidently, attacks the rim, and can shoot the trey ball fairly well. A floor general, Freeman showed poise in the point guard position, and helped his team play through adversity.

JJ Coughran - 2021, PG of Katy Shooting Stars Blue is a combo guard with great court vision. Gets teammates involved by putting the ball in a position where they can quickly be successful. Has a nice handle and can shoot the ball.

Kenneth Glenn - 2021, SG of the Houston Fast Breakers was an athletic guard who attacked the rim hard all weekend. He finished through traffic, got teammates involved, and hurt defenders from outside as well. He shot the 3 ball well, but is selective of when he shoots the outside shot. Glenn defended with high intensity and played with a high motor throughout the weekend.

Josh Dunevant - 2021, CG of the Houston Rebels Elite was a strong-bodied guard who attacked down hill all weekend. He loved to use the in & out cross to get to the rim, and was able to use his strength to finish around the rim. A leader on the floor, Dunevant also showcased his outside shooting ability.

Kuot Wei - 2021, SG of the Katy Shooting Stars White was a high scorer each game for his team, scoring mostly from the outside, but using his athletic ability to get to the rim. Wei has superb athleticism and competes on both ends of the floor, guiding his team to be in position to win the game.

Laron Truehill - 2021, CG of the Louisiana Bulls was a long, athletic guard who gave problems to opponents in Houston. He used his length to get to the rim in the half-court, and with his crisp ball-handling skills, he was hard to stay in front of. Truehill showed his ability to score on all three levels as well as defend on all three levels. 

Tedrick Williams - 2021, PF of Louisiana Legends was very active today in the post. The dominant big man owned the boards and scored in the paint all afternoon. Rim to rim runner with an athletic frame who can maneuver through the defense for crafty finishes. Williams also showed that he can shoot the outside shot, having made 3-4 threes in some games.

Ian Fontenot - 2021, PG of the Houston Dreamers is a strong-bodied floor general who gets his teammates involved. He scored on all three levels, attacked the rim, and also pulled-up midrange as well. Fontenot competed on both ends of the floor, showed resilience, and kept his poise each game. He showed his ability to shoot from outside every game.


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