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Grind Session Mini Camp Recap
by Jason Pratt, Future150 (8:11 PM CT, Tue October 23, 2018)
Future150 Grind Session Mini Camp
Future150 Grind Session Mini Camp
Jason Pratt
Jason Pratt:

Future150 Senior Recruiting Analyst. Covering high school basketball nationally.

Birmingham, AL (Future150) -- Future150 was back in Alabama to end its schedule of events hosting its Grind Session Mini Camp.  Players from 3 different states were on hand to compete before their high school season started.  Their was a wide range of talent on hand and a ton of young prospects in the gym.

Lets take a look at the Top 12 players who made the camp All Star game and how they performed on the day.

1. Daven Hopkins, PG 2019 (AL) "Hopkins is a scoring point guard that can flat get it going on the offensive end of the floor. He also has alot of range off the catch or dribble and he makes contested shots like the defender is invisible. Hopkins has a sweet stroke and the ball comes out of his hand soft. He can score in bunches off the catch or dribble in addition to slashing to the basket. He knows how to get his teammates involved no matter what is going on offensively. His overall performance gives him the MVP of the camp."

2. Jalen Moore, SF 2021 (AL) Moore is a 6-foot-4 inch small forward with long arms and a lanky frame.  He runs the floor well and showed good athleticism when attacking the rim.  Rebounding on both ends, scoring at the rim and making shots on all three levels are things that stand out when you watch him play.  His sneaky athleticism allowed him to have several above the rim finishes which made him tough to stop in both the half and full courts.  Solid overall play and a huge presence on defense helped him make the All Star game.

3. Christian Walker, PG 2019 (MS) "Walker is a 6-foot-1 inch shooting guard who can flat out score the rock.  He has flawless shot mechanics and a soft touch when the ball leaves his hand.  Scoring on all three levels, creating shots for his teammates off the bounce and finishing at the rim in transition are things that standout when you watch him play.  His first step is what makes him tough to stop in both the half and full court sets. He definitely has the skill level and athleticism to play at the next level.  Look for his game to grow and his shot to become more consistent which will only improve his level of play at the next level."

4. Xavier Griffith, CF 2020, (AL) "Griffith is a physically imposing presence in the paint with good size, tremendous upper body strength, and limitless energy and physicality. He is proactive seeking out contact inside, a consistent finisher, and high volume two way rebounder. Griffith can really spread the floor with his ability to hit the long ball. He shoots the ball from the arc with consistency, handles in the open floor, and can even take the ball off the glass and start the break. Griffith made a name for himself this weekend which led to him being able to take action in the Top 12 All-Star game."

5. Parker Goodwin, CG 2021 (AL) "Goodwin is a 6-foot-1 inch combo guard who can do it all on both ends of the floor.  He showed a good feel for the game and makes everyone around him better when the ball is in his hands.  He can score on all three levels and is extremely efficient from beyond the arc where he scored in bunches.  His fundamental approach to the game and leadership qualities makes him a coaches dream.  As he becomes more athletic and gets a little quicker look for his stock to rise over the next 12 months.  Solid overall performance on the weekend."

6. Chandler Porter, 2020 PG (AL) "Porter showed this weekend that he can run the team from the point guard position or play off the ball and assume the scoring responsibilities from the shooting guard spot. He loves to attack the rim in transition and is able to find open teammates with explosive line-drive passes. Porter has very good quickness and his jets allows him to attack the opposing team's defense, an aspect the coaches love to have at their disposal. Defenders cannot just back off him as he has range that extends out to 3-point range. We look forward to witnessing how his Junior season plays out as we expect a successful and dominant season from the young guard."

7. Jamal Anderson, SF 2021 (AL) "Anderson is a strong lefty combo forward. He is a great scorer down on the block where he has a knack for finishing. His game is more high-level than high-light as he didn't have a lot of "wow" plays, but displayed a very skilled, patient and smart plays. He can play above the rim and score on all 3 levels. Athletically, he has good quickness, bounce, and excellent timing around the basket. He has very good feet and utilizes the spin move in the post to free him from defenders. He was one of the top players in the camp and earned a spot in the Top 12 All-Star game this weekend."

8. Kevin Hightower, PG 2020 (AL) "Hightower is a 5-foot-9 inch lead guard who plays with a ton of energy on both ends of the floor.  He is always in attack mode and uses his handles and first step to create opportunities for his teammates.  This big bodied guard knows how to manipulate the defense when scoring and knows how to use his body on defense as well.  Late in the day, he really got it going from beyond the arc which helped his team stay in games.  Solid overall performance on the weekend."

9. Campbell Parker, SG 2020 (AL) "Parker possesses a scorer's mentality, looking to put the ball in the basket at every opportunity. He has range allowing him to shoot the ball with decent accuracy from 3-point range as well as put it on the floor to get to his midrange shot that was very consistent this weekend. His body control that he possesses when attacking and finishing at the rim looks as natural as can be for the young guard. The patience and relaxed game that Parker plays with reminds you of a young Gordon Hayward."

10. Christopher Workman, PG 2020 (AL) "Workman displayed more than likely the most consistent play out of any player at the camp this weekend. He consistently knocked down perimeter shots, even with a hand in his face, and his stroke is effortless. The poise and control that he plays the game with speaks volume from his skill set. His skill level and jump shot have steadily gotten better each year. He was by far the best shooter in the camp this weekend which is why he was awarded to participate in the Top 12 All-Star game."

11. John Brewer, 2021 SG (AL) "Brewer showed up this weekend after attending the Frosh/Soph Summit Camp back in August and proved his work ethic pays off. Within 2 months, he has improven significantly. The poise, patience and efficiency that he displayed was very noticeable. He hit open shots, made great extra passes and also showed his ability to score on all three levels. He struggles defensively against quicker wings on both ends but makes good basketball decisions and plays with a very high IQ. His performance this weekend led him into the Top 12 All-Star game."

12. Brandon Copeland, 2020 SG (AL) "Copeland is a 5-foot-10 inch combo guard who made his mark on the weekend by just playing hard.  He was all over the court on the offensive end creating opportunities for his teammates and himself.  Scoring on all three levels, rebounding on both ends and never giving up on a play are what stood out when he was on the floor. Every coach wants this type of player on their team due to you know what you get at all times."


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